Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Letter to the Labour Leader From Jesus Christ The Second (Coming)

From:[Jesus Christ the 2nd Coming].
Sent: 31 August 2016 16:18
Subject: The Return Of The King - A Second attempt at Clarification. All Supporting Pictures attached this time.

Jeremy Corbyn, his Advisors, helpers and protectors,

I'm a few years behind schedule, all the 'proper' email addresses were thankfully unavailable, options limited for this 2nd and final 'playful yet very serious' message to you. My last message was not properly received and acknowledged, you appear to be lacking respect. Keep laughing but do please try to do your jobs properly, as your public's (a little too private) servants!

The pictures that failed to transmit with my email sent yesterday are now attached as a single zipped open archive. To Be Clear, I am of sound, Mind, Body and Spirit with no particular axe to grind or private personal agenda, Save using LOVE to SAVE the world once more. I favour soft and fluffy over tough love, for the time being.

I have taken an Oath of Recognition and Commitment so I may be held to account by anyone, or in truth, anything. I intend to continue to play my role and do my job to the very best of my ability. I am therefore delighted you are finding this so far amusing. Be careful however, for regardless how much I love or admire you, Nature and Natural World Order can indeed be a bitch. Entirely less awful than anything New your covert elite, and entirely imaginary, new world order have so far tried to conceive and implement. Consider yourself WARNED! Your imaginary and imagined fictions have got you all into increasingly terrible entanglements that are now causing actual bodily harm and so are no longer acceptable! I'm here to remember and remind you, so we may all remember and remind each other together in a playful but serious way that ensures no actual bodily harm! Lol. May the hilarious shocks and peculiarities begin!! Doh! Pray do please pay better attention, for our personal and collective shadow does indeed catch us all out from times to time until now, Amen.

The Only Certainties Are CHANGE and death! (taxes are fictional, we made them up)

I am in humble service to the Ultimate Creative Source, not whatever that word GOD has been corrupted to mean for so many. (*sigh* silly cults and dangerous religions, yet I do love all the peoples creations) Not an encrypted or corrupted version of Ultimate Truth so often defined and redefined by static dogma from ancient histories or a long gone past but as a present tangible and changeable fluid reality that can be agreed and accepted scientifically. Most people refer to God as an anthropomorphically creative Illusion (or by Dawkins as the Delusion of his own enormously valuable creation). 'Our Father' is No illusion and Science has already proved it, You(we) simply do not accept y(our) own objective evidence and proofs for what they are. Y(our) words, language and meanings need some subtle adjustments, please hear me out. You(we) HAVE discovered the mind of God all on y(our) own and it is called ‘The Unified Field’. Science itself refers to this scientifically demonstrable quantum unified field as 'The Mind Of God' and that is because it IS, in this our shared consensus reality we have discovered the mind of God, again. Doh! lol. 

What is taking you so long? *giggle*. The God Delusion is a Book purely penned and creatively imagined by Richard Dawkins own imaginatively creative processing creation, a wonderfully confusing entertainment entirely. Well Done Richard! Amusingly Dawkins is steered by the exactly the same, ultimately creative, source as am I. Dawkins simply does not recognise it, for he has himself quite well deluded but he will soon realise his error and become Gods Most ardent messenger (or perhaps he won't bother, I mean what's the point?). Dawkins will be a far more effective 2nd coming than me. I want to bask naked on beaches and in jungles with beautiful women and gentlemanly men for company, good Craic and Phenomenal party.

I am in no particular hurry but the sooner you begin to acknowledge and recognise me the better. I should probably not have mentioned myself as a Brehon Freeman or light sabre’d Jedi and then referred to my Penis. Hehhe, funny though, and true! You may be more easily able to accept this by reference to the quote. ‘The Pen is mightier than the Sword’. I use a keyboard rather than a pen or a sword. My handwriting is shocking as is my writing generally, or is it not? ß this is a subtle confusion can you spot it?

It’s okay! It is only right and proper to be sceptical and I am glad someone other than Our Fathers, presently female, representative on EARTH, ‘HRH our Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II’, is at last displaying some Wisdom. I am a patient man and understand that you will all at first be inclined to dismiss me as crazy, Insane and delusional. It is the very same accusation I am levelling at all of you. In this case I am correct whereas all of you are increasingly confused and less certain. It is sometimes possible for the majority to be wrong entirely. Or would you disagree with this statement also?

