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__---*Awe*Aww*---__Eh? - by Stephen D. Ross

'Sky Gate' - A painting by Ayman Abou Elela, CEO Sky Express, Alexandria, Egypt
 A very generous gift, Thank You Ayman :)
__...---*** Warning - If easily offended please do NOT
attempt to reveal whats under the
ginger pussies kilt.
Thank you
Aww  <->  Eh?
Aww  <o>  Eh?
Aww  <->  bah!
Aww  <>  Aah!
Awe aww?  <-> Awe YAH!
 Or as I sometimes like to say...
Awe heys, awe ho’s, awe hey!, a he hose
Aww haze, aww hoes, aww woes,
Aww wait,
Aww what! 
Aww, she close bros
Aww ways more whoa's when she closed.
More AWE next time she unclothed Brother.

Ya get meh?

Awe verses Aww

Do you get me now brothers and sisters?

Awe rays, aww colds, AWE LOVE, aww holds.

Always be bold, all ways be bright,
Fight for your right to wisest insight!
Fight for your love or fight for your truth
Fight?For what's right lights within you.

Or cease fighting, so that Truth and Love,
Don’t have to fight each other no more.
And always, Always in ALL ways,
Be compassionate and honest with
Who ever it is you wish to behave.
Especially when the person you are behaving
Is the one we call you and whom we all call I.
Try to accept that whatever you believe, discover or have found out.
Might not be true for anyone but you.
Make peace with that.
It's OK to be ok with that.
Now reeaad that again pleeaase.

Thank you
But...She say he, be very very bold – Zzswot I'm told...

Maybe she was trying to be amusing or clever or something,
Are you sure she wasn't just teasing or testing you?
Maybe he was testing himself,
He was standing on a stage after all.
In a Santa Suit!! Doing you a favor,
It was Christmas. Peace and goodwill to all mankind?

No way! Very Very Bold. Outrageous, just lOOk!!
Mysognystic word filth! WORN! Wordcore worn, Word porn.
Hidden in plain sight 'beside the words'
He pretends he doesn't want people to see, but he does
Just off in the background. A bit obvious really....If this is the first hidden text you have found Congratulations! You have an enquiring mind with attention for detail. Unless you were cheating.
(I'd just skim past this bit if I was you, but you didn't! or did you? ;) Hahha! Cult Suckeh? )

Awe hey a she holes, awe awe, awe she folds,      ({})
Awe hey a she holes, awe awe, aww she folds 
Aww hey a she holds, aww awe, aww she folds 
Awe hey a she holds, awe awe, aww he holds too
Aww hey a he holes, aww awe, aww she holds back
Aww hey a he holds, aww aww, aww she scolds

(...too much like nagging I guess, 
..he tries a different approach)

Awe hey a he ho’s,
He he or hoe ho's?

Gently he approaches her stealthily _-*-_ SHhh! this poem talks about PUSSY a lot.
Her _-D-_ fences exposed                        /\-v-/\  <-- yes, Pussy. On back spread eagled Rhianna,
He addresses frozen expression             ( - . - )   <-- Poker face, come n get meh Lady Gaga
Caresses firstly her curvacious pose      ( . )( . )    <-- Tits, quite clearly, rather too large for me.
Carefully slicks her brambling rose       / /  ({})  \ \  <-- This is what I call a kitty kilt cu*t
Thorn prickles forth, as he grows             / /  | |    <-- An erection, yes, of the hard cock variety
Full on sucking of toes                           (...)  (...)   <---Foot fetish for the hell of it
Avoids her picking her nose                       /*\    <-- It's the tip of a Cock! (picking her nose if u like)
And she responds... oh ravish me baby!  o| |o  <-- lol, cock and balls *giggle* _-*-_
                                                        A cat called Tango
He moves her..... with a crane!

