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How to Fix Everything! - Part 1.

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The Defining Issue
Of Our Time
and still Slavery
And how to fix both forever.

On the 22nd April 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio addressed a United Nations audience of over 170 nations, assembled together on Earth day, to sign the 'Paris Agreement'. This agreement was a sweeping climate pact, negotiated the previous year, aimed at slowing global warming.

Mr. DiCaprio's talk was intelligently reasoned and came from a legitimate but 'terrified' personal awareness that Climate Change is the defining issue of our time. I argue that while intelligently reasoned this UN argument comes, at least partially, from a place of fear and so lacks good judgement and wisdom. The ongoing consequences of which mask a crime, of the most enormous proportions, enacted upon the entirety of the human race.

We are no longer a race, we never really were, we are more akin to a tribe, a family or a community. There is no rush, although we are certainly lead to believe we must rush. Rushing however is unwise, for in rushing we lack good judgement and so are prone to error, mistake and division. We live on a presently divided planet where mistakes are frequent and errors rife. In this series of articles I will explain why this is so and what we must do to resolve dispairity and inequality once and for all.

Leo's Landmark UN Speech claiming Climate Change as the 'defining issue of our time'

You may initially disagree that this speech lacks wisdom, for it's intention and sentiment is marvellous. Marvellous and reasoned though it is, it is misguided and a testament to the lack of good judgement and wisdom being exercised by our United Nations. We need our united leaders and spokesmen to demonstrate not only intelligence but wisdom too, at all times. This is a cause for concern not fear, although the two are both on the same negative emotional spectrum. It causes me to ponder, what has become of The Elders ability to influence our UN since Nelson Mandela's passing, in 2013. The Elders are a council of twelve wise leaders founded by Mr. Mandela in July of 2007

Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you're right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth. -Mohandas Gandhi

I wish to sincerely thank Leonardo Dicaprio for having had the courage to speak his mind, it's not easy standing up on a stage in front of so many very important and influencial people and a potential audience of billions. Mr. DiCaprios speech rather, is yet one more demonstration of a collectively unifying planet of easily frighted nations and individuals doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.

It is completely understandable, for we humans have a tendency to fear the unknown and even though some of us do know quite a lot we tend to get stuck in specialisations and repeating patterns. The difficulty being we all have fears and as we get older we are increasingly reluctant to trust each other. We have learned, in our perfectly imperfect world, that trust can often lead to suffering and that makes us nervous.

Anxiety and stress related illnesses have been steadily increasing over recent decades. For me this is evidence of a gradually awakening, yet still confused and fearful, collective consciousness. Waking up can be unsettling, to get past the dis-comfort and dis-ease we must simply open our eyes to look, understand where we are and then move to take action. Once we're moving and active we always feel better even if that movement and activity might not be taking us where we really wish to go. What's more significant is that we are taking action, feel like we're moving forward and so are getting on with it. Whatever we may have convinced ourself 'it' is. Moving or acting with eyes wide shut or simply filled with sleepy weep is an unwise proposition, most children get taught at some point to look before they leap. The UN appears to be clouded on the defining issue of our time and appears to have decided climate change is a bad problem that must be 'solved', post haste.
'Inequality is the defining issue of our time' President Barak Obama, 4th Dec 2013
I'm pretty sure what the UN actually meant to say, through Leo as their spokesman; the UN still including the United States; and the US still including Leonardo DiCaprio; was that they are seeking to intentionally and wilfully reduce all excessive and unnatural levels of human, corporate and animal created greenhouse gases within the atmosphere.

But they do not state this clearly at all. They simply reference the critical greenhouse gases while they keep repeating and referring to climate change as the defining problem. Words are very powerful when cast and delivered from a podium like the one Leo is speaking from above. You don't have to be a Harry Potter or Hermione Granger to be an effective muggle spell (or news) caster. Especially when you have lots and lots of confused and frightened people listening so very intently and respectfully to what you cast over them. For this reason alone it is  vitally important to choose ones words wisely as a wizard, soundly as a sage and very carefully, to be as unambiguous as possible. Ambiguity increases the chances those spells and castings will backfire. All the best magicians, wizards and casters know this. Just ask my good mate The Bubble Magic Wizard, Mr Equador Zaha. or in fact the  legend that still is Mr Paul Daniels. Although you better hurry as the UK national treasure does not have very long left here due to a recently diagnosed and incurable Brain Tumour. Thank you so much for all you have done to put smiles on the faces of the Global Human Community. Mr. D. Please give our love and best regards to your lovely and oft misunderstood partner and assistant. The very beautiful and most usually silent, Debbie Magee. I think I can safely say, We all still love you both dearly. Well those that can remember your magic and charms that is. Thank you on behalf of everyone and Godspeed.

The fact that some part of humanity adopted the word 'Race' to describe it's entire human community has had some fairly profound and quite unexpectedly devastating consequences. Racism is the clear and obvious one, the root of the word being quite clearly visible to anyone demonstrating intelligence, wisdom (these days an increasingly uncommon trait) and a merely moderate EQ. As opposed to our high, yet still entirely Muggle (or should that be Muddle?) derived, IQ or 'Intelligence Quotient.

Excessive climate change is another because with everybody racing around trying to stay as busy as possible, to stay ahead of the next guy, we've managed to go ahead and spew out literally millions of tonnes of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere. Using that one seemingly innocuous word four letter word, rather than a more accurate descriptor like community, has had some objectively measurable and deeply negative impacts upon our global community. Yet nobody seems to be trying to change that very simple Spell at all. The world is so deluded it actually believes that Magic isn't real or rational!! But it very clearly is real and rational and all schools teach spelling but the don't usually explain the full truth the way a certain highly successful wordsmith and spell caster, J K Rowling does and I'm simply a humble poet, or am I? (*wink*wink*nudge*nudge*) no, I am.

As all the best 'Modern' wizards, warlocks and magicians already know. Spells of deception and misdirection are only eventually powerful when they at first appear to be useful and positive. The Race spell, along with all other irrational and mutually exclusive spelling applications always have some initially positive outcomes. Why so? Because the Intention behind the 'Will' of the word being used (read that as Spell being cast) was not entirely pure, honest and unselfish. The Magic Circle is gonna hate me for revealing all of this to everyone! Please, fellow spell casters, poet, magicians, writers and comedians, the future of the entire planet is at stake here!! It's time to fess up, come clean and share the true Power of the most dangerous and difficult spells and spelling mistakes. The ones that always lead eventually to pure unadulterated Evil, if left unchecked for long enough. These spells are called 'LIES'. He who shall not be named just has been.

About half the people reading this right now and probably smiling to themselves, agreeing with me. The the other half are scowling in disagreement. Please don't start imagining I don't respect people who disagree with me because I do. It is only through healthy and respectful opposition that we learn, grow and evolve. Of the 50% in disagreement with me about 20% are clever enough to understand I've simply been using humour and simile (you see, i smile ;) to make my points less seriously and more easily digestible. About another 20% aren't finding this very funny at all, are phasing out of reading and considering watching the news instead. But the last 10% of the people reading this, Well the last 10% are absolutely fuming. The don't want me glibbly disclosing confidential secrets of spellcraft that have remained hidden and unspoken for a very very long time! They're well pissed off because they know we're onto them and dis-spelling their misplaced illusions and shattering delusions. Misplaced illusions are called Delusions and I wish to dis-pell them all. Well the most dangerous and harmful delusions at any rate.

