Sunday, 24 July 2016

What's the Point?

Picture drawn by Andrew Marstrand
We don't NEED to search for anything, although treasure hunts can be the most wonderful fun. When the time is right the oppertunities and answers to the paradoxical puzzles present themselves. If the search stops being enjoyable or becomes too serious it's ok to relax, sit back and let go.

I enjoy watching everyone else hunt for their treasure and often notice how much the people playing their game of life best are the ones enjoying it most. They already have their treasure, we all do. Many of us simply don't realise it yet and life certainly can be very confusing and challanging at times. I sortta think thats the point of a good game though.

I only stopped playing Naughts and Crosses when I figured it out and learned how to never lose. I still play for fun with my niece and nephews and sometimes choose to lose on purpose to see the delight in their faces. <3

It's not the winning thats important but the taking part and we are all already a-part of the whole! 

The simple act of observing invloves us.

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