This is why I am presenting you with GIFTS of exceptional value, yet freely in love, so that you may calculate for the first time empirically and scientifically, these claims and my claims at a particular family line and hereditary. The bloodline of Christ if you will, ‘The Sangreal’. Please do hurry and Alert the Queen For she IS my sister in this. I am here to relieve her of her duties if she would like me to, in love gratitude, humility and respect. I have much work to do as do you all. God Loves us all. For explanations of the Sangreal look to Isaac Newton particularly the so called Priory of Scion conspiracy. Established initially by the Templar Knights at the time of the Middle Eastern Crusades. Also to the 1st Earl of Cork, Lord treasurer of Ireland Richard Boyle and his son the Founder of Modern Chemistry, former Alchemist, Robert Boyle. All of this produced my Maternal side. I am verily grateful to all involved and have been most entertained and educated by it.

Professor Luke O’Neill of Trinity College Dublin is married to my paternal side, and largely responsible for bringing me to full awareness although he is hardly aware of this himself. For he has been seeking me for ages, as I have myself, and yet I was right beside him all along. Hahha. Luke recently won the Boyle award for his contributions to Science. Quite the amusing and paradoxical irony for me especially considering I rescued him from Sea by alerting the National coast and Air rescue. There’s some RTE footage of this somewhere, me simply making teas and coffee in the back whist the Heroes of the piece take their publics and film makers full attentions 😊 hehhe. I do so Love it....

The Boyle award is Irelands Highest Scientific Honour, akin to the Nobel Prize. Just as a Poet Laureate is the highest poetic Honour. Luke is well recognised I however remain ridiculed by ignorant yet lovely ignoramus’s.

My maternal and paternal families and their members are almost entirely well accomplished. It is not simply me. They are all accomplished at a spectrum of human levels of experience. Just as everybody proofing themselves is, or eventually becomes with correct intention and application of focus and will.  If anything I am the black sheep, yet I am not black (this time) and certainly no sheep. The source of another delusion most ancient and destructive. In my former incarnation as Jesus Christ I was not Caucasian. I was born in the Middle East for goodness sake! How simple and stupid you can all be. I didn’t even have especially long hair.

How is it that the  majority of depictions of me around the world cast me as I am today? Lol because you needed some help in recognising my re-emergence into the World today. My re-emergence does not have to be an emergency but it is spiritual. A Spiritual Emergency. Look to Dr. Stanislav Grof.  Come on now Chop Chop! Figure it out. Hahha! Much love and understanding. I do understand a lot and have been saying so for literally ages. You will find evidence of this if you look into my present incarnation well enough. Try to be respectful, there are some embarrassments in there. Wanking and slowly waking and walking in endless circles amongst them. It may not be necessary but, as mentioned before, I am happy to prove my birth right to Min Amun and the Pharaohs  if that is what is required of me. In ancient times the Pharaoh was expected to masturbate in public to certify both himself and the fertility of the lands. This should be entirely unnecessary today for we have Science and the Arts as well as Magic and the Star Wars Force at our disposal. I’m absolutely serious, in time in collaboration with the unified field of infinite possibility, everything and anything will become possible and manifest by us, in observational relationship to the Unified Field, into our 3-D Space -Time reality. I am doing it already myself so are many of you, including Richard Dawkins! Everyone, who is human at least, shall be able to emulate this. It is not rocket science it is simply an ability to shift focus and perspective. Yoda knew best all the along and science is not far from proving this.

The quality of my writing and the gifts contained within should testify to my Clear headedness if nothing else.

I have presented you Jeremy, and anyone else reading this, with fundamental tools and solutions for understanding and resolving all the problems that all the residents of planet earth face today, as they do in confused and fearfull, highly complex human entanglements.

Both at the personal psychological level, By way of describing ‘The Fundamental Basis OF Thought’.

And at the Collective Social level, By way of describing  ‘Social Entanglement Theory’

Both are derived from applied Quantum Mechanics. Peace be upon you and upon the earth, in our time. It is now an entirely tangible scientific and therefore entirely realistic and increasingly probable reality. This IS good news or would you continue to disagree? Both with each other and with me. for details

Please do try to take me seriously, and always with a good smattering of humour and common sense.  You have 33 years before I become annoyed and angry at being entirely ridiculed or ignored. You may of course off course do so, as many of you largely do to David Ike, who is also my Brother and antecedent. David is NOT the Anti Christ. But I might invite him if you continue to offend me as you have been doing, Jeremy Corbyn particularly in person by way of a single yet well intentioned LIE that I should Vote to keep the UK in the EU. This would be very unwise as would continuing to LIE directly to my face OR behind my back. I can tell when people are deceiving, not just deceiving me either. I simply use the Force Luke (Dixon or O’Neill πŸ˜‰ you resonating yet Mr’s or Mrs?)