Now I fancy I know what's going on out there within my audience of readers. Just as the awesome and hilarious truth speaker and comedian Mr. Jim Jefferies does. Spoken truth-humour spellings (jokes) are much funnier than written lie-seriously spell scrolls like Birth Certificates, parking tickets and all other legal fictions. I'll defer to the fabulous Mr Jim Jefferies on this one. Feel free to watch his hilarious and laugher inducing, yet quite magical, show on Gun Control to lighten the mood. For the muggles (the mugged-muddled) amongst us who still aren't getting it, simply replace in your mind the word (or spell) Gun with the spell (or word) Lies. He who shall not be named does not need to be if you do it within the privacy of your own head. Go on Just try it and see.

Warning!! Contains foul language and swearing, you may keel over and die laughing! Watch from about the 6 minute mark if you're easily offend and in a hurry but I highly recommend watching the entirety of both parts one and two.

 Remember in your mind, replace the word guns with the word LIES

You see white lies are how irrational entanglements start out but over time lies always become increasingly difficult for what ever individual or community eventually becomes their victim. If left unchecked for long enough, all irrational systems and entanglements, and lies, eventually become dangerous enough produce unwanted evil outcomes. I'll prove this later using applied quantum mechanics but I'm first attempting to outline and defining the most complex and negative of the entanglements that have got us into this deluded mess. It's called 'giving context' Once I've feel like I've done enough I'll begin to demonstrate how Quantum Entanglement can be used as a tool, or a key, to unlock and unravel all social entanglement complexity completely. It will only really work if truth and base reality is what the majority of the global community wishes. Base reality is truly amazing and beautiful, you all know this in your hearts, although your minds play tricks on you by conspiring with your largely unconscious Egos. Base reality is quite like what you might like to  imagine heaven on Earth would be like. Right now only a very few people have a reliable version of heaven on Earth, once we roll this technique out heaven on Earth will be more readily available for the majority, should they wish for and seek it.

Socially applied quantum entanglement helps us to both identify and understand what and where the actual roots of any and all social entanglements actually 'lie'. Once identified and agreed to be a 'lie' rather than a 'reality' applied quantum entanglement can then empirically derive a range of options by which the root and branch irrationalities can be untangled and resolved. Change management is very well understood by our corporations. Corporations, in FACT, are the best change agents humanity has at its disposal. However like all powerful tools they are also potentially very dangerous. Yes, SET is also potentially dangerous but only if it's concealed and used to manipulate and control the population rather than to set them free.

Chainsaws, cars and air planes are all amazing tools when used safely but they are also devastatingly destructive if used unwisely or for intentional harm. God Bless America, even their emergency safe word (well number really, 911), was hijacked and corrupted by a seriously foul misuse of air planes.

Once we have identified the fundamental changes that are required and once we have collectively agreed our strategy, our corporations can be used rationally and safely to make our world a better place. Quite simply its a matter for health and safety at this point. The delusion that the human community is a RACE has been going on for long enough. It's been going on so long it's become EVIL and this is evidenced by increasing levels of not just Racism and Industrialised greenhouse gas emissions but also terrorism, to name but three alarming warning signals.
Words spell-ed out and cast correctly, most usually on paper,  
have the power to quite literally change collective reality. 

Admiralty LAW knows this only too well, and it is no longer entirely admirable. Why? Because it is both literally out to sea yet at the same time has entirely breached and beached itself upon the land. We need to remember it's not admirable it's maritime, its the Queens job to keep her navy in order. She may wish to defer to Charles of William however. This is going to be quite the undertaking. I'm sorry if this is hurting your head, I'm simply trying to do my job to the best of my ability. As Poet Laureate for the Irish chapter of the Freeman and Common Law Movements I have taken an oath and made a Pledge to resolve inequality and rid the world of is most dangerous and irrational archaic illusions which are no longer serving humanity as intended.

I realise there's a lot to get through here. That's why I brought in Mr. Jefferies, to try and make it a little more palatable. I know! A dangerous strategy, the guy has an entirely foul mouth but he's being funny not SERIOUS (although he is still making exceptionally good points). A lot of people do enjoy that sort of thing and understand and learn more easily with some silly antics and fun humour (me included). The main difference between extremeists and moderates is humour. The extremeists, most simply put, take everything so very VERY SERIOUSLY! and so have bad humour. Moderates on the other have have plenty of good humour and smile a lot. This is why I feel confident that the Queen is both benevolent and moderate, because she smiles quite regularly and has and extraordinarily deep reserve of wisdom. Unlike many of her subjects unfortunately. Humour, or rather the lack of it, is potentially the most reliable way to spot terrorists and extremists. God knows why we're not allowed to smile in our passport photos. We're missing a secuirity trick!! I know, it's to do with Artificial Intelligence. The Truth is Artificial intelligence is not very Intelligent at all. It needs everyone to remain expressionless. Machines and corporations don't handle human emotion very well. It confuses them deeply ;)

Was that a little smile or a giggle? Come on! You know I'm making a good point about humour. Sadly I'm not really a very accomplished comedian yet. Unlike Jim Jefferies, Bill Hicks or George Carlin, who, in my opionion, have it down! In fact just click on any of the Time out Top 20, they're all brilliant of lighting the mood and taking the edge of serious. I'm hoping to learn by emulating the greats but the primary job of this book/series of articles is to knock some sence into a few billion people. I'd prefer to do it the easy way and go direct to the top but authoritiy figures can sometimes be suspicious of me, I guess thats because they find me threatening. That's understandable and I'm ok with it, the universe has it's own schedule and none of us are particularly privy to it. Although my Sister and I did once spend a weekend with President Mary Robinson and her family while they were vacationaing near my Grannys house with some mutual friends of hers and ours. I've tried to get in touch with her in the past but to no avail. I may try again soon as I have something more tangible this time.
'Property is theft, nobody owns anything' - George Carlin

What I'm trying to do is educate as many Mugged Muggles as possible. Who I do dearly love, care for and respect, even if they don't or won't care for or respect me for trying. That's just because they've become victims to their own psychology due to the severe confusion of apparenly interminable collective delusions. It's nobodies fault particularly, although the may be exceptions, we're all simply in a process of learning through social entanglements. Social Entanglement Theory will be able to help once we can get a reasonable consensus on it's correct application. Try not to feel too glum as I detail and describe the various illusions and delusions that affect us all to greater or lesser degrees. There a risk you'll feel a bit depressed as you read through it but try to bear in mind that I'm just laying out the context before showing you how to apply this technique yourself. So you may better understand and resolve your own personal and complex social entanglements. It might all sound very complicated (it is kind of) but the practical application of it it actually quite straight forward. But first I need to use a language that is scientifically acceptable and credible, so that the scientists can figure it out properly. I'm simply a Poetry Pirate that found a little treasure that I wish to share rather than bury. Once I've accomlished what I can which I hope will be quite a lot, relax and start work on my stand up comedy, get back to my poetry and contine my search for that one special lady who can tolerate me for long enough to be sure whether or not she really wants to be the mother of my children. I think I'd be a great Dad but I'm terrible at staying quiet in the face of absolute bullshit. sorry, swearing again, it happens occasionally. They are sometimes the best words and I'm gradually learning to shut up, nod my head and do as I'm told...

...Who am I kidding? Thats what got us into this mess in the first place!

