Thursday, 26 November 2015

I Just Got Engaged Live On Air!!

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Hear me propose to my fiancee between 02:00 - 04:00
!!! LIVE On Air !!!

RobertChantler’s current affairs talk show 'In Your Opinion', broadcast Live on Radio Wey on the 25th November 2015 and repeated again on the 2nd December 2015. 

0:00 …And so it begins: Musical title
1:25 Robins’ introduction: ‘Things To Enjoy’; Introducing his greatest fan; admiration; gratitude and a Panda?
2:00 Stephens’ introduction: LIVE ON AIR WEDDING PROPOSAL; Love; Engagement Ring.
4:00 Piss taking, Invitation for questions to +44(0)1932 874433 or

4:35 Katelyn in Ashford asks 'do you support the Jr doctors in their industrial action?'
4:50 Robins’ opinion: Yes, provisos; right to withdraw labour; Jeremy Hunt; moral blackmail. 
6:10 Roberts’ clarification: Upset about new contract; longer hours; less money.
6:30 Steves opinion: Yes; absolutely; difficult job that requires support.
7:15 Roberts’ opinion: Yes; mistreatment deserves an unequivocal response; Jeremy Hunt forced to ACAS arbitration.

8:15 Martin from Staines asks 'Is the Panel standing with France as they face their worst terrorist attack in decades?'
8:25 Steves’ opinion: Yes, but; violent action tends to produce violent reactions; ISIS (not to be confused with Isis); al-Qaeda; 911; WWII; potential solutions; Israel/Palestine; Lebanon; Russia; Egypt; consensus view.
11:00 Robins’ opinion: Yes, of course; Charlie Hebdo; the problem; sense of humour failure; misunderstandings; empathy vs. sympathy,importance of freedom to enjoy and have fun.
15:15 Robins’ reply:  Irish sense of humour; perceived problems.
16:00 Steves’ closing: Mature approach vs. weapon contracts; apologies; media responsibility; A French victims’ touching tribute (CLICK to see VIDEO) -  A reason for human suffering. 

18:35 Paul from Shepperton asks 'should turkey have shot down a Russian jet as it headed towards Syria and what will the ramifications be?'
18:50 Robins’ opinion: Considered response required; what are the facts?; brinksmanship.
20:55 Steves’ opinion: On the fence; can't condone violence; communications issues; lack of clear information.
22:15 Robins’ reply: Implications and speculations.
23:45 Steves’ reply: More information required; mainstream media agenda?

24:40 Alison from Hounslow asks 'is it fair to expect people on tax credits to work longer hours or get a better paid job so they don’t suffer from tax credit cuts?'
25:05 Steves’ opinion: Osbornes’ ‘U-turn’ should be applauded; doing the right thing; financial blockages; economic collapse of 2008; potential solutions.
26:55 Robins’ opinion: Applauding the better decision; implications and obligations.

28:30 Swan SanctuaryAppeal, Shepperton: Do you have information that might lead to an arrest? Please call Dot Beeson, 01932 240790
34:15 Robins’ response: Support; Surrey Advertiser connection.
34:55 Steves’ response: Compassion; attempting to understand.
36:35 Roberts’ contact info: Facebook  Twitter
37:00 Steves’ contact info: PoeRedTree Blog Facebook Twitter Email:

37:25 Faye in Shepperton asks 'what to the panel think about the autumn statement?’
37:45 Robins’ opinion: Broken promises, carbon emissions, subsidy cutbacks, scaremongering, lies.
40:30 Steves’ response: The real problem, solutions, accessing human potential, Love.
43:05 Robins’ reply: Failure to lead by example; hypocrisy.
43:45 Steves’ response: Vested interests within the private sector.

44:55 David in Weybridge asks 'Was digital cinema Media right to ban the Lord’s Prayer advert?'
44:40 The Lord's Prayer Advert: Prayer is for everyone; Church of England Advertising
46:55 Steves’ opinion: No; beautiful sentiments; Shamanic belief in nature; acceptance; causing offence; sharing the love.
48:15 Robins’ opinion: raises too many questions; why do this?; is it the right place?; atheist and other beliefs?; tact?; where will it stop?
49:25 Roberts’ opinion: Opening the floodgates; religious bombardment; Buddhist beliefs; when in Rome.
50:15 Robins’ response: placement; personal choice.
51:45 Steves’ revision: change of opinion; imposing belief systems inappropriate; Star Wars, the Force and Jedi’s.

52:30 George in Teddington ask 'is a falling crime rate justification for falling numbers of police officers?'
53:00 Robins' opinion: No but…
53:20 Note passing distractions: Naughty children ;)
54:00 Robin re-focuses us: Depends upon the severity of the crimes.
55:20 Steves' opinion: No; we need all the public services; the real issue and potential solutions.

56:35 Closing Statements
56:36 Gratitude: For listeners questions, Dot Beeson Appeal and guest affections (or affectations, take your pick :))
56:55 Listen Again Next Week! Repeated on the 2nd Dec 2015 @ 8pm on
57:10 Next Live Show!! 8pm on Wednesday 9th December 2015 on
57:15 SANTA’S COMING!! See him at Squires garden centre, Shepperton on Saturday 28th Dec @ 10am!

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