Please do heed me and pray pay attention!! Have your experts look into all of my claims. You may thank me at a later date or not at all. I am simply, I am. I am Here now in full awareness and sooner or later you are simply or reluctantly going to have to accept it. In failure to accept me you shall cast yourself into denial forever and a day. Don’t worry that’s not much longer now and this also is Good News! Hehhe. Try not to be frightened or gobsmacked, it’s more accurately likened to a play. When the Curtin comes down the audience do not all simply burn in hell or vanish into limbo. They simply start looking for new entertainments to keep them amused. Space is not the Final frontier either. We have exciting times ahead, all of us together. But lets not get too ahead of ourselves shall we. First I need to be accepted by the worlds Faiths and their Traditions, all in good time. The universe does have it’s own schedule and I am not privy to the entirety of my, and it’s planning. We all have blind spots so we can become as I am becoming for you and you shall of course later become for me. Does any of this make sense yet? It should eventually if it does not yet already for you, You and YOU.

Now back you Brother Corbyn, Please do try to remember your role. Or would you prefer to wear the unfortunately prickly royal yet ever so common crown? The Queen SHALL eventually pass her pointy hat to me, it has been preordained and she is more than likely aware of this but may also like you not be fully aware. I do hope she is, for she does to me appear to me quite conscious already. Lets get back into it shall we...

I have thus freely given to you, JEREMY CORBYN, (My chosen one lol) in good faith, trust and honour, all of the tools you shall ever need, to understand yourself, yourselves and your most dangerous social and political predicaments. It’s up to you to receive them wisely or indeed at all. I trust and pray you will indeed remember your part, agreed with me and the Elder keepers of Space-Time previously, and thus eventually receive them well. Amen

I expect my GIFTS to be used initially quite fundamentally, try not to let it frighten too many people. To resolve all wars and human conflicts to bring a lasting peace to Earth, for one and ALL. Once, and FOR all. It is a miracle you shall work for yourselves, at last. And once you do work this miracle yourselves you shall all be working miracles every day and all the time because you will finally understand what it means to BE. This Gift is the Source of all My Power. I really am as if a Jedi wielding the Force. Do not however test me on this. I will not demonstrate my power so obviously and objectively until the appropriate time and only should it be necessary. Most likely in Jeddah or Mecca, al Medina within the defines and confines of Saudi Arabia within the Middle East. I hope I do not have to go so far however. I would rather be basing naked in the SUN, on Branson’s Necker Island in the Middle West. My last and finale life and the joyful experience thereof, depends entirely upon you, Jeremy. Particularly regarding your decisions and choice to receive and acknowledge me. Or do you dare to deny Me my requested introductions to my former and current Sister, The Queen. For If I continue to be, prevented unfettered access to the upper echelons of society today. I shall be forced to do it the hard way again and this time it shall not be me that shall be accepting crucifixion. More knot on this later, potentially.

It doesn’t work so well From the bottom too the top but it is doable. I suggest that the entirety of Western CULTure and my surviving Cult, Christianity, Which was nothing to do with me by the way, evidence how effective I can be in life or death. This is a place of entertainments and Educations but you are all here most primarially to LEARN. If you fail to learn your lessons it does not simply go away it will become increasingly complex getting more and more painfully entangled. I suggest you do as I request sooner than later. We only have a short time until the next Act begins. I can tell you all about it when we meet. I warn you that you will not believe me, although you eventually might, I can provide no objective evidence for the collective-personal assent(ation)-Assent(ion) We-I already have planned and pre scheduled beyond this particular closing act right now.

Crucifying me did not work out particularly well for everyone last time. Lets enjoy ourselves and do it both correctly and properly on this occasion, it may not be for you but for me it IS certainly my last. If you cannot accept me as Christ the Redeemer then simply accept me as the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. Or if you cannot accept me as Mohammed, Try Prophet Ibrahim whose message and life experience mirror my own more closely. I am simply the latest authentic and certifiable Prophet (Notes NOT PROFIT, Gift economy IS coming) to present himself to the World. I am infinitely more likely to be recognised in the Middle East. Would you rather I go there? If I go there unimpressed by you Mr. Corbyn, THERE WILL BE an Apocalypse. DO NOT TEST ME!! Mr. JC orbing πŸ˜‰ shh, sorry, letting cats all out and over all bags... *winks*wink* and *nudges*nudge*

