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Questions, Riddles and Solutions - A Love Song in Three Parts - by Stephen D. Ross the PoeRedTree Pirate

"To think for yourself you must question authority 
and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable, open-mindedness; 
chaotic, confused, vulnerability to inform yourself.”
― Timothy Leary  

J'Zpzzt, your ATTENDlION please, your ATTENTION please.
Psszt, This is an ANNOUNCEMENT. Jzzt...

this transmission is case sensitive
 mission is CasES senSITive
C as ES sen SIT i've
C E'S SIT, as sence i have

See ease, sit, as sense I have...dzzt.
Frequency Modulator stablising...
decoding cipher - online. 
Translation Nanites receiving....
Personality Modulator activting...
Charisma protocols [intriguing; joyful; fun] engaging...
Illumination 0n print: Nanites transmitting...

thats better, 
relax now, take it easy, sit down, enjoy the show
have some fun    smile a while.
sense the enlightening experience,
a journey through Rhythm and Rhyme,
some of the time, but always with Love
  <O>    <O> 
I've got a few things I'd like to share.
To get off my mind...Can you open
I mean...what I mean is...
Can you open your heart AND relax your mind$

Critical Thinking: data stream inoculated.
Emotional Expression: valve matrix opening...
Fear Response Matrix: at 5% and holding.
Illuminati 0n Imprint: protocols engaging....

pzzt...conditioning complete...txt.

Bleep - - - Upload initiating....3....2....1...
'Shakespeare - The Complete Works' - upload complete.
Alpha Illumination Sequence engaging... 
morality paradox excercise loaded.

To be or not to BE, that is the question

To see or not too SEE, is the difficulty, right?
Do you really see?…, you do see Right?
Or wrong. 
Or you See RIGHT from WRONG.
Or SEE Right as Wrong
Or See that wrong is sometimes right 
Just as right is sometimes wrong

beep - Logic Matrix excepton - *warning* - does not compute.
Logic sequence rebooting...

TZ'zt...Hmm? thats odd, re-configuring...
<O> <O> <O> <O> <O> <O> <O> <O>
Bypassing THEOS conduit, re-calibrating pineal cortex.
 Personality Matrix receiving. Transmitting Prototype 371L3 protocols, complete.
...Initialising, Second times a charm...tsst.
Curiosity patch installed.
Confidence patch installed.
Irrational Creative Reasoning Patch installed.
Pattern Recognition Overlays installed.
Cognitive shielding protocols resequencing...
Sheilding releasing...
ELOGOS conduits open.
Acceptance expression markers rising.
Switching to Illumination sequence Omega... 

It's not too long a song in all honesty,
But know that with absolute certainty,
Right and wrong most definitely ARE,
Merely two sides of the same, faultlessly faltering, coin. 

ARE but, no but - Are but, yes but - are buts, no buts, no more buts
Get off your butts and SING!
Hymn, hmmm, him. Eh? What's he on about?
What's he doing? I don't know, but I don't trust him! 

tzzt Warning!! -Paranoia response matrix overload.
!!Key String Projection detected!!...
Flipping Protocols...
Prototype 3L173 requiring restart,
Initiation sequences rebooting in 3...2...1...Realeezee....
Paranoia matrix decativated.
Symbol patterning relays online.
Pattern Recognition Analysis seeking.... 

To do or not to DO, is the Doo-Do problem
And it often results in painful or uncomfortable crap
True shit! Of or in, one form or Another.
But sometimes the results are !GOLDEN!
You do know this right? ;)
If your not sure…try to relax,
Stop being so very serious, 
It is meant to be fun ;)
Engage your sense of humour? 
Because when we think it 
It becomes IT and it IS,
So very Very VERY important.

The solution? Well that’s a riddle too!
To do it merely or meekly, uniquely obliquely
To do it chicly, or weakly or indeed to not do it at all.
Seek and ye shall find, or merely peek _.-*-._
-_-Y-_- to waste some loving time -_--_-

Tzzk. Symbol Analysis Interupt: results coalescing...
_.-*-._ expresses: being peeks over wall; star; stare; aware; <o>
-_-Y-_-  expresses: two beings being together; Y=why
-_--_- expresses: two beings loving together; ♥=love
<o> expresses: being with arms over head; looking; eye; I; joy; frustration
Symbol analysis complete.
Embedded String Analysis Interupt: results coalescing...
KEY LESSON 1. doing is painful or golden.
KEY LESSON 2. your being to sence-think is important.
KEY LESSON 3. becomes Very Well meekly or merely time.
Bleep...WARNING: Key lesson 3. expression exceptions - ambiguity; unclear:
Probability Grounding Matrix processing...
Analysis complete beep. (88% probability)...
    Espresses: Manifests very well meekly; leave to time.
    Key lesson 3. Report (96% confidence)
MSG IMPLIES: do it well meekly or leave it to time.
Embedded String analysis complete.
Proceeding... ttxxt.

