Friday, 15 November 2013

Recognition Ignition

It is with great pleasure, and a not insignificant dollop of pride, that I write this post.

Earlier this week my poem 'The Ceremony' won first place in the inaugural Tir Na Saor International Poetry Competition. This bestows upon me the greatest of poetic honours and affords me the privilege of being formally named the Tir na Saor Poet Laureate, until such time as a new Laureate is selected and certified to replace me by way of collaborative event or competitive competition.  I wish to thank everyone involved but I especially wish to thank Morgan Freeman, for organising and Kev, the owner, principle founder and force for good behind the entire Tir na Saor community. Tir na Saor is the Irish chapter of the World Free Man Movement. Keep the faith and thanks for your appreciation...

 May the sun shine bright upon you all day long, 
For so much to go right and so little to go wrong. 
May those you love bring that love back to you, 
and may all the wishes you wish come true! 
(developend from an old Irish proverb)

Poe Redtree (also known as St.Eve)
Revised, ammended and edited on the 28th August 2016.
Received with love, honour, respect and humility. With the purest of intentions to become the best person I can be. To do the best doings I can do and to LOVE each and every man, woman and child as inalienable and well reasoned equals, in harmony and without malicious harm or intent. In so doing I seek to become an instrumental, orchestral living human instrument through the use of my gradually emerging and slowly developing talents, arts and sciences. To be used for the purposes of dispelling the most dangerous and ancient (and therefore most potentially Evil) of collective illusions and delusions as a seeker of truth, stability and fair and tolerable equal rights for all living beings. 

My objective is the dispellment of the most harmfully excessive and irrational, collective illusions and delusions created primarily through the largely unconscious implementation and  execution of false but effective fictions that no longer serve humanity as originally intended. Formerly and formaly written upon papers and then cast as initially mild irrational word spells, upon all the real, existential and rational common lands and inalienably reasonable peoples who live within the jurisdictions of those fair and abundant lands. So help me GOD the multi-verse, the uni-verse and all natural and unnatural Peoples and Persons within as well as all benevolent conscious entities and light workers without, both to infinity and beyond for the rest of my natural life or until such time as I am reasonably and justifiably asked to stand down by a jury or executive panel of my peers.

I am most largely in sevice to both rational and moderately irrational collective creation as well as my own personal creative process and creativity. This power has an equivalence to the orthodox concept of God. So I do here now make this pledge, in sound mind, body and spirit, so I may be held to account by my peers, should I ever lose my way and stray from these, my true, honest and transparent, freely created commitments and responsibilities. With hand on heart and on single bended knee. I offer to you all my open, transparent and unlimiting 'bond', (rather 'bring thing'), my gold and diamond encrusted ring of engagement.

e 13 = Love thee.
Not unlucky, merely very often misunderstood,
I love you all, it's lovely to receive it back! *grins, giggles and hugs*

I do this in the hopes that we may all one day be uplifted and illuminated together as a primarily harm-on-ious, human community of loving creation. To be recogonised as truly free and independent. Indebted to no one or no thing and so sovereign people upon their own shared and collective lands. To be both personaly responsible and collectively accountable, respectfully, for all of our behaviours and choices in the exercise of Human Free Will, Intention and Focus. Not withstanding or understanding (standing-under) the exorcisim of all inhumain, improper and unwisely issued false and irrational demands, possesions, limts and restrictions presently in place both within and upon our living and loving consensus reality. Space-Time Will Focus Divine Intent.

So help me GOD, God and gods. Which is, THE ALL THAT IS, The Universe and whom are all men, women, and children. Which I now extend to include, all animals, all plants and all living planetary beings, for I do love you all as equals without predudice or division. As such I claim for myself and my Kin to be always reasonably answerable, not only to GOD but also to God and to each and every one of YOU, You and you who wish to acknowledge my Vision and Presence and therefore join my Kin (or Clan; or society; or Tribe; or Community; or extended Family; It is thankfully no longer a race) to become an extended equal member of my patiently compassionate and loving Kin.

I do this here openly and witnessed in public, without swearing but in firm commitment. In loving memory of my recently departed Grandmother, Mrs Helen Ross (née Layng) and with purely divine loving and reasonable intent for respect, honour, joy, good humour and collective harmony between all peoples, upon all planets and in all dimentions, onto and into infinity and beyond. This is my word and this is my Oath, Amen.

Mrs Helen Ross (née Layng) 29/11/1915-31/07/2016

What that means? Essentially, Be excellent to each other! (Bill and Ted's most excellent adventure)

With all my Love and Faith for the future,
Stephen David Ross Esq.
(signed digitally)

Known also as:-
  • Tir na Saor Poet Laureate : Bestowed honour
  • Poe Redtree the Poetry Pirate : For his own rational and moderate irrational fictions and performances. As well as for the PLAY, Play and plays and entertainments of his Kin and to his excessively irrational, legally fictitious enemies (who were all merely and mildly imagined creatively at the start) and are essentially pure make believe. Just as was Captain Hook for Peter Pan and Peter Pan is for most of us, but particularly so for Wendy, who is also ficticious. How deep does the rabbit hole go Alice? 'How deep would you like' Replied Alice. "As deep as it goes" said the magic goose called Mr. Robinson, you might know him better as Neo, me as Morpheus and, well figure out that last bit yourself or you'll never value me nor give me credit! Much Love xx)
  • Steve Ross : To his friends and family
 or simply   
  • St Eve : To his creative collborators and his creator (also moderately fictitious) Although His mother does sometimes call him Stephen! When he's been exceedingly naughty for eating too many of Mr. Kiplings peculiar cakes! Try Fresh Erics Cakes instead, they're much better, well they are at the moment anyway. Hurry or you might be late!! *giggle* :)

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