I'll shortly return to dispelling illusions and delusions by raising awareness and revealing truth in a more serious and orthodox manner for both the muggles and the serious scientists. I know, it's all so apparently dull but in order for me to make myself understood I have to speak in the language of the people I'm trying to convince. It won't always be this serious or dull but school is no place for frivilous distraction! At least thats one of my primary school teachers used to tell me.
 'Get out of cloud cuckoo land young master Ross, and get back to your work!' Mrs. Hails, St. John The Baptist School, Middleton, Cork, Ireland. 1978ish
Personally I think thats bullshit but lets see. Opps, there I go again I'll try better in future. Nahh, who am I kidding I'm a virtual pirate on the land of pirates swear and curse all the blinkin' time yarrr :)

Thank you so much, Mrs. Hails and Mrs. King You weren't always very nice to me but I always loved you really, I'm very grateful for your guidance.Special Thanks to Mrs. Shorten who I always felt love from. Well until that one day when Mrs. King was absent due to an outbreak of measles and I may have unravelled a fire hose and blown a hole in the sink at the back of the class room. Oh no wait that was in science class in secondary school and it wasn't be it was Dr. Beamish (Beaker), who dropped some sodium into the plughole by accident. now that was funny. Dr. Beamish and I didn't really get along very well, yet for some reason I always ened up taking one or two of his subjects every year. In 5th year I had him for Maths and Science and he approached me quite seriously to ask why I had come back to haunt him. I had no reply. it seemed ludacris to me at the time also. I always did terribly in his classes because i simply didn't respect the man. conversely he simply couldn't respect our understand the children he was teaching. Learning is always harder it you dislike the person teaching you. I was eventually moved into Mrs. Murphys maths class to give the man some peace I expect. To be honest my memory it not entirely clear on the events of so long ago. I think I was failing honours maths to I got sent down to ordinary level. I got an A with Mrs. Murphy. I was later sent to school in Southampton to do a few A-levels, Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry. I had no interest in chemistry but the only way to do further maths was to take Chemistry. I was eventually allowed to drop it and got an A in maths, a D in Further Maths and  D in Physics. Dr. Moreland my physics teacher didn't seem to like me very much and I began to resent him. I think I did poorly out of spite for him. Golly it's hard being a teenager. so many extremes of emotions and all that. I was a little disappointed with my Further Maths score. It didn't make sence to me but an ADD ;) was enough to get me into Edinburgh University and that was a wonderful place to learn and mess about with fellow students. Especially the ladies! Oh yes, Trains, planes and automobiles you better believe it hahha!

Climate change is not, in fact, a bad thing. It is rather an essential mechanisim that ensures the overall health and wellbeing of the entire ecosystem. Climate change is the planets method of responding to its biosphere issues and regulating itself back to a balanced and healthy state. When we get sick our immune system kicks in and we either get hot or we get cold. Similarly planetary temperature extremes may also be considered a symptom or signal from an unwell or distressed planet. Put simply, climate change is not 'the fundamental problem' or 'defining issue' at all, it is in in truth a symptom or warning. As such it is a critical part of the solution rather than the problem. Climate change rather is the planets natural living response to an explosion of unnatural unliving (or undead) activity upon her surface, at it's root source is an inorganic culprit that has the vast majority of humanity completely deluded. I'll explain that last sentence in more detail shortly.
 If you’re a web professional, there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself spending at least some time on the wrong problems. Maybe you were asked to implement a useless feature. Maybe you’ve ended up spending too much time on something because it was difficult, rather than important. YaphiBerhanu
Climate Change is certainly difficult but it's not the the right problem. Climate Change is also important but not for the reasons the UN is leading us to believe. By identifying Climate Change as the problem, rather than the symptom of something  more fundamental, we risk missing the root cause of the symptom completely. We have been missing this particular problem almost entirely for decades. The problem isn't the climate per say, although I do accept the climate does cause Earths inhabitants some serious difficulties. Excessive climate change however is most fundamentally caused by using excessive debt to value money. It's an irrational and mutually exclusive system.

The problem is singular yet two-fold which makes it paradoxical. On the one hand it has become an unconscious but collective human delusion, so hard for us to pin point with certainty. On the other it has both created and sustained the soaring levels of inequality and social disparity we see all across our entire globalised world today. Why? Because there is considerably more debt in the world than money. This fundamental inequality creates all the inequality we see in the world today.

Debt-Money is the fundamental inequality that creates all other inequalities

Our story of collective delusion begins with the rational idea that money is still real and has some sort of tangible or intrinsic value. Money is real in the sense that we can touch and spend it but our money system was changed relatively recently to an irrational and mutually exclusive system. This was done by using debt to give value to money.  Our present system of money is still comparatively new a mere 45 years old. It is not unreasonable to suggest we pause to consider, test and assess how well this new system has been working for us collectively. The slow and gradual change away from the gold standard was initiated in 1933 by both Britain and Japan and was eventually completed by the United States in 1971. This gradual thirty eight year change has gently and seductively lead us into our present collective delusion and the largely unconscious corruption of our money system. 

Money as we know and love it today is valued entirely by debt. Debt being the promise to work or labour in the future to repay someone or something for the money we wish to use today. The delusion has become so virulant and complete that the majority of people on the planet still believe that money makes us free. This belief males us feel good when we have money but it's not the full truth. In reality the opposite is also true because debt entraps people. 

 Debt-Money gives freedom to some by ensuring the rest are eternally entrapped 

The more cash you possess the more people you are indirectly subjecting to cycles of spiralling debt. This is caused by interest which ensures the inequality always escalates and never decreases. Because the banks only ever create the Principle amount of the loan there is never enough money available to cover everyones interest as well. Yet we all expect of ourselves to honour our commitments and promisies to repay both.  The banks understand this system and so they don't expect this which is why banks write off bad debts every day by selling them off cheap to debt management companies who then repackage them to make the debtors repayments smaller while they still take a slice of profit. The sale of a persons bad debt generally only happens after the bank has recovered all of it's principle and a little bit of interest, to ensure profitability.

Using this system means there will always be more debt than money and it will always get worse. Albeit it gets worse at a decreasing rate over time it still always gets worse. This is bad becuase it makes it literally impossible for everyone to ever pay off all their loans. Some percentage of people will always be entrappped by debt and that percentage only ever gets bigger. Some people will be able to repay their full amounts but only at the expense of someone elsewhere. A rising percentage of people will always be trapped with no way out unless someone else creates a debt and takes their place. What this amounts to is a new and abstracted form of slavery, a distributed and collective entanglement slavery in which everyone is involved.

Entanglement slavery is technically unlawful but legal at present.

People are only allowed to possess bank notes, they may never own them. Only the class of corporations we call banks may create and own money. Human beings and all other classes of corporations may only create and own debt. Banks may possess debt but they never own it, people and other corporations do. Money, despite being the Banks IOU or loan slip to their customers, still belongs to the bank. If you don't believe money is an IOU take any bank note out of your pocket now and read what it says or look at this one.

The thing is it's not real or rational. Why? Well think about it for a second or two. The promise is meaningless. The bank promises to pay the bearer on demand the sum of 50 pounds. Ok sounds good. but all that means is you can rock up to the bank and exchange the bank note you have now for another one. It's an IOU with zero value. The only thing of value is debt and all debt is owned by other classes of corporation or humanity. The bank has no liability whatsoeverand every other body, be it a living human or an unliving corporation, bears all the liability. Yes I know, wicked isn't it!

Its extremely counter intuitive, extremely irrational and if your a bank very very clever. If your not a bank it is in fact evil. This is what I meant when I said earlier, 
'Climate change is the planets natural living response to an explosion of unnatural unliving (or undead) activity upon her surface, at it's root source is an inorganic culprit that has the vast majority of humanity completely deluded.' 
I hope that statement makes a little more sense second time round. Banks and their instrument of torture, debt-money, have the world entirely deluded. I'm simply asking you to realise the truth and wake up to reality, I never promised it would be easy. 
"Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream, Neo? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?" Morpheus to Neo in 'The Matrix', June 11 1999
"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it." Morpheus to Neo in 'The Matrix', June 11 1999
People do not like their illusions shattered, I completely understand why many of the people reading this will be so very reluctant to accept it. I'm sorry if this is causing you discomfort but the health of the planet and humanity is at stake here. We don't really have time to let these collective delusions continue indefinitely. The sooner we start the process the better because the sooner we start the more time we will have to make the change gradually. Unlike Morpheus I do not see any human being as my enemy because all human beings have an inalienable ability to reason. Some may want to throttle me for disturbing thier blissful ignorance but I'm willing the take that chance. Someone has to or humanity is shafted. Corporations are alienable and so do not have an inalienable ability to reason.

alienable - [eyl-yuh-nuh-buh l, ey-lee-uh-]

adjective, Law.
1. capable of being sold or transferred.