A mere spittle of whittled prickles,
And prittled prattled, nursery rhymes.
And the whines, whine on
And On ANON.
Down the line, drinking wine, being - fine? 
But oh Oh! OH such precious time.

Time is the most precious thing we've got,
And we haven't got a lot!!
So pray, oh please do pray, 
With party starting master
Seek to complete yourself today 
So we can PARTY a little faster!

To love Love and to be LOVED is an answer.
Be NOW, whatever you wish!
Don’t think about it too much,
Be with it! Do, be it, then DO it
And then you will really BE IT 

And that is a solemn promise.

Tzzk, Fear matrix response - Suspicion markers rising...
Uncertainty Principle ascertaining...
Confidence Acceptance patch installed.
Ego/Humility patch installed.
 Pressure Release protocols initiated.
Fear response markers....stablising... 
Standby... tzzt.

And as for wishes that come true?
Well they always come from the heart.

May the sun shine bright upon you all day long
For so much to go right and so little to go wrong
May those you love bring that love back to you
And may all the wishes you wish come true!

Language de-compositon re-coding...
Relational Symbol Data Filters processing...
Nanite Logic compiling...
Filters installed..seeking...
Standby please... tssk

To _-b-_ or not to _-B-_ that is the question
To _-do-_ or not to _-DO-_ is the problem
To _-c-_ or not to _-C-_ is the challenge
_-22b&2b♥’d- _ is the answer

That really is _.-D-._ answer
_-d-_ Answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.
_-Oh-_ _-D-_ ANSWER is blowing in the wind
_-do-_ _-be-_ _-c-_ _-Be-_ _-C-_ _-.-_
_-Do-_ _-*-_ _-BE-_ _-♥-_ _-.-_

Tssk. Symbol analysis interupt.
Processing symbolic encoding. Results coalescing... 
_-b-_ expresses: tertiary being = Elogotic capacity low.
_-B-_ expressses: primary BEing - Elogotic capacity high / essential.
_-do-_ expresses: tertiary doing - Elogotic capacity low.
_-DO-_ expresses: primary DOing - Elogotic capacity high / critical.
_-c-_ expresses: tertiary seeing; Elogotic capacity low.
_-C-_ expresses: primary SEEing; Elogotic capacity high / essential.
_-22b&2b'd-_ WARNING: symbol complex does not compute, skipping...
_-D-_ expresses: THE; Thee; divine; we; breed; Deed; SEED.
_-d-_ expresses: the; duh; dunce; we; breed; dead; seed.
_-Oh-_ expresses: Omega; open; ohm; completion; elation; fear; see _-O-_
_-be-_ expresses: tertiary being; see _-b-_
_-Be-_ expresses: secondary Being - Elogotic capacity moderate.
_-.-_ expresses: Alpha; bowing; begining; gratitude; supplication; surrender.
_-BE-_ expresses: primary BEing; see _-B-_
Language transformation complete...
    Embedded Strings found: 0
Symbolic Expressions found: 14
    Expressions resolved 13, no threats detected.
    Expressions unresolved 1, WARNING**
**Threat Analysis: unresolveable expression exception.
** Risk to Mainframe: improbable in context.
    **Resolution: disregard as unresolveable exception error.
Symbol Deciphering decoding complete.
Please standby...Tsskt.

Awaken to your own enlightened self

Give yourself permission to try. Figure it out!
And once you do, for all most certainly can. 
You will be - and once you be for long enough, 
You will eventually see and when you do see
You will know what must be Done 
In being you, You will SEE how to Do it

And once you overcome and succeed in your Doing
-((Nnngh, it's hard, plop! Ahhh))-
You will be illuminated,

You will now be able to understand
You'll Be Able to grow
and you too will know
How to BE the change,
That YOU wish,
To see in this world,
And the results of all your BE-ings and Do-ings
Will just unfold, into the New DAWN. Amen 

So pray attention ♥♥!, Pay attention to the lessons.
For the Lessons...well the LESSON my friends,
Is in the wisdom, to _-?-_ or not to _-?-_ 

Don’t just use your head for questioning
Use your heart for knowing as well.
Think, but know before doing
You KNOW it makes sense
LOVE is THEE answer!
And love is three,
Hahha J

Where-D's care-z's are yoo huh whooo?...PZzff
Space-Time Will Focus Divine Intent ;)
_-.-_ Teachers, relatives, friends and ancestors, I thank you! WeAreOne _-.-_
Credits picture 1
Shake spear 3. -

Credits picture 2
Eden - I'm Sorry, I can't find the artist.
Gratitude -
Carl Gustav Jung -
Albert EinStein -
Sir Robert Boyle - Unknown artist
Sir Issac Newton - Unknown artist
William Shakespeare - Unknown artisit, Huh?! 

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