Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Apple

It tasted good did that apple,
How was I supposed to know,
It would cast us into seperations chapel
Expelled from garden comforts

Am I sorry for this respect? Heathen
A healthy disrespect of authority, Even
The twin flamed sorority of discomfort
Flames lead us beyond our comfort zone.

In suffering we grow
We learn in joy to know
Is that a sin? Are you serious?
Cieve through this, disinformation

In love, we love to live
In love, he love to give
In love, she love to reSeive
On the take or on the make, perhaps.

All children eventually leave
The safety of thier parents care
Dare to bare your soul,
To shatter the illusions,

Pick up the phone
Call in toned
Fall postponed
in Love and lovely laughter

Try not to take or make everything so seriously
It was meant as a joke but the humour is so often missed
Why so serious? Come back into the light
Be whole, be bold, behold.

Hahha, WeAreOne

St. Eve

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