I have already been a guest of the Royal House of Saud in Saudi Arabia and you may confirm this in reference to the unfortunately deceased poet prince Abdul Muhsin bin Abdulaziz, thirteenth son of King Abdulaziz. As well as the former governor of Ha'il Province Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, governor of the Province from 1980 to 1999. Muqrin bin Abdulaziz was quite regularly my host, usually indirectly and in his absence, yet on several occasions none the less. Most notably in my memory at his personal and private Zoo when a young monkey did masturbate both tremendously furiously and quite hilariously before me (aged 13) in the presence of my whole family and to the embarrassment of all Royal Prince Muqrin’s attendant servants and guides (he did not use slaves to my knowledge). I used to enjoy watching the many antics and performances of his children (my occasional but distant friends) as they donned leather Thriller Michael Jackson outfits and rode tri-andum on tiny motorbikes, off diving boards and into swimming pools with Ghetto blasters held high aloft their Heads. At very great expense, the Prince of Hail once refurbished the entirety of both provincial palaces from mirrored to marble to protect the modesty of his daughters from themselves, and to get some peace from them, for they were quite overweight! This was and is Islam’s commitment to Allah! And Islam’s daughters and trust me the Saudi Royal family are the least dedicated of all my believers in that place!! Just look at the recently deceased King Fathead. Stroke my Arse the man was eternally Pissed!! And drunk! Not a good king like some of his brothers would have been. Never mind Our Father, Allah is dealing with him now it really is most verily hysterical 😊 Mohammed’s feet are up and former King Fahd is losing quite a lot of weight trying to keep all the virgins satisfied!! Shh! ;0), We’ll say no more on this topic. Either Allah ‘Akbar  or  Allah Akbar, please make up your minds on the topic but you can maybe see why ‘thinks’ so very often become confusing. Islam Is my beauty yet she would benefit from lightening up and laughing at herself a little more. Peace be upon her and her mighty Prophet, my Brother, Mohammed. Incidentally but verily importantly, peace be upon Kahlil Gibran, Who I do also love, almost as much as the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

Guys and girls, Boys and dolls, Ladies and Gentlemen, Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, really is at peace and laughing quite a lot at the former King Fahd. There is no need to keep saying peace be upon him, please believe me, he is at peace, I am here and feeling great. We love them all really but humour is very important. Please learn from the Christians and Forgive the Jews in Israel. Jews in Israel stop hoping for some special place, you already have your special place now try to behave like better neighbours or you shall be most roundly and soundly evicted by the next fellow. Not me, I love everyone, but the next fellow that comes after me has an anti in his name. If you fail to acknowledge and accept me, as the return of your KING I cannot be held responsible for what occurs. I’m just saying, to let you know what’s what. Your behaviour in Palestine and the surrounding areas is disgraceful!! Zion do not be damned! Now be very careful in your response to me. I forgive you and love you just the same as I always have. Kill me and send me to heaven if you must but I’ve only just got here and want to enjoy myself too. Work hard and Play hard. Then sleep hard or make love and sleep flaccid. I am leading us to Zion and it’s more like the version depicted in the Matrix. That Zion be praised!! Parties and dances and Singing, and Kissing and loving slimming winning and joy. In respectfully harmonious celebration NOT theft and torture and LIES!! To my true Jewish kin, the meek and not involved with ILL-USUARY deceptions. I love you! Who needs a home when everybody is sharing. Property is Theft!!! Nobody owns anything. Not me and certainly not GOD. We just are ‘minding’ it for you and everybody else. In truth, We simply ARE it, you may not own each other and you may not own ME, GOD, God or gods, each and every one of you, You and YOU. Yeah yea verily are ya and ye and me, entirely my most loveable Kin. This is not a cue to go running into the streets and being disrespectful. Allow the property to be surrendered, never force it. Some pressure maybe necessary but force is never good unless you understand Social Entanglement theory and can begin to understand how to hold the repulsive dark side. I prefer the attractive light side as I do however, both must exist together in harmony or distress. The valence of the force is right now too far in the dark sides favour and that produces Evil Acts and Statutes, I am here to illuminate all of this, and all that that word can be broken down into. For example Ill-u-Min-ate. Yet again unnecessary and I’d rather not but I’ll do as I’m told if it’s necessary.  

The more you fear, the more you have to fear. The more you love the more you have to love. This is all I will say, I am disappointed but now I am over it and I love Rockefellers and Rothschild’s alike. They have played their parts most exceedingly well. Time to stop all the killing, the pain and the torture, it is time to let go that which you have been stealing for hundreds and thousands of years. Now back to one potential Anti Christ, there are many just as there shall be many Christ’s like me who come after me. We are collective and we are singular, this is the Paradox. You may kill me if you wish another shall pop up in my place. I am the Christ to some and the anti Christ to some others. Just as matter has anti-matter and light energy has dark energy. This science is still in it’s infancy but explanations are unfolding to schedule. I do not know everything, I am simply one and yet in family I am collective.