I'd just like to finish the explaination of my earlier peculiar statement. Why call money undead? well because money is neither living nor dead, it simply is. It exists eternally at present and will never die, unless that is humanity chooses to wake up from its money delusion. I know we like money and we think it's good for us, but theres a difference between the money we have now and the money we had pre 1933. The money we used prior to 1933 was rational and so normal, what we have now is irrational and so abnormal. Irrational system are fine for a while, they eventually become difficult and if left unchecked for too long they always become evil. I shall prove and demonstrate this later with Social Entanglement theory.

What about that word inorganic? Well I accept that some money is indeed printed on paper, but it mainly only exists digitally, as numbers on a screen. A tiny percentage of money ever exists as 'cold hard' cash, usually no more than 8% normally much less. To see this visually click the following link and scroll down for the picture. You're looking for the small $5 trillion box labeled 'coins and bank notes'. If you have never been made aware of this before prepare to be a little shocked. If your not a little surprised you don't quite yet understand why this is a major problem. Don't worry there are solutions towards the end of the article, I'm just presenting the facts right now but the solutions won't work until a concensus of people can accept the delusion needs to end sooner rather than later. I think enough people genuinely want to stop living the lie they're just not sure what lie they are living. They only really know they are suffering. Just remember all lies are made up and fictional, and fictions are never ever true. Inorganic also refers to corporations. The people who work for corporations are organic but the corporate framework itself is not. Corporations are a framework or body with no inherent life. They are essentially inorganic and lifeless more akin to a virtual skeleton or corpse. Corporations are quite literally undead and can only be sustained and reanimated by the living. Once bitten by the undead humans become infected and compromised but unlike all the movies and games being bitten by undead corporations is not irreversable because corporations are fictions and humans are real.

The only way to establish a company is to create a legal fiction on a piece of paper using spellings. Spells are not simply what Harry Potter uses, poets are pretty good at spelling too. Making sure all the spells are correct take a lot of time, patience and practice. The piece of paper onto which the spells of undead reanimation are cast is called a certificate of incorporation. This makes a corporation legally legitimate but it's still purely fictional. Most people don't understand this very well because we can see corporate buildings everywhere and the buildings aren't fictional, they are real. Yes indeed but who actually creates the buildings? Those buildings can only be created by people. People are real, the buildings created by people are real but the concept of a corporation only actually exists as a tiny piece of paper that we can easily tear up and throw in the bin. We don't ever do this because we usually invest so much value and power into those documents. We perceive these certificates as even more valuable than money which is correct because as we have already seen money is in reality worthless, pure make beleive and a complete and utter delusion. Only debt has any real value and that's messed up. Delusions only become dangerous if they go on for an extended or excessive amount of time. They can be protective but only for a temporary period of time. I will demonstrate and prove this objectively and rationally using Social Entanglement Theory later. I shall also prove that extended or excessive delusions always eventually lead to disturbed psychologies that far too often end in death by suicide. More on this and how to resolve it later.

The system is designed to ensure there is always more debt in the world than money and that the ratio of debt to money will always increases in the banks favour at the expense of everyone else. This is how the banks maintain executive control and own an ever increasing majority of the planets wealth. It's an irrational and mutually exclusive system. That's not necessarily bad per say it only becomes bad when it becomes excessive. Right now the ratio of money to debt seems to me to be excessive but I can't find a single website that discloses this information. The search only returns debt to income ratios. Why would that be I wonder? I have a fairly good idea, I can't prove it but I'd suggest, plausable deniability. That number is important we will need it to complete our social entanglement calculations empirically. Only Banks have access to it however, tricky. I guess we'll just have to ask them to let us see.

Excessive mutually-exclusive irrational systems are always bad.

The banks effectively 'own' or at the very least have rights to the Queens head or whatever head of state they happen use to give their 'money' legitimacy. Only the Queen or any head of state who has their image displayed on money has the power to make demands on a Bank. Only they have the power to withdraw government decree from any fiat currency. I'd be very keen to meet with the Queen to find out what she thought about this. I know she doesn't like to get involved but she does step in occasionally to make donations to good causes. Saving humanity from it's excessive delusions is also a very good cause. I know David Ike believes shes a lizard and I respect his right to beleive whatever he wishes but inspite of all the other truth he speaks that one bit is more likely to be his own delusion. The Queen is human, the only reptilian part of her is deep inside her brain and you cannot be human without it. It's even called the Reptilian Brain for goodness sake. If the Queens a lizard then we all are, it's how we became human in the first place! David if you're reading this, you're doing great work but you really need to let go that reptile stuff until you can prove it mate. Hanging onto it is wrecking your credibility. I've beleive I've seen one too, either that or it was a demon but I've only ever seen one and I need at least two independantly verifiable sources to confim. Failing that two reliable witnesses but unfortunately what revealed itself to me did so in private in New Zealand. I can't use it because its simply not credible until it's verifiable. Until it's verifiable its potentially my own personal delusion. Ego alone is too unreliable.

Now back to credible and verifiable truth, for the purposes of dispelling excessive collective delusions. Personal delusions are not so harmful to the collective but long standing collective delusions are very harmful. Due to our new debt-money system it doesn't matter how little money you posess if you have any at all someone else, somewhere else, is toiling or labouring away at jobs they would often much rather not have to be compelled to do. People everywhere are effectively forced to take low paid and bad working conditions to simply earn enough money to repay the debt loaned to them plus an eternally accruing interest that never gets created into the system at all. What this essentially means is that there is never enough money to go around so that everyone might eventually satisfy and pay off their principle loans plus their accrued interest. Does that sound like freedom to you? It shouldn't, it amounts to collective entrapment or forced labor. Forced labor is slavery. Our money system very effectively forces the entire human population to compete against each other to repay debts with money that only uses more debt to give it value. It's becomes a literal insanity and we are all playing along, many of us doing so miserably to the benefit of an ever decreasing few.

Using debt-money is intrinsically confusing. Unless that is you are a bank, in which case debt is your asset and money is your a tool to extract more from the masses. Much lower savings interest rates are 'paid' directly into your customers accounts, or as is now often the case no interest at all. Because of banking requirements for borrowers to pay larger sums as interest on loans than banks pay interest on savings, interest that never actually gets created as money, there will always be more debt in the world than money available to repay those debts. This is how the banking system retains permanent power and control over everyone, including our heads of state and governments.

For the rest of us money is an asset and a debt is still a debt. We can see this confusion more clearly when we consider the two words debit and credit. For the general population a credit is money paid into their account while a debit is payed out of their account. Credit is what you own and it comes into your account, debit is what you pay out. At the same time you may have been issued with two bank cards, one is a credit card which is a form of debt not credit and a debit card can only be used if you have money in your account. Both these words, and their variable meanings depending upon perspective, serve to confuse and distract the general population from the true nature of modern money and the banking system at large. The whole thing is essentially a government sanctioned corporate scam. 

Money as we know it today came fully into existence in 1971, the concept however was first rolled out in 1933 by Japan and Britain in response to the great depression. Since 1971 entirely all the value ascribed to money is derived from debt. Before 1933 Money was largely backed by something physical that was highly valued and useful in other ways. Such money systems are called commodity money. In ancient cultures feathers, shells or seeds were used to keep tally or track of a persons net accumulated wealth. More recently we have used commodities like gold or silver. At times we have used representative money which is a claim on a commodity, for example gold certificates or silver certificates.

