Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Poetry in Emotion...

Falling in love is the feeling associated with Love, but it is not Love. It is the desire to be Loved in return for your feeling of falling in love. Love is an altogether different kettle of fish. You Love children, but do you need to fall in love with them? or with your parents? Falling in love is connected most intimately with the physical aspects of Love and that could more closely be described as Lust. LOVE is patient, Love is kind, Love is the thing that has a chance to develop as soon as people finally begin to fall out of lust and yet thats the point so many people break up  
- Steve the Poet Laureate

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  1. I think you've pretty much nailed that, right there. It's why you've got to find a friend first rather than just listening to the gaudy clatter of your emotions. Not that we don't all enjoy the odd gaudy clatter.