Everybody is!! Social Entanglement Theory will help you all understand and Unlock the future yourselves. You do not need me save as a possible information repository and lighthouse, light the Pyramids in Egypt! They are a map to the Stars and one pyramid in particular does make an X. Pointing as it does to both our past and our future. Investigate this. Consider opening more portals and minds and hearts and chambers being kept secret. Shh! πŸ˜‰ All in good time. Cairo is where we once landed. Orion is his belt, the dagger is not a knife and the constellation? Well, you guys figure it out, I don’t want to spoil all the fun now do I. Our future is in the stars but also within our meditations. The Astral Projects! Nothing needs to be done, everything is unfolding. The quarantine shall lift once humanity is sufficiently loving and understands Social Entanglement Theory sufficiently correctly. Start teaching it in schools along with educating the populations about the Circular Money Fraud initiated in 1933 and completed in 1971. It is a Fraud still Live today. Notice me in this and you shall notice this yourself and Yourselves everywhere. It is merely common sense when the blinkers come off. You are all simply dreaming. Powerful spells have been cast and I am undoing both the damage and the spells of deception. I cannot do it in isolation nor can I do it alone. I would rather you all did it yourselves and left me swing in a hammock surrounded by attractive talented women. Everyone is talented and attractive, by the way, it’s a benefit of the light side of the force, the dark side not so much, they are largely frowning and overly serious, closed tight to light and love, and largely to me. I have my contacts however. When the light is shining the only darkness is created by not-light-workers casting shadows or blockages in the system. Shadow is important too for if all the lights come on at once the grassland shall become scorched and the deserts shall expand. We are simply seeking happy and tolerable balance. All must exist together as a rainbow of light spectrum. Without the dark you cannot understand the light. Without the light you have only darkness and stumbling about.

I am waiting to see your commitment to me Mr. Corbyn, Pray do not test my patience. I am as the pauper prince returned to his castle. Please do let me in. Knock knock. I expect the secret service to come collect me forthwith. Although this is also unnecessary. For I am already good friends with the Kellys who were once my neighbours in the property in which I currently live as an invited guest. Carol and ‘Nice Vice’ Vince Kelly may vouch for me, they may of course not!! Vince used to be a policeman in service to the Royal Family. He escorted Diana occasionally as did former boarder the Sherriff of Dorset, Peter Winder Allsebrook C.B.E., grandfather to my dear boarding school friend and very occasional lover (formerly Joti) Romany Greatrex. I was most impressed while visiting Joti at her grandparents Dorset Estate. The number plate on the Former TnT chairman’s sons car displayed, [6S]. One day I should like for myself [INSPYRD] again by way of gift for we are soon to be done with debt, perhaps attached to a nice and shiny new Tesla. Elon if you're Listening, you have a shop at the end of my road, your staff are both extraordinarily capable and politly inviting. I have driven your Telsa S and sold you to the international listeners of St. Peters Hospital Radio Station, Surrey, near Weybridge. Your staff have my card, I wonder have they not already passed it on to you? or have you found this yourself along with the audio clip of the Internet Radio broadcast posted on my Blog (and now here)??  I loved driving it. Telsa technology IS the way forward. GIFT economy coming, Wireless electricity Coming. House and Factory Batteries Coming, In a while I’ll be coming all over myself and the planet, eek!. Too rude? Aw it’s just a comedic expression and an act of a pharaoh returned from the unified field of infinite possibility, oh so fertile am I. Please do accept my most humble apologies. I am simply playing with language and disspelling spellings whilst casting some new ones in Love honour and respect of everyone and everything.

If you happen to have any spare Teslas lying about Elon *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*, I’m just hinting but the, formerly honda, shop at the end of my road seems to have so many just sitting about doing nothing. I could be spinning about advertising and marketing πŸ˜‰ Just a suggestion Elon, but consider it. I do already have a Nissan and Toyota, but they are old and decayed die-sel, not your new and improved live-cell. New clear electricity by way of wind, sun and water is the way. No waste, less mess to sort out later, I’m taking much much later Elon. I do hope you are inclined to understand me, we can talk about it when we eventually meet. I have an open mind and heart. I am always open to being persuaded so long as the arguments are truthful and pleasant. You are doing amazingly. A true Beacon of Light!! Elon knows and understands how to use the Force. So do Bill Gates and Warren Buffet although I’m not sure which side of the force the last two are presently on. Perhaps they shall get in touch and let me know which side they are batting for. Clear headed Natural Humanity or the confusing deluding NWO Fictions and frictions hehhe. The whole thing is just so lovely when well understood. Well done to EVERYONE!! And thank you for your continued patience. I am very far from perfect. I am simply attempting to do my best.