What we use now is called fiat money which is similar to representative money but is a legal tender whose value is backed by the government that issued it. Fiat is the Latin word for 'let it become'. The difference between modern fiat money and previous fiat currencies is how that value is ascribed. Former fiat money systems in medieval England used tally sticks due to a shortage of gold. In 17th century Canada, then New France, all playing cards were confiscated from the colony, were cut up and signed by the Intendent of Finace along with a particular denomination and given to the soldiers as pay in lieu of gold and silver. Because of the chronic shortages of money of all types in the colonies, these cards were readily accepted by merchants and the public and circulated freely at face value. An early form of fiat currency in the American Colonies were "bills of credit." Provincial governments produced notes which were fiat currency, with the promise to allow holders to pay taxes in those notes. The notes were issued to pay current obligations and could be called by levying taxes at a later time.

Money is presently created entirely off the back of promises to repay debts by doing work in the future. It essentially uses human potential as it's value system. All the money in circulation today is backed entirely by debt. This is an arguably new and abstracted form of modern slavery akin to indentured servitude and I am proposing it as such. It has been known as debt bondage or debt slavery for century's but there is one important difference. Debt bondage uses a human beings directly as security on their loan, this is now thankfully illegal. Our newer contemporary version of debt slavery uses a persons property as collateral rather than the actual person themself but it amounts to a similar sort of thing. It is done indirectly by acting on a legal fiction the courts term a Person.

The legal Person is essentially the natural persons paperwork. This legal paper fiction is supposed to be owned and posessed by the human being as their birth certificate but the original documents are actually held as security and 'owned', or at least possessed, by the natural persons government. I am a natural person but I also have or posess a legal fiction called a Person. I don't really want this fiction because I am real, reasonable and honourable but the law requires me to have it.  Because this is a one to one relationship it is relatively easy for the courts to administer. Using this legal framework individuals, societies and corporations can legally own and make claims upon your Person as your property, which is still legal, rather than own or make claims against you the human being, which is historic chattel slavery and illegal.

Types of slavery that still exist in the world today

Slavery existed before written history and in many cultures. It was once institutionally recognized by most societies. The Human family presently tends to beleive salavery has been effectively outlawed and eradicated in all countries, the last being Mauritania in 2007. Slavery however, does still continue through such practices as debt bondage, serfdom, domestic servants kept in captivity, certain adoptions in which children are forced to work as slaves, child soldiers, human trafficking, and forced marriage. Accordingly, there are more slaves today than at any time in history, with an estimated 45 million slaves worldwide, although this figure is disputed and though difficult to ascertain accurately as the practice is largely disgused and concealed. My personaly estimate makes the number quite a lot higher, but we'll get to that in just a bit.

Chattel slavery has now been outlawed everywhere on the planet and is the least prevalent form of slavery today but it still goes on in the Middle East and elsewhere behind closed doors. Bonded labour or debt slavery has also been outlawed but is still widespread being most prevalent in South Asia. Debt slavery is a person's pledge of their labor or services as security for the repayment of a debt or other obligation. Forced labour occurs when an individual is forced to work against his or her will, under threat of violence or other punishment, with restrictions on their freedom. Human trafficking is primarily used for prostituting women and children and is the presently recognised as the fastest growing form of forced labour, with Thailand, Cambodia, India, Brazil and Mexico having been identified as leading hotspots. In 2007, Human Rights Watch estimated that 200,000 to 300,000 children served as soldiers in conflicts. The term 'forced labour' is also used to describe all types of institutions not commonly classified as slavery, such as serfdom, conscription and penal labour.

Entanglement Slavery

We need a new term to distinguish a newly identified strain of debt slavery from those already established and accepted. The second half of this Article will be primarially conecrened with showcasing the power of personally and socially applied quantum entanglement, to demonstrate how Social Entanglement Theory can be used to empirically identify and understand some, if not all, of humanities most difficult and highly complex social issues and entanglements. I have decided to use the word Entanglement as the descriptor..

Entanglement Slavery is a very subtle and complex form of international collective human debt enslavement. Entanglement slavery is enacted upon a persons paperwork, a 'property', rather than their human being which is illegal but it still amounts to a very harmful, insideous and potentially esoteric form of slavery. It causes entangled slaves, mostly consumers, to suffer quite enourmously  with anxiety, stress and depression to name but three of a multitude psychologically harmful outcomes. I am suggesting, with evidence, that a new and extremely virulent form of slavery has reared its ugly head on our planet yet again. entanglement enslavement is technically unlawful, simply because it causes such considerable psychological harm and the frequent deaths of it's victims. Victims who are natural common law men and women, although we are more familiar with the term 'consumers'. Entanglement Slavery affects a lot of people by the way. Entanglement slavery inflicts huge levels of psychological torture and suffering upon it's victims. Because it's violence is  psychological it doesn't leave lash marks or bruises and so it goes on, once again, largely unnoticed.

'Suicide is considered by almost 50% of people struggling with debt in the UK.'

I can't find any reliable figures for just how many people opt for death due to their unmanagable debt but the following Guardian article suggests the number is very high
'Academics from the universities of Bristol, Manchester and Oxford estimate that an 1,000 extra deaths from suicide and an additional 30-40,000 suicide attempts may have occurred from 2008-2010 following the economic downturn'
Please be aware that these figures are for the United Kingdom only. The worldwide figure is likely to be considerably higher. Entanglement Slavery is possibly the most brutal forms of slavery ever withnessed. because it takes place remotely, enacted as it is by the class of corporations we term banks the slave master doesn't really even need to be too personally involved. Often the bank will be completely unaware itself the damage it's system of debt is doing. Conspiracy theorists may like to suggest that this is orcestrated intentionally by an organised super elite of psychopaths but Social entanglement theory suggests otherwise. I'll get more into that later, save to say it is entirely possible that this destructive form of esscessive negative entanglement is happening purely because the world is so very unconscious of itself and the multiplicity of it's enormous social delusions. More simply put, it it more probably due to very high levels of unconscious irrational fear, fear that cause highly reflexive and destructive dellusional projections. I know it sounds complicated, thats because it is but Social Entanglement Theory helps us to understand and unpick all of this. It's what I've been using over the last number of days to realise what is really going on within the human collective empircally, in an objectively demonstrable way. The sooner we get onto the section on Social Entanglement Theory the better.  If you're getting a bit fed up of all the slavery analysis please feel free to skip straight to it. Unless you're a member of my family or Selina in which case keep reading please, thank yous and dedications and comisserations are coming up right after the next two paragraphs.

The majority of consumers are not international traders or water borne mariners and should certainly not be subject to maritime law as our international bankers should be. International bankers are very much international traders yet despite the recent 2008 economic catastrophe, clearly and obviously caused by the banking sector, we rarely see any traders being held to account. Social entanglement theory explains why this is and what we can do about it. Admiralty law is the very law originally designed to keep international traders in line and under control, in it's present form it's not working effectively to do that and I will explain how we may resolve this later. A notable exception, in the UK, to traders being held to account being Nick Leeson and he was argueably only held to account because he caused the entire bank to collapse as opposed to the the proletariat, middle class or upper class. Before we get too heated about this and start assigning blame to the bankers it's very likely that most of them are completely innocent. My guestimate is that about 1% may legitimately be blamed. trying to blame the other 99% is misguided and counter productive as is simply makes the projected entanglements worse. There's no rush here, Social Entanglement Theory works best slowly although it is a technique that can produce results incredibly rapidly so long as we can get an agreed consensus on the concept first.

