Thursday, 24 September 2015

Radio Wey - In Your Opinion - 4th Show Appearance

Sent with Love - It was so much fun to make the show. Some serious topics handled with compassion, creativity and good humour, for the most part. Solutions Presenting!!! For the NOW times. Please share it if you like what I have to say.
With Stephen Ross (Poet), John Whitbread (Journalist), Doug Neale and in the chair, as usual, Robert Chantler

Topics discussed:-
5:00 - Charities, scammers and your personal information
9:02 - Refusing scantily clad coffee drinkers?!
12:40 - Survey suggests Brits are dirty people; Farting
17:30 - Trades Unions bill undermining workers rights
22:10 - Jeremy Corbyn ( - 34:25), Revealing demons
25:28 - Nuclear deterrent, energy sources, Tesla
27:30 - Labour for too long have been 'Tory Lite'
29:40 - Rupert Murdoch's right wing power to destroy
31:30 - Media vs. People Power, Waking Consciousness, Oneness
34:25 - Assisted dying, euthanasia, Compassion, Human Potential
41:10 - Refugee Crisis, In tears at news, Compassion, Lebanese Intake, UN where are you?
46:15 - Refugee Crisis - My Take
49:10 - Refugees are not immigrants, West destabilised the Middle East, US responsibility?
52:50 - Cameron's drone strike, who are the real terrorists? Media responsibility
56:40 - IS, secrets and intelligence

Special Thanks to host Robert Chantler, Senior Controller for Radio Wey, St Peters Hospital Radio Station, To beyond and into Infinity!!!

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