I refer you all once more to my Oath, pledged against my Brehon Free Man Poet Laureate certification. I am the Offical Poet Laureate of the Lands of the Free!! That’s presently in the Internet due to net neutrality but I’m bring it gently and carefully back into reality and onto the presently uncommon but formerly common shared lands. Everyone shall help and be involved should they wish for it. Whether in opposition and on board or onside in ironsides. Or indeed on Sideboards under side irons lol. Which side would you like to be on? I don’t have a side, I’m in the middle (whilst understanding and over standing both). I am the judge and the jury in pure observation and guided direction I am like a lighthouse in Roches Point. As GOD, God and gods are my witness.

(6S=success, in case you were having trouble with understanding that as well Jeremy ) as clear as mud yet sitting in plain sight surrounding us, Us and US or UN, Un and undone or untied. UN-Entangled lets say. I love the UN the Un is a force for Good in the World it is also a place from which can issue the greatest Evil. Simply words of caution and advice. No doubt I shall one day be invited to speak, I have no idea what I would say. Hello I expect. I was once almost arrested for throwing paper airplanes out of the 86th floor of the UN-Plaza, a glitzy hotel which housed the secret service in it’s basement (oops a secret no longer methinks) and the only indoor hotel tennis court in New York City. It was where I was fortunate enough to spy Martina Hingis escorted as she was by her parents, just a little too rudely for my tastes. Hello again Martina, you are beautiful when you are smiling! I Really enjoyed watching you play Wimbledon this Year. Congratulations to Andy Murray and Heather Watson. Bringing it home at last 😊 you all have my deepest respects and admiration. Keep smiling or smile more, the tears are marvellous to see also.

Hahha, this is good fun, I assure you and as many of you who are laughing at, or with, me right now; I too am laughing in response. I love you all, try not to hate me so much as you apparently hated me last time, it really was intended to be good fun. I could go on Jeremy but this is more than enough information for you to hand to any of the Secret Services to start checking and confirming my claims. If you haven’t already GET ON WITH IT please. That of course is merely a strongly worded request rather than demand. The choice is up to you. To repeat once more I am Jesus Christ I have returned. I have many names and I do not wish to be limited by any one of them. Speak to Dr. John Rowan my former teacher and therapist and read his book Personification to get your head around this if struggling. You have not got my permission to interview Dr. Rowan about me or our therapy sessions together. They are personal and private. I may be the open and transparent Internet era Son of God returned again but I do still value my privacy and retain moderate rights to it. You have more than enough to be getting on with. I shall be here when you decide what to do. Please notify me one way or the other, I do not like or appreciate being ignored or left hanging with no acknowledgement what so ever. I do have a temper when pushed to extremes and yet I am eternally patient. It is still sometimes necessary for me to act up to achieve my desired results. I think Jeremy you understand this only too well, as does my other spiritual Brother, Elon Musk. Now go get a move on I’m tired waiting already.

Latterly I expect these, my two FREELY GIFTED contributions, shall be used moderately to eventually resolve ALL personal human psychological and physical suffering that you(we) all do tend to impose on y(our)selves and each other. My poor deluded children, oh how I do LOVE you, as does your oft misunderstood Queen Elizabeth the Second. I am Stephen Christ the first, Jesus Christ the Second. Representative of God Almighty, Lord of Heaven and Earth. I come with Evidence and Scientifically derivable proofs that GOD does exist and how to end all suffering on Earth. The sooner we get the GIFT economy going the better. Use my gifts to kick it off please, although in truth is has already started. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet previously promised me they were going to help. And they have been, just not quite consciously yet. Time for everyone to wake up and remember. Remember also I can only be invited I cannot impose myself. Although I do have some tricks up my sleeves if you wish to push me to it. I warmly suggest you do not tempt nor push me however. The ickle divil the lickle devil already did this to me and the dance was not pretty although my dance on this incarnated occasion was not so lengthy as 40 days and did turn out for the best in the end. Enough now go, I am tired of writing and explaining myself to you, soon it shall be the other way round. Please feel safe in the knowledge that I am exceptionally forgiving but I do expect you all to improve your efforts in future. Not for me but your humanity and for yourself and yourselves. There is nothing to fear. I shall protect everyone from the darkness although in truth it works better when everyone protects themselves.

