Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Loves Captivity Beckons

I want to be me and in glee become free.
So how now, can my family allow, for me to be?

The lippy trippy hippy not free,
A happy trappy pappy I see.
Wants for me, reality.
His own free see, apparently.
Which for me, is a miserable tree,
In this presently, unfortunate orchard,
I refuse to be quartered then tortured or slaughtered.
Please leave me be my happy tree.

I want to be me and in glee become free.
So how now, can my family allow glee, for me to be?
A happy clappy rappy tree?

She wants for me to be like she.
Another cursed, second worst, version of her, terse desserts.
Blurry worries hurried, tearful slurs a flurry.
Slave to grave raves isn't brave and most certainly doesn’t save.
Happy is she in her painful misery.
I will free me, you’ll eventually see.

I want to be me and in glee become free.
So how now, can’t my family allow me, to merely be?

He wishes my ambitious vision controlled.
He talk’s reticulose, from his ridiculous hole. 
He kills my brilliance for me,
Un-thrilled resilience from me.
Hells bells are swinging for me.
Swell welts now stinging for me.
Smacked cracks lack tolerance for me.
Still steals compliance from me.
Swill spills endurance from me

Into his bowl rhetorical, traumatically historical,
goal seems to be emotional; Tolls peel away my delicate soul.

Unfurled world hurled, I’m now curled,
A small ball, not for me, the gall! but for you all.
Seems Deeds seeds, are better dead instead

I want to be me and in glee become free.
So how now, can my family allow for me to be!

They ask for my mission then say I don’t listen.
In unbidden frustration, must I still ask permission?
I’ve heard what they’ve given, implied it’s forbidden,
Now quivering the delivering, the tiger inside is shivering,
Reduced to a kitten, now smitten.
What love is this? I’ve just been hissed.
Instead they’ve miss kissed and very effectively,
Un-written and rejected me.
This apparently is my bliss! Are they taking the piss?

I want to be me and in glee become free.
So now, how my family can allow, and be, with little ole me.

I listen to you, when I ask for your view.
Is it to much to ask the same task of you too? 
Despite continuous spew, I do hear your view
But reserve the right to ignore, what for me is a bore.

It’s not new for me; it’s not true for me;
it’s just blue for me; it’s like glue for me.

I want to be me and in glee become free.
So now how! My family can allow me,
To be - for we - please try - and see - real me.
I wish - for you - to be - as free - as me.

No you say you’re perfectly okay.
You flies at me, chastises me, this rises me,
So distressed I cries, in angry disguise
Like an obstinate pup, please shut the fuck up!
My dark lark barks.
I was only, trying, to help you.

I want to be me and in glee become free.
So NOW! How my family can allow for us, to be we.

I merely expect a little respect,
For my do that’s for you and for me too.
I hope one day, you’ll finally say,
You can accept that I’m correct.
My peculiar view, for me IS true.

Why explain my humble station with you presenting indignation,
I didn’t expect it would be for you but it was you who asked me my view.
Oh for heaven’s sake! Just have FAITH!
And try to allow me, or better yet wow me,
Or disagree and watch me flee.

Once more gored again, I’m floored again,
I’m bored again, sick and tired again,
Of being ignored again, have you tried adored again?

I wish to be me and in glee, see we become free, in ecstasy.
So now! How my family can allow and be, with me.

Discomfort you feel, but understand this is your real deal, it’s not mine.
I’m content unfurling my journey of learning,
Increasingly yearning, for others also burning.
Enjoy the difference, it produces brilliance.
Don’t you think? Yes you do think,
Far too much with the head, now I’m off to my bed.
So now you know I try to go  with my hearts smart art instead.

I shall be me and in glee become free.
So now you also know my family, and just how they can allow me
To be with you, I wonder if they too,
Might eventually see, the complete and whole me,
So that we, can all just be –

Together, whatever the weather
And just know, that wherever I go
I am what I am, my own particular jam
I will continue to be me, even if forced to flee
So please! Just let go and allow me to grow
Into the person that I wish to become.

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