Thursday, 12 November 2015

First Radio Woking Appearance

Listen back to my recent appearance on Sharon Gallifords radio show 'The View From Here' first broadcast live on Radio Woking 18th October 2015.

I'm the guest for the last hour so jump to 2:03:00 for the start of my bit.

2:03 Intro, The little indian
2:04 Transition from corporate exec to poet
2:05 Multinationl corporations, sitting on money, drug markets
2:06 The multinational problem, Irish banking crisis, fraud
2:07 Government manipulation, debt,
2:08 Tir Na Saor, common law vs. admiralty law, commercial spells, illusions and myths
2:09 The paper you vs. the flesh and blood human, birth certs, lifes pendulum
2:10 Connection, oneness, manifestation and Buzz Lightyear
2:11 Consciousness, 5 sense limits, conspiracists
2:12 The internet, joy vs. happiness
2:13 Depression, growth, learning, human potential
2:14 Service over self, communication, religions
2:15 Sacred traditions, the mountain analogy
2:16 Tree of life analogy, life lessons, programming kids for society
2:17 The flow of life, psychadelic plant medicines
2:18 Etemology of the words psychadelic and government
2:19 The swinging pendulum, drugs vs. plant medicines
2:20 Cocaine,  recreational vs. medicinal drug use
2:21 Wholeness, sustance abuse, food, sugar, addiction
2:22 Creative Beings, Education, Science vs. Art
2:23 My Mum, learning, being disruptive
2:24 Personal beleifs, being oneself v.s the dutiful son, resistance
2:25 Losing friends, being evicted, grannys 100th, finding my way
2:26 Being frugal, learning through mistakes
2:27 Excessive governmental control
2:28 The tapestry of life, the matrix, miserable being on the dole
2:29 Miserable being wealthy, money as energy
2:30 New business and new love
2:31 Good intentions, karma, rebalancing oneself
2:32 Reasons for the economic collapse
2:33 Living frugally, being lonely and sad
2:34 Suffering, aliases, money
2:35 Unethical projects, antidepressants, Kinesiology
2:36 Muscle testing, how to understand the bodies needs
2:37 Stop watching he news, advertising
2:38 Media elites, numerology
2:39 Timothy Leary, The Psychedelic Experience
2:40 Inner reality, Bill Hicks, loving vibration
2:41 Unlocking dormant talent, festivals
2:42 My secret to happiness, loving oneself
2:43 reconnecting to self and creativity
2:44 Consensus reality, Transpersonal psychology, the problem with psychiatry
2:45 Measures of success, pharmacuetical side effects
2:46 defering to vs. challanging authority, personal psychology vs. the orthodox view
2:47 Dream time, Being
2:48 Frustrations and meditations, finding solutions, poetry
2:49 Family intervention, poetry saved me
2:50 Religous truth vs dogmatic nonsence, verse, sacred texts
2:51 Emotional response to art, relaxing, consciousness expansion
2:52 Calculus, light bulb moments, listening vs. hearing
2:53 Becoming distracted, repitition for learning and programming
2:54 Following your heart and using your head
2:55 Opening ones heart
2:56 Universal spirit and the universes schedule
2:57 Resistance

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