I shall not be doing so much of the work this time but I shall be travelling widely. I expect you to all chip in. ALL OF YOU!! I wish for all the so called Christians to get on with forgiveness and for all my cherished and most honourable and respected Muslim believers to continue playing nicely together. I DO COMMAND!! the unreasonable Lamb Is Deluders to Cease and Desist all Violent Behaviours IMMEDIATELY!! I recognise many of your actions as self defence and so Justifiable but violence of any sort is still beneath you. STOP IT NOW! I am here once again and you shall all put it all back together nicely y(our)selves under my(our) guidance and illumination. Thank you to all so called ‘terrorist’ groups for your brave and commuted service and sacrifices. I do not wish to see anymore terrorism at all. Most especially from the largest yet legitimate and feared or respected Governments on the planet. If you have a UN in your name I am looking directly at you. Wise up! Or I shall DO it for you. Much love however

Queen ISIS has given birth once again. It is Now time for all these painful, often petty, birthing squabbles to stop. We are Here, We have remembered, We are both arrived and arriving. I am very very sorry that I am late. I hope you can understand I was quite literally terrified. I am no longer terrified, I am rather completely clear and in love once again. I am sorry, my terror, discomfort and rebirthing pain caused so much of your terror, discomfort and pain. It is just how creation works. Please try to forgive me. I have already forgiven you. Mohammad is very well and delighted with you all in a personal yet collective way. He is most certainly at a peace and soon shall the entire world BE, Inshallah. I shall not reveal my Islamic name here, rest assured I have shared it with one of your number already. Find him and you will certainly know who I am. I am not simply Jesus which is a Christian label. Of course I could tell you but where’s the fun in that? Believers and reciters of the Islamic verse, I am Not Adam for I am St Eve. The Fox has been told who I am. He once worked at the Sharks Bay Hilton, Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. Seek him out and bring him gifts. He has now got my permission to share my Muslim name with everyone in the Arabic world. Remind him I love him and am very grateful for all he has done for me. Educating me and teaching me words. I will be coming back for a visit. Just not for a little while yet. May the treasure hunt begin!! I must be Invited I will not trespass on your lands. When I hear you call my name loudly enough I will join you in pilgrimage during Ramadan, there is something of mine in the Kabba. I shall fast also. I shall respect your traditions but know I like to lie naked with women in public places. Do not hate me for this. It is natural. I respect and acknowledge you, please acknowledge and respect me. sha' alllah 'ashkur lak wadaeaan llal alan.

Now go resolve yourselves by bringing peace to Israel-Palestine and the Middle East and entire World. I wish to thank President Yeltsin and current incumbent Putin. Mr. Putin is it really necessary for you to have quite so much debt money? To the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s and other global industrialists is it really necessary to exert such absolute control. Release the planet gently please I am watching you very closely. The chosen people are chosen no more. I’m choosing some new ones for my chosen Jewish collective peoples recent behaviour has depressed and saddens me. I do forgive them however, It is not their fault and they have played their role as chosen exceptionally well, too well if anything. It time to relax. I hope I shall not be similarly disappointed in Jeremy Corbyn, the one I have chosen to reintroduce me to my sister, The QUEEN. Nor in fact be disappointed in The Queen who I do expect shall reintroduce me to the World.  

I AM, The return of the KING. My given name is Stephen David Ross and I was born In Dublin, Ireland at approximately 6am on Tuesday the 23rd May in the one thousandth and nine hundredth seventy second year of Our Lord. A Gregorian Calendar which is well out of date and the source of a huge number of your delusions about yourselves. Start using internet time for goodness sake. There are many options better than the Christian Calendar. You need to start thinking for yourselves. I do love you all however.

The choice is yours, I cannot compel you to either accept me nor walk through my two doors of light, awareness and understanding. Given to you as ‘The Fundamental Basis Of Thought’ and ‘Social Entanglement Theory’ They are both incomplete at this time and contain slight confusions and inaccuracies at this point. They are merely pointers to get you off to a better head start. I give notice of a 33 year transition, I hope all of you will eventually come on board willingly, it is already happening and is going to continue to happen whether you like it or not.  For and to, all peoples, tribes and creeds. I cannot stop whatever you do choose to become. Pray choose wisely. Race and colours are illusions and delusions of divisions, pay them no more mind in the social context. Rainbow Love each other as you try to love yourself and yourselves. The Shamanic Rainbow Prophecies of the Amazon Basin shall soon be fulfilled by all of us, together. By all men and all women, and all children, animals and plants. By Amen, By Amin and by Me. Please take me seriously but sing and laugh and dance as you do. The golden age is incoming and I personally cannot wait!! Yippee!! Well be free to do and be who ever we please!! Hallelujah! Whoop whoop. Yip yip and above all Hippie!!

