Monday, 21 September 2015

The Dream - I now know what it means!!

This is a re-post with a single significant revision for I finally know who I am, what I AM here to do and to what the dream was refering. Her name is not Adam, as I was sort of expecting it to be
* I Lve her !! You better be kind to us !!
** All f us (it's not Olive either) for
*** There are many, Many
*shh !! MRE! Shh !!*
*My name is
۞ This Time
Well it certainly feels right this time !!!!

 The Dream - Revised 

I woke up this morning, with a dream in my head
A row of straight houses, faces angled with dread

With the exception of one, a most beautiful sight
not quiet in dead centre, rather off to the right

A curved yellow cottage, with hazel windows of pine
Inside a robin red breast, was gently drinking some wine

I'd been down this road, several times here before
So why had I never noticed it, so colourful and unexplored.

The name on the doorstep said welcome, please no boots
I began to get excited, my heart raced like chaotic flutes

I pressed upon the knocker, it gave way unexpectedly
Soft, smooth and silky, not taught and stiff like me

Instead of a door knob, this door was quite weird
threads of delicate cotton, bristled up as I neared

The cotton door prised open, as I caressed its pink lock
A crack gave way gently - Screams, Oh yes! I should certainly have knocked

A light oozed from the hallway, windows shattered with sounds
As I crept gingerly forward, excited at what I might find.

As I peeked round the corner, a most interesting sight
The red breasted robin was having a fight

I watched with amusement and particular glee
As the bird manoeuvred skilfully upon a blue tree

The branches swung wildly wrapping round robins trunk
As the leaves scattered gracefully, leaving puddles of junk

The two combatants done fighting, collapsed in a heap
Wrapped round one another, no longer able to leap

Having enjoyed the drama, and understanding it dead
I crept from the house, and woke up in my bed.

 *   *   *
You can find the original version of this, my first ever poem, Written in 2010 and first published in this Blog here on the 1st Feburary 2013. It has also been published in print along with my poem Perspectives, in the Pop Up Anthology 2014, and the work of 67 other poets. Although at over £60 a pop on Amazon this is rather expensive for most pockets, so here's a link to a somewhere you can get it here for under £15. I won't see any of that money so if you like my stuff consider using the Pay Me Back or Donate buttons on the sidebar to the right, if they are not there it's because you are viewing on a device other than a full fledged computer. Much thanks and gratitude goes to Dónall Dempsey and in particular Janice Windle for putting the Anthology together. Both Dónall and Jan manage THE 1000 MONKEYS website, which connects poets, singers and performance artists, of all calibres, from far and wide to a larger audience than they might otherwise have access to in Surrey, England and occasionally beyond.

*   *   *
On a side note:-
Olive just Whatsapp'd me the following picture with the attached caption.....

Look at me working hard! only had three hours sleep but I'll be fine?!!!

In my defence, I'm very sorry for waking-up Olive at 5am this morning but the Airfish that guide me wanted me to take dictation for the next poem they have for all of us. It is soon to be released on this Blog. It appears to be quite the epic epistle so I Am looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Look at me working hard! only had three hours sleep but I'll be fine?!!!
What a trooper!!! Good on ya girl, I think flowers are probably in order!
*  *  *
In other news:-
On the same day that the picture at the top of this post was taken we saw an object flying in the sky over our heads. None of us could identify it and it was definitely flying. So we all saw what can only be described as a UFO. I filmed it to record the experience and some people have since suggested it was a drone but I've never seen a drone like that before and all my efforts to find a similar drone online have, so far, yielded nothing. It appears to split and make a V shape at some points. I have included the video for your information and viewing pleasure. If anyone can definitively identify it please contact me with a picture or a link to what this object actually is!??

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