Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Solar System Revealed

Zero is our hero, the fulcrum round which all the fun begun. Of course, it's our sun! He radiates and propagates life's delightful expatriates. Bullets of light cause occasional fright but delight me as I bask in their glory.

Mercury, first one, i
s the son of the orange fiery gun. With potential to ball he walks tall across the hall of peculiar dancing. He enjoys getting paid as he trades pictures of exceptionally beautiful maids; He measures the pressures yet engages entirely at his own chilled yet chilling leisure’s.

At two is Venus, the most lovely and beautiful genius, stayed, layed and made of creamy dreams, she cleans and screams at us. We love her but get tired of this and so she screams and we creams some more, alone this time.

At three is the Wee, Gods’ favourite. Host of the saviour-it, is where we all reside and hide from our own truth. Until that is we stop rushing. The penny finally drops and we stop gushing. See two for reasons on hushing.

At four, soon to be on the floor, a red angel who was once adore-dead. Mars, now lover of cars, bars and technology. The god of so many wars continues to abuse whores and takes whatever he wants. Why? Because that is his calling.

At five are the shattered remains of previous illustrious games of excesses and gains and abandonment. Take heed human, are you beings or doings? See three to BE, enlightenment.

At six is the monster, the place in space that represents the score for those who failed to adore. Notice it's enormous. In this insane game those misguided same believed it to be about fighting. They sadly are no more, so may they finally rest in peace.

At seven is heaven, right now my dears she's only slightly in arrears, so sheds tears of joy. This game of life, played over millennial years has no fears as she sings with her rings offering so many magnificent things, to encourage us.  Saturn has the courage not to worry us.

At eight the backside gate is both tremendous and great, it's Uranus! With so many moons like golden doubloons no wonder it spoons with its neighbour.

Neptune for me represents not only the sea, but the feminine aspect of Jupiter. She is cold I am told for her son, emblazoned and bold, is distant yet seeks to refine her. 

So to ten, yet another representative of men, is a tiny canine called Pluto. Then, can it be? Mysteriously, the inverse of dog, with no small job, I’m agog like the sea and most certainly sacred. 

There is more to this score but to be like the sea is your answer. The riddles abound, but explanations DO surround our most beautiful station. Yet for many the solutions elusive so, stop doing abusive! Merely to BE, is how to free we, from our presently shattered destiny. 
By Stephen Ross 


  1. I love this poem and will never tire of listening to the lilting, captivating descriptions painting a picture in words. AS my imagination races through the solar system riding on the back of your prose I feel alive and a sense of space and wonder. Thank you for this gift.