Her _-d-_fences relax.....Her emotional fears and unconscious defence behaviours relax
All other defences melt away.
She removes her _-a-_ _-b-_ {_-c-__-d-_}!
She receives his _b_ _c_ steamy _-d-_ shows...His ancient steamy cock, yes it really is this filthy
Her _-c-_ fences swollen, his _-b-_ senses stolen
His _-D-_ sense behoven to her _-C-_, tense and swollen.

Its at this point all sense really fly's out the window......they start shagging whoo hoo!!

Awe hey a he he           \
Aww ways a ho ho         \
Away a he-she                  \
Aww maybe she be            \
Awe nay she a she! ..           > This is supposed to sound like shagging #onomatopoeia
Awe aww she be she          /
Awe yeah he see she       /
Awe awe she _-d-_ free  /
All say a tee hee            /
a tee hee, a tee hee       /

She is? Oh she is, is she..                               CLIMAX 
So, completely open and naked you say?..           ORGASAM   VvCUMMINGvV
We’re talking a different kind of folding now brothers and sisters

Awe hey a he holes,           \
Awe aww.                            \
She didn’t hold back.            \
Awe aww,                                > She cumms again, he ejaculates. Multiple syncronised orgasms.
Neither did he!                      /                                                                          Beautiful
Aww who gives a shit,        /
That was AWEsome! Eh? /

Hymn, hymn-hymn, hymn    \
Hum, hum-hum, hum              \
Her her-her her him-him           > Finding out she's pregnant
fo her an him –                        /
Fo' hippidy hoppity hymn     /
And fo' you.                        /

Hum her hymn to humour her          \
Sing her hymn, fo' her an him            \
For him an her foe Hymn an hur hur   \
Not foe Hurm him or harm her              > Pregnancy
Hum his choon too sometimes, baby   /
fo' you                                                 /
Or more fool you.                             /

Awe aww! and she FOALS,                   \
Awe aww and she holds                           \
Awe aww and he holds,                             \
Awe look.                                                    >  Birth, from the adults perspective
Awwwww look, he's holding the baby!!   /
And this time she un-folds.                      /
With pure love.                                       /

Try having a little fun you lovely maniacs.  \
We only live once - apparently.                        >  Birth, from the babies perspective
Make your time count!                                 /

A hippidy hoppidy,                                  \
Clippidy Cloppedy                                    \
Pippedy Poppedy                                        \
Happidy Hymnedy                                       > Childhood
Hmmm, Hymn. Hmmm, Himedy               /
Hurm Hmmm, Hurm Himony                   /
This is the hymn of Hermany Himony.    /

Have him hymn her choon, you say?                               \
Have her hum his chewie yoon too!                                  > Young Adults
Harmoniously, together and fully in love, tunefully        /
For her and him to be, for all the world to see. Tuned.  /

Together, whatever the weather.   \
Ho’s ho’s a he haze                         \
Who’s hose a she says?                    \
Which hose a he says?                       \
Those throws from you knows            \
Those throwed hose?                            \
The trousers not the pipe type                > Sexually active partnerships
I thought you meant my.... COCK !!    /
Hehhe, nevermind.                             /
Aww we ok?                                     /
Awe we oh kay today?                    /
Eh hey?                                         /
Today.                                          /
Aww we o k ?                            /

Well we were until you couldn’t get your head around that ring thing from the other day honey bee

For hymn, the horney bee might just get-it-together    \
To get her pretty bee to sing,                                          \
To let her shitty Bea go, sting                                          \
For her, yes her, not just for him                                       \
For more adoring, for play to swim.                                   \
To assist with gathering her hearts' parted soul figments     > Dysfunctional Engagements
To assist encouraging his arts parts to play, whole             /
And acknowledging her part to play whole also               /
For her arts to start and for his heart                               /
Well, it is a-part of/from hers now.                                /
Farewell Lenny,                                                           /
I miss you.                                                                  /
And thanks.                                                               /

Ahh Ha Ha ha-ha,
Ohh no Ho Ho-ho! 
Merry Christmas!

Have a very merry Christmas everyone
And goodnight, Clunk!
Duh ya get meh bruvors an cistors?

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