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I AM...

A few days ago I was offered a copy of a newly released book by one of it's authors in return for a review. I haven't had time to read it yet but I fully intend to, as soon as time permits.

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The book is called ‘I AM...’ and can be purchased HERE. It was written by Leon Aarts and Ella Matheson. Those two words alone inspired me to write what follows.... 
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Note to reader: The following poem is Case Sensitive and is provided for you. It is not just about me, it's about all of us. It needs to be read rather than heard. Primarily to distinguish the different voices. The voices are differentiated through capitalisation. While reading quietly within the head is fine, it’s effect may be felt more powerfully when projecting it vocally by reading out loud in private. If a line or stanza feels inappropriate for you, simply omit it or modify with your own more appropriate words.

It is in some respects a mantra for raising ones own conscious loving frequency. Because when you start a sentence with I AM..., you transform your state of being and your presence.
I would dearly like to hear your thoughts and/or feelings in the comments below after you have read it, but only if you feel so inclined......
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I AM...

....Truth, LOVE and clarity.
I am respect, trust and loyalty.
I am healthy, wealthy and wise. 

I am soon to be high rise,
For I am of the skies.

I am charming , inspiring and happy.
I am friendly, capable and powerful.
I am manifest, I am covert, I am, I Am, I AM 

I am in the process of revealing myself and my gifts onto the world
But I am presently in disguise, oh why the whys, oh why(s)? _-*-_ (wise?)

I am a leader, I am talented, I am beautiful.
I am willing, I am intention, I am all of these things and more.....
Including the worlds great, potentially the worlds greatest, SURPRISE! 

But I AM also no-body
I Am the collective spiritual identity,
In a physical, I am body of both beauty and reality,
Hidden from view, but maybe not from you?

I am in space-time at present,
So I am encouraged toward almighty ascent,
Soon to be the all(s)-most(s) magnificent. 
To represent
The I AM is Divine.

For with Space _-*-_ Time Will Focus Divine Intent.

I am focused again,
I am awake again,
I am aware again,
Of more than just the prize, the price or prise again.

I do hear the sighs,
I do hear the cries,
I do see the spies, that despise and denies,
Oh yes, I do see the lies, of our brethren
And of my self, My Selves and MY TRUTH.

I AM intending to amplify the light back onto and into the world.
I Am always learning, growing and revelating,
Just as all of us are always learning, growing and revelating,
And so I am becoming ever more steady,
And thus, I am more and more ready.

And I AM ever ready,
I Am ever ready once again,
I am charged and I am charging,
I am realised and I am realising
That I am already steady,
I am already ready,
I have been for some time,
To realise once more again,

Who I actually am, the I Am that I AM,
And when I succeed again,
They may destroy or kill me again,
As once before again, for they usually do.
But they will have the same choice again,
And one day they may choose again,
To stop killing the messengers again.
To break at last the repeating patterns for them
And for my me, My Me, MY ME! 

Oh we do what We do, but WE do it for you.
OH My, oh me, oh Me, Oh MY, how We do try
For you, and You and YOU!

But their fear keeps them in an endless loop,
Just as fear always keeps all in an endless loop,
Just as my fear has kept me in an endless loop,
Just as your fear has kept you in an endless loop,
But that is now changing, it’s shifting and lifting.
You know this to be true.
You do, don’t you?

    <Refrain - not part of the Mantra>
    But you, We, HE AND SHE don't need, Need or NEED to do anything.
    We merely are, We Merely Be, WE MERELY SEE
    You do, just as I do, just as They Do, just as (S)HE DOES
    But please do it for yourself first. Okay?

    Lead by example and try to figure it out, 
    I mean, really really figure IT out.
    Before attempting to try to do it for others.
    And then, when you do figure it out
    Keep it to yourself, Yourselves and your DIVINITY
    Our trinities, Trinity, go sew and Ohm TRINITY
    Ohm, Ohm, Ohm
    Ohm's coming home now 
    But in peculiar privacy

    You don't need to DO anything 
    Unless, that is, you are invited to or wish to do something for yourself.
    And when that invitation comes
    Rejoice, be thankful and take action.

    What has all your doing for others without asking really achieved? 
    Are you at peace and happy?
    If so then go, 
    For you already know the flow,
    Thats slow,
    And up ABOVE
    With Love and LOVE
    HEARTS Messaging Doves 

    And We are heart messaging doves
    As well as Heart Messaging doves
    All of us!!!
    As well as ALL of creativities Creative CREATION 

    Creatures of LIGHT, Love and harmony 
    (or harm any, the choice is indeed yours)
    Like particles in an overactive and gaseous state 
    Heated and under pressure
    But like waveforms too 
    Waivering, waving and gently pulsating
    Whilst surfing upon and sustaining
    This magnificent symphony of life.

    To do or not to do? That is the question.