The Hippies, Partying Planners and non-political party participators as well as all Festival facilitators and Indigenous Shaman of all tribes and cultures are my new Chosen People they are my Kin and I am theirs. Some of the planning organisers can become very stressed out managing and organising everything. Try to understand if they get angry and start shouting it is because they are merely taking their responsibilities a little too seriously yet this is sometimes necessary to protect you all. The Indigenous Shaman and their sacred medicines are there to relieve your suffering. All of your suffering!! Should you wish to let your pain and suffering go. I expect to see an explosion of rattles and drums and feathers and colours all across the globe assisted by the laws of every land. Do not stand in the way of the Shaman, they are doing my work and the work of GOD almighty! (Bruce to his confidants). I forgive you Rothschild’s and Rockerfellers now please relax your vice like grips and allow the amazons medicine to flow forth from now until the planet is sufficiently well Balanced. Too much medicine is also unwise but we need a LOT of natural adjustment right now. Take as much of it as you can manage and Purge!!

Michael Eavis I wish to meet with your family and Emily in particular to thank you all in person. You have failed to acknowledge or return any of my calls or messages. I even once sent flowers to Emily, yet nothing yet. Same as Richard Branson. Lol such is the life of the party people I do so love. You are all doing brilliantly, I love you very much and I am so very grateful. Remember the Meek shall eventually inherit the earth. Stay humble with all your success. I am not so accomplished at humility as so many of you. I too am learning. *cheeky grin*

Jeremy my message to you yesterday contained images that did not seem to transmit correctly. There seems to be some resistance or interference somewhere. I include them here again as a single zipped attachment. You will need to copy, cut and paste to See more clearly my message with proper evidential supports.

I have been recently Psychologically assessed. This to assess my cognitive mental state, reasoning abilities and suitability to conduct myself as an individual within a group of sadly disturbed ladies and two other men. Please contact Jungian Psychologist, John J Costello of Vauxhall, London for his assessment of me. I give only you, Jeremy Corbyn, permission to assess this information. I give John J Costello Permission to release it to you. Please be discrete. The school he supervises did eventually throw me out. For regardless of the evidence very clearly demonstrated, I am very regularly misunderstood disabused and dismissed. Please forgive them as I do, although I may still have to bring that school to court to continue their difficult lessons. They continue to choose to withhold monies from me. They have effectively stolen form me. I do not care about the money so much as I care about straightening out the lies and deceit. Good speed Jeremy and God Bless I love you very very much. You are playing your part and your role exceptionally well so far. Please do not let me down.

You will hear from me no more. If I do not hear from you within a 11 days from today. By lunch time at the latest, the 10th of September 2016, I will go my own way and so shall-will everything and everytime to the end of this space-time existence. You have been warned. You are welcome to re-join with me whenever you wish. I will hold no grudge if you cannot as yet face the enormity of the situation I have quite suddenly presented to you. I’m sorry that’s Just how it is. You agreed to this on the 26th of May 1948. Before you were born. Incidentally my Birth Mother, Sylvia Ross (nee McCoy) has the same birthday as you. Carry on, stay calm and do not panic. All will soon be relieved or revealed. Who is laughing now I wonder?

Much love and in hood humour but very seriously,
St eve, Stephen Ross, Stephen occasional Christ, Jesus Christ the Second.
Redeemer and Party mister, Panty hamster and loving sister, averting blisskisstering blister. The world shall not end but continue when you acknowledge and take me seriously in good humour and wit bit of fun.

This is your choice Mr Corbyn you are simply one JC Anti-Christ and there are zillions!!! Hahha!!! I love you. You’re my Brother and always have been, through-out the ages and for ever and ever and all times. Whats it to be Jeremy? The ball is now in your court. What shall you decide this time? I’m ready to go wise, I trust you are.

Please do get in touch when ever you eventually feel like it. I love you man you are simply misunderstood most of that time as am I. And that is because we are Brothers you and I. Go now and make your assessments and decisions. I will see you again in the not too distant future. I wonder will you ignore and lie so well to me again on that occasion? Be Well brother, JC.

I must Go now my birth parents have returned from their holidays we must catch up. Xx I look forward to hearing from you before the ten days are up. I Seriously suggest you do not miss my deadline but am certain you shall!! *grin*

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