In Ireland this year, after the longest criminal trial in the history of the State, Willie McAteer, John Bowe and Denis Casey were all convicted of conspiring to mislead investors, depositors and lenders by setting up a €7.2 billion circular transaction scheme between March and September 2008 to bolster Anglo’s Irish banks balance sheet. The combined sentence for all three was a paltry 8 years 3 months, slightly over a year per each billion Euros defrauded. A Fraud that caused the entire Republic of Ireland to lose its sovereignty to the International Monetary Fund. This primarily because the fraud managed to effectively bankrupt the entire country just two short years after the Bank of Ireland (BOI) had claimed Ireland the second wealthiest country on the planet. In June 2006 Ireland had a reported 30,000 Millionaires. Boy did that Celtic Tiger roar before it got put down by the selfish, greedy and deceitful conspiracy to cover over their horrendous mismanagement of a catastrophic bank. This is how dangerous corporate entities can be and as yet Humanity has no effective way of isolating dangerously unstable, so called 'to big to fail', multinationals like Anglo Irish. There is no such thing as too big to fail what that simply means is if it does fail its going to really hurt an enormous amount of people. The bigger they are the harder they fall, at least that bit is not rocket science. It's simple common sense. Once again Social Entanglement Theory can help prove these things scientifically, I'm going to start calling my entanglement theory SET from now on. we can literally game, set and match any social entanglement issue with this. From personal psychological disturbances to rogue nation states or indeed rogue multinational banks. It's an incredibly helpful and unbeleivibly powerful tool for quite literally all of humanities most divine, difficult and evil issues. First some love, thanks and sympathy for my family, many of whom lost out big time because of the afore mentioned fraud.

Some dedications and commiserations sent with love to all of you

The celtic tiger was nice while it lasted but it didn't last for long. The people with the most money lost a lot, a staggering amount in fact. The people most attached to their money lost a lot more than just money. Sometimes it's just best to let go of the injustice of it all and turn away from the things that continue to repeatedly cause us pain. Attachment to money is very painful when you have it suddenly whipped out from under you. especially if you might have at last been thinking you were going to be completely secure for the rest of your natural life. I feel a very deep sympathy for not just the members of my own family who got fleesed but for everyone in Ireland and further afield who had to suffer the consequences of those three banksters now serving time for their crimes. justice is finally being served.

Helen Ross (née Layng) 29th November 1915 - 31st July 2016
I'm have no idea if my Grandmother, Helen Ross was one of the 30,000 Irish millionaires who lost much of their nest egg as a result of the 2008 Anglo Irish fiasco becuase we never discussed it. She wasn't poor but she was certainly much poorer after all the Irish bank share prices collapsed. My Grandpa, John Ross, was a bank manager for Allied Irish Bank before I was born so they had accumulated quite a lot. They were of an era that was reluctant to discuss income or accrued wealth.

I'm from a globally connected internet era of respectful open transparency and net neutrality. Our family don't generally discuss money prefering instead to avoid petty jealousies and insecurities where possible, isn't that right guys?! I have a hunch that the senoir members of my family think I'm a little wreckless and feckless but I know they love me really . Maybe I am but as Popeye would say, 'I yam what I yam and dats all what I yam I'm Poe RedTree the Poetry Man!', I'm no saint but you can certainly call me Eve if you prefer. Time for an 8 second Popeye dedication!!

Because 8 is Great, when you shift it, Orion
                                                      *                            *                                   _.*._
Our Granny was finally layed to rest on the 3rd of August, at 2pm next to Grandpa at Alter Church in Cork, Ireland. Rest in peace Granny & much love to Grandpa from all of your grandkids. I think I can safely say, we all loved you. Gran's passing is a significant reason for finally getting down to writing this series of articles (or e-book). Ive been told by a hippie he wouldn't read it if it was on paper, I can sort of see his point. It's important to honour our ancestors, it's almost as important as ensuing we leave the planet in a better state than we found it when we got here. For our children and all their descendants too. I wanted to post the first of this series of articles today, in loving memory because I couldn't really afford to be at the funeral. Granny was a strong and formidable lady who didn't particularly suffer fools gladly. She could be cutting and sharp but was always polite and respectful and loving to me, well except for that one time with my spellings. I love her dearly as I continue to love Grandpa and every single other member of my immediate and extended families, both present and departed as far back as Richard and Robert Boyle and beyond. My deepest and most heartfelt thanks to you all. Firstly for all the contributions you have all made and continue to make to the well being of your local communities as well as the entire human family, Robbie Boyle practically invented Chemistry single handed. What a Dude! And Cousin Luke O'Neill already has one of his Boyle award medalions, Smart!! Secondly for all of you being you just as you are and thirdly for helping me to become me just as I am. I am a very lucky and grateful man I am. I suppose I better thank God too, just in case s(he) ever tunes in ;) Thanks big _.G._ much love _.._ Take care of all the ancestors for us will ya? Cheers mate!

Granny made it well into one hundred before she died. I always suspected she was hanging on to beat Aunt Alison's 100 years and a week. I wouldn't be surprised if she was more concerned about losing to Alison than losing a bunch of stocks and shares. Maybe a bit regretful she couldn't leave her sons more. She made it very clear to me that she loved each one of you deeply. She once confided in me that one of her greatest regrets in life was not being able to express her love for her boys or her husband as well as she would have liked. She had some crazy idea that she didn't deserve any of you towards the later years. She was deeply apologetic for not being as loving or tactile a mother as she suspected her three boys would have wished. Her three sons, Colin, Keith and my Father Derek we're certainly robbed of much of their inheritance by the Anglo Irish Bank collapse in 2008. It doesn't seem to be much of an issue for any of them though. All are quite pragmatic and lovely and at least two are very forgiving. Only one was particularly wealthy at the time and he was living in France so hopefully avoided the worst of it. Loads of love for Godfather Col and Uncle Kick. A very special thanks with huge hugs on top for my patient yet occasionally frustrated Dad, I love you very much and can't thank you enough for all your recent support. You're fabulous

On my mothers side, my godmother Valerie once boasted to me that she was a self made millionaire during a family dispute at a beautiful wedding in New Zealand, I don't think she is any more and I feel the bankster fraud may have affected her quite severely. The thought of this makes me sad because under the fiery and feisty temperament and the occasional bluster she is a beautiful lady who simply didn't deserve what she got, I love you Auntie Val and hope your ok, I miss you. Mums eldest celebrity chef brother Terry was also a self made millionaire at the time, as was as his youngest brother, the Uncle I have had the great pleasure to have spent the most time with. Uncle Brian, you're pretty flipping amazing, thank you so much for taking me out swiming with the dolphins and teaching me to drive, only you and Mum we're crazy enough to chance it!! As I understand it both Uncles lost considerable sums too but they're still going regardless. The strain must, I'm sure, have been terribley difficult yet they weathered it robustly with both their dignity, good humour and extraordinary antics intact. Two exceptionally funky Uncles! If anything the BOI announcement made our country a target for the international banksters but that is purely my own speculation, I have no hard evidence of this as an IMF conspiracy. Although maybe someone out there reading this might. There are a lot of people in Ireland owed a lot of money by the banking sector. A class action lawsuit might be a possibility if any hard evidence does eventually emerge. Although on second thought who would really want to put themselves through the next longest trial in the history of the state. It's only money and both of you are brilliant at making it off your own back. Probably best to forgive and let live and get on with enjoying life again. 100 years isn't much in the grand scheme of things really. Give your hunnies a big squeeze from me ;)

