Friday 8 November 2013

The Ceremony – Stephen Ross

The medicine drank clearly, the journey afoot
Down into my belly, I gladly partook
Mystical voyage, from under the sea
And up to oblivion, my soul be set free

In delicate dances, the rhythms abound
Swimming through music, the spirits were found
A song to my sister, in absolute bliss
Dismissed relative madness, with the tenderest kiss

Stared right at my demons and gave them a hug
 Expelled from my system, aboard voluptuous chug
Through rapture forthcoming, this voice from the heart
My wolf bellowed wildly, tearing weather apart

Then low as a river, guiding splendid refrain
And out the forgiver, once fully explained
Dear loving survivors and gliders of love
These vessels so special, when steered from above

Dipped once into heaven, and twice into me,
Third time into honey, released victory
Intentions becoming, through gentlest embrace
Manifesting the blessings, a smile on my face
That panther inside me, rested easy on hearth
An owl prowled outside Lee, perspective so smart
Guided back to my person, rebirth started anew
Earth spurted deep visions and through them I grew.

Conducted the weather, energetic symphony
Through channels forthcoming, our world be set free.
Together in kindness, administered plain
Come back now together and call out my name

Beautiful hue, man!
Being means dreams

Painting by Mira Jempe - Shaman, Artist, Musician and Friend

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