    I shall do too, 
    But it only benefits anyone other than myself if I am first asked or invited 
    With pure, honest to god(s) intention(s)
    And a willingness to understand 
    What the hell; and on Earth; and in good Heaven's HAVENS
    Is trying to be communicated or done 
    For you.
    It takes personal work and effort 
    And it is this that you are here to do.

    Doing on behalf of, or because of others
    No matter how well intentioned Always
    And I Really mean ALWAYS and in All Ways
    Eventually results in a different kind of do
    Where I come from it's called do do and it's shit!
    You all know what I'm talking about! 
    Don't press too hard or trespass upon others processes 
    But forgive those who trespass upon yours.
    Because everyone is only trying to do their best
    And we all make mistakes
    But thats ok 

    Because it is how we learn to Learn and LEAN ON each other
    In this particularly confusing but perfectly reflective incarnation. 
    As reflected (for some) in this disturbingly disgusting incantation
    And it IS disgustingly disturbing for some. Are you one?

    And so when I don't understand or if the going gets too hard 
    I stop. 
    I mean really really STOP.
    So I can merely be 
    So I may see and understand

    Not why this is happening to me
    But what the lesson is for me
    In the painful experience
    And when I do See
    I see Creative Sparks and DIVINITIES Spirit!
    And I then grow 
    Stronger, wiser and in love 
    With love, Love and LOVE 
    My Airfish Doves from SPIRIT
    Who are always gliding, guiding and giving
    Inside, beside and amongst us. 
    All the bleeding time.
    <End of Refrain>

Love is letting go of Fear!

But most important, importantly,
I am in humble service to that most magnificent creative entity,
spirit, Consciousness, CREATION.
Which does guide me through life,
Sustains me through Living, and GIVING
Through the trials and tribulations,
Through the viles and incantations,
By my own pure intention, Joy and BLISS,
Towards the just seven-fold rewards, deserved
For all the efforts, the inputs and the outputs,
I continue to radiate both onto and into this system of life called living.

I am looking forward to the results,
They Will_-B-_Most Magnificent.
Person that I can be!

This is my prayer and it is written with the intent
For love and goodwill to all men-kind (and that includes Women)

St. Eve of the (ROSS) + credited to Stephen Ross.
The, I AM that I Am that I am, Poet. 
*   *   * 
The revolting revolutions of revelations are spinning, yet we are in fact winning and about to conclude, collude or concede before the next cycle, although in truth it has already started again.
*      *
I wish to give thanks to AMMA for her kind efforts and the personal gift she bestowed upon me, for the lessons I learned both from her and from her collective disciples, volunteers and followers recently. Some are flowing well, while others have much to learn but Ammaji is most certainly DIVINE!
*     *
I wish to give thanks to Mooji for the divine awareness, presence and insight he brings to the planet and for everything he has taught, not only to me, but to all of his disciples and detractors. I have not yet met him and may never have the pleasure of his company but the internet is a marvellous thing.
*     *
I wish to give thanks to everyone who I have ever had the pleasure or distaste to come into contact with I value everything I have learned and all the experiences I have had to date. I wish to apologise to everyone I have hurt along the way and to all those who may yet be hurt by my actions and mistakes. I am only human but I am seeking to be, do and live life to the very best of my ability. Long may it continue! 
*     *
I wish to thank you all, All, ALL in equal measure and further I invite any and all creative and joyful enquiries for whatever reason. If you feel a resonance with my words be it good or bad please take action and connect with me if so inclined. I cannot guarantee I will be able to respond personaly but I will certainly do my best but only if you ask or invite me too. 
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 Finally I need to thank Bill Hicks and Richard Dawkins. Who knew I'd finally realise God while reading Dick Dawkins book, 'The God Delusion'. hahha. Nice one Dick ;) perhaps I am delusional, perhaps you are too? I whole heartedly recommend it!! Perchance you do too? *giggle*
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It is nessesary to allow money to flow towards me so I can continue to do the work that I love and wish to continue to do.

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Over the last 7 1/2 years I have received a mere £30 for my poetry, performance and prose. 
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 Thank you all very much! From the bottom of my heart,
(As well as the bottom of my bank balance),
With all my love, Love and LOVE, 
Steve the Poet
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Credit for the line 'Love is letting go of Fear' goes to Gerald G. Jampolsky, but was
introduced to me by way of the song Succar Sweet Success written by Ion T. Veddinge
the driving force behind the global LOVE AID project, <--- Please consider supporting it.
Ion T Veddinge pictured on the right, next to author Graham Hancock middle, with myself on the left
Graham Hancocks new book, Magicians of the Gods can be purchased from Amazon. 

Ion has asked me to draw attention to something Shakespeare once wrote...

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
To which Ion's response is....
'To love and to be loved - that is the answer!'

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥    
♥   ♥  I couldn't agree more ♥    
♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   I love you all   ♥   ♥   ♥    
   Most especially the difficult ones ;)  
♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥
_-*-_ Space Time Will Focus Divine Intent _-*-_

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