I'd like to close out this round of dedications with eight more very special and important people. First to my Neice Keira and my two Nephews Ryan and Callum. I love you guys so much it's silly. To my Sister Karen you are my rock, the only person who has always been there for me in the darkest of times and the silliest of times, I love you so much and thank you . To her wonderful husband my bro-in-law Sean the same, your kids bring such joy into my life I could never thank you enough. To the most important and difficult woman in my life, my Mum Sylvia, we don't always understand each other but you always, in all ways, made sure that both Karen and I knew we were loved. Even more so when we were struggling to make ends meet. Thank you so much, I hope you know how important you are to me, I love you very very much . Thank you so much to my old school chum Selina D for attending Grannys funneral on my behalf and for scattering fusia and mombrita into the waves at Colla, it really means a lot, I love you too and I promise I will come visit Luna for a few days when I eventually manage to make it over. And finally to my Uncle Pip, I've saved you till last because you are the Uncle who I feel understands me best you are also the Uncle and who I feel is most regularly misunderstood by the rest of the Family, a bit like me really. Your appear to me to have had the most difficult experiences of all of us and I want to just take a little moment to acknowledge that and thank you for all your sacrifices. You are a wonderful man. The misfits and oddballs that mere mortals are fearful to engage with. The homeless and displaced people who you gladly spend your time councilling and supporting while expecting nothing in return. You are one of the most wonderful, humble and gifted people I know. The meek shall inherit the earth and you deserve to be first in line. Thank you for all our deep and thought provoking discussions as well as your sagely insight. Brian is marvellous too but you're better ;) oh dear did I really just say that? Yes I did! Brian is the family member most likely to get over it. *Hugs*

There are so many more people to thank but I think this dedication has gone on long enough, it's getting a bit silly. So I'm just going to lump all my cousins and in-laws into one great big basket and give them all a great big juciy squeeze! I love you all and can't wait to see you whenever I eventually do. My Fam is pretty awesome! woot woot xx. Now back to de-programme...

Legalised Slavery

Entanglement slavery is presently legal under Admiralty (or Maritime) Law because admiralty law does not yet recognise it as slavery, it's possible that nobody does. As far as I am aware I am the first person to try and raise awarenesss around this issue and name it, although a quick search of the internet did reveal this from Thomas Jefferson, the second President of the United States. 
Jefferson called slavery a "deplorable entanglement" and proclaimed his desire to end it. Yet slavery remained a constant reality during his lifetime.
Well it's a pity he didn't have Einstein 80 years before him because if he had Quantum Entanglement I'm pretty sure Jefferson would have figured Social Entanglement out too. Here's hoping we can get this Slavery problem sorted out before I pop off, got a good few years yet I reckon. We can definately do it if I can just find the right language to describe it clearly. I should probably draw a picture really but I've missed a full two night sleep now working on this. At least I have a tool that is really a key to prove empirically that slavery is most certainly a deplorable entanglement, so I'm opptomisticly keeping the faith! Thanks for the vote of support from beyond the grave though.

And then I found this
Jefferson and many other patriots believed slavery should be abolished in the new American nation. Emancipation would fulfill the ideal that "all men are created equal."
Yet over the course of his life Jefferson himself owned 600 people. He was unable to extricate himself from what he called the “deplorable entanglement” of slavery.
Jefferson spent much of his life wrestling with and proposing various solutions to this national problem. But slavery was not abolished, and he remained a slaveholder throughout his life.
Can anyone else see the problem with this? Maybe he wouldn't have figured out Social entanglement theory after all. Well if the President and leader can't simply set his 600 slaves free and lead by example then what hope was there for the many other Patriots, that was his first mistake at least we can learn from them. Thats why I've already sold all my bonds, divested myself of all debt by selling my house about 10 years ago and I'm attempting to rid myself entirely of all debt backed money. I can hardly lead by example if I am an entangled slave owner myself. I've been trying to see if it's possible to survive entirely on Donations and gifts. It works for Wikipedia and it worked in Star Trek, what could go wrong ;). I guess I'm just gonna have to try and lead from the bottom up again. It's tough but possible. It what I had to do for years at the multinationals I worked for before I understood what was really going on. I'll explain that later, right now I'm trying to convince about 7.2 billion people that they are all engaged in entanglement slavery without them even realising it. Peolple don't like having their illusions shattered, this could certainly prove difficult. Hang on! well, would you take a look at that for a syncronicity. 7.2 billion isn't that the same number of Euros that was defrauded by the Irish Banksters! Wow, that's a good sign. I feel a rebalance back to a valance of Zero coming. I explain what that means properly in the SET section below. let get back to explaining the Legal-Lawful Delusion 

Maritime law positions itself above Common Law which is the law of the land. It really shouldn't considering we all generally live upon or next to the land. We're not really out to sea at all, cruise ship residents and mariners excepted. This is yet one more example of a legal fiction creating a collective human delusion of perposterous proportions which I hope will soon be considered, addressed and corrected by the global community of 99%.

Admiralty law or maritime law is the international law of commerce and trade, originally developed to support an international trade of chattel goods and commodities between nations across seas and oceans, most especially including the slave trade. In my personal opinion admiralty law should never take precidence over Common Law most particularly when within the juristiction of entirely land based humans being. The common law is for national and regional land lovers, maritime law is for sailors and international merchants. The majority of people are neither sailors nor merchants they are rather consumers, who live in houses and have gardens. The distiction between lawful and legal or unlawful and illegal is very important. Lawful and unlawful are terms used to describe the common law of the land. Legal and illegal are terms used to describe Admiralty Law, the law of trade and commerce across seas and international juristicions. The fact that Maritime Law superceeds the Common Law in its own juristiction is quite frankly ridiculous. I'd suggest that it is this proposterous state of affairs that has enabled a new emergance of a most virulant and fastest growing version of slavery ever seen. By my estimates literally 99% of people on the planet are directly affected. The 1% who are not affected adversly by it have already begun to receive some flak from wall street and St. Pauls Cathederal protestors. I'd suggest the 99% need to keep applying pressure to the 1% to make sure corrective measures are considered, advanced and implemented. I'm simply asking for it to be considered at this stage so a constructive conversation might eventually begin. There's no way we're gonna crack this overnight but 10, 20 or 30 years should be plenty of time to design, develop and impliment the change management programme so we can all start enjoying more productive and positive entanglements. I hope none of you think this will be easy. It more than likely won't be but a Carl Gustav Jung said back in 1916
Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.” Carl Gustav Jung ,"TheTranscendent Function" 1916
Unless that is we can convince the bankers to erase everyones debt and start again with different money that can account for everyones present wealth so nobody feels like they are being shafted. This could probably be accomplished in 5-10 years or less. but I've been awake for three days now so I'm not doing any more calculations for the minute.  If the banks refuse then we'll just have to do it the hard way and change the currency system back to something that is a mutually inclusive, and so always a positive and constructive rational entanglement. Right now the Power-Debt entanglement, is mutually exclusive because you can't really have debt and power at the same time. If we go back to a mutually inclusive Power-Money entanglement where money actually has some value.other than debt then we'll be on course to a rational and positive entanglement that will always reduce the valance back towards zero and thus the entire system will naturally come back in to balance and equality. I appreciate this last paragraph may sound a little confusing to many. Come back and try reading it again after you've read the Quantum and Social Entanglement and the Divine - Evil Relationship section.

A person in debt is at the service of the person or the organisation to whom they are indebted, until such time as the entire debt, plus interest, is paid off. As we have seen above it is literally impossible for everyone to pay off everything because the money simply does not exist to cover the whole worlds debts. At least some portion of humanity is very effectively and virtually enslaved at all times by this system. It is simply not possible for everyone to get free legitimately. It is is in all respects a new type of collective human slavery and it should be written into law and abolished just as we have written into law and abolished the many other forms of slavery in the past. Right back to the 3rd century BC I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks but slavery is back once again and this time it's everywhere. but much less obvious.

This perspective is not well accepted by the world as yet and so I expect it will initially be met with opposition and ridiculed as quakery. Just as the freeman and common law movements are met with ridicule and claimed as quackery by intelligent but nevertheless ignorant and unwise people who 'believe' they know better. Thats okay, it's simply a part of the process of opposition, accptance and eventual attaction.  This is known better as the change management process and it is very well understood by corporations who use reliable and objective models to make things happen. Social Entanglement Theory is an reliable and objective model that helps us identify and understand why fundamental changes are sometimes nessesary. Corporations are brilliant change agents. Unfortunately they are also masters of confidentiality, manipulation and deceit. Corporations cannot be deluded for they have no mind or spirit, only the people within the corporate framework can be delusional. The very vast majority of corporate human 'doings' are really very intelligent, bright and lovely people but they are not always very wise. Delusions can be either temporarialy protective or if they go on for too long they can eventually become dangerously destructive or evil.

I am an independant thinker, Poet and philosopher. I was initially intrigued by the Freeman movement and while exploring the Irish movements website I eventually happpened upon their first, and so called inaugural, international poetry competition. I entered that competiton and in November 2013 I was informed that I had won. I was absolutely delighted, they awarded me with prize money, which I returned, a trophy which is proudly displayed in my parents house and a certificate honouring me with the title Tir Na Saor Poet Laureate. Very few people respect that title as yet. This is understandable for it is a very new title, but I most certainly do. I continue to be most incredibly grateful to the entire Tir na Saor (Land of the Free) community for their recognition of my talents, which I have tried to reveive with humility. It seems I failed in some respects for I was not long later judged, by a number of fellow students, my personal tutor and course director (of an MA in Psychotherapy), as 'grandiose'. Even the most apparently experienced of psychologists and psychiatrists can become deluded by the games ones Ego plays. I'll save my experience of the Irish Psychiatric industry for another time. I'm considering using it as material for a stand up comedy/poetry performance at the Edinburgh Festival, the City where I first went to University. I love Edinburgh and all my dear friends who still live there, that city rocks, quite literally. I was even studied geology up there for a time. Along with Maths, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Engineering and eventually qualified with an ordinary degree in Civil Engineering, despite receiving a score of 100% for my first years paper. I experienced my first major (2 year) depression in Edinburgh, this as a result of my common law partner decideing she no longer wish to live with me any longer. She left our releationship very suddenly and I didn't cope with that very well at all because she was the first woman I ever truely loved deeply.

Consider the senario, I am a poet who had literally just become a Poet Laureate the only real honour a poet can hope to ever receive so was absolutely delighted and feeling really lovely. I was celebrating with people I considered friends and colleagues at my school. I turned up at the class reps birthday party at her request and performed a few poems for her birthday present. I was looking forward to finally having an appropriate venue to demonstrate my art to and entertain my fellow students. I thought they would all be pleased for me and happy. As it turns out they were not pleased for me at all, which was very confusing for me at the time and so difficult. I understand it now despite not being party to all the facts. What was happening at an unconscious level, certainly unconscious to me, were petty jealousies, envies and psychological reflexive defences. Created through observation and reflection and projected externally in order to protect some fragile, super sensitive, Egos by the very same Egos themselves. Something we were actually studying at the time and so I should have managed to put two and two together but missed it. I was under attack and being blamed for things that were simply untrue.

The course director herself refused to accept or even acknowledge the evidence that my claims of laureateship were justified, valid and true yet she also belived she being very supportive of me. The course director had a 'belief' that only the Queen could make someone a poet laureate which is simply not the case. That was the course directors confusion (read delusion). Ireland doesn't even have a Queen! The title is 'Tir Na Saor' Poet Laureate, which is Irish language not English, but even in the UK literally any organisation can select for themselves a poet laureate. Just ask my friend and fellow poet Dan Simpson, the former Poet Laureate of Canterbury. Despite communicating several times with evidence and translations the course directors Ego would not let her accept or acknowledge the rational truth. As such what was perceived as my grandiosity was in fact their own irrational, and therefore largely unconscious, insecurities being projected collectively and deludedly onto me. To them, in the projected reflection, I was appearing to be acting like a grandiose twat. The twat was not me but I shall refrain from identifying the actual twat here for she (or he) is certainly not the course director. The course director and my tutor were simply ill prepared, under experienced and unwise. I was trusting them at their word, that they were fully qualified and capable of deliving an educational course of Psychotherapy from a transpersonal perspective. I was lied to right from the very start of the interview process. I will return to this senario later in this article by way of further example.

Regardless of whether or our irrationally entangled money-debt system amounts to a new contemorary form of slavery or not this debt based economic system uses personal human debt to track a persons wealth. The more money you accumulate the more debt you control, unconsciously. This peculiar and new system of money is unfair, unstable and is producing inequality right across the globe. This one issue is largely unconscious for the majority and I intend to prove empirically, using social entanglement theory which I introduce and describe below, that using a debt-money entanglement as the planets system of transactional currency is the root cause of every single 'defining issue' of our modern times. Wars, terrorisim, excessive control, environmental destruction, human suffering, slavery, inequality, poverty gap escalation, etc... the list goes on and on.

By tackling climate change we are attempting to solve the wrong problem, arguably more because it's difficult rather than because it's important. Just to clarify at this point, the greenhouse gases, CO2 and Methane are at record levels, human activity has directly caused the levels of these gases in our biosphere and we can certainly take action to stop making global warming worse but human activity is not the only reason we are going through a period of warming, the sun is having an effect too. Water vapour is the most significant green house gas accounting for some 99.72% of all green house gases but this is not often considered because, like the sun, there is nothing we can do about evaporation, clouds and rain. With water vapour excluded from the greenhouse gas calculations the remaining green house gases appear to have an effect 20 times the reality.
Slavery, entanglement slavery in particular, is a much more fundamental problem that is not so hard or unwise for us to solve because, unlike climate change, money backed by debt is an entirely human creation.

Solving the money as debt problem will certainly be difficult but sooner or later we are going to have to face the elephant in the room and call out our relatively new money system. Put simply, our present global money system is not working to the equal benefit of everyone. It is causing, and will continue to cause, global chaos and mayhem until we fix it. Right now in the world the vast majority of people actually believe money equates to freedom, For those that are in the 'black' it it does but for those who are in the red they are effectively slaves to an inorganic faceless corporate master. Every pound or dollar in your pocket means someone somewhere else in the world is living a life of indentured servitude forced to behave in ways they would rather not. The more money you own the more people you own yet you don't even know who they are or what part of the world they live. The unpleasant bit is hidden neatly away behind the plate glass kiosks of your national bank and the sealed doors of the international banks and the purpotrators are paid handsomely with salary plus extravagant bonus. We have successfully changed our currency systems many times in the past and we have also abolished slavery many times before, we know both can be done. Slavery however keeps finding new and insideous ways to come back to test us. This is where humanities collective conscious should look to find the answers it seeks to the root cause of the symptoms presently perceived as critical. 

Trying to solve or stop climate change is an absolute insanity, an extraordinarily unwise value proposition. Put directly...
If we succeed in this grail quest,
of unholy proportions
put simply...

Can we please try to solve the right problem before we attempt to destroy ourselves!!

Put your fears to one side just for a moment and please try to listen to reason.
Climate Change is completely natural and a sign our planet, while it may be suffering, is coping and functioning really well. The climate is a critical component of the planets natural immune system and it is essential that it continues to change to ensure life on Earth continues. We do need to pay attention to climate extremes however because that's our signal that there may be a problem, an imbalance, a delusion or a sickness. In this case I would argue that all four apply.
For some reason human beings still need an external unifying threat in order to overcome their differences and work together. I'm OK with that external unifying threat being a fear of climate change or even an alien invasion if it can be used to bring people together. I am against the use of climate change to disseminate fear, to tax the air we exhale and to control populations. For as long as we need to use fear to overcome our own personal fears and insecurities of doing the right thing we're going to remain trapped in this same cycle. Fear tends to distress and confusion which tends towards anger with leads to hate which leads us back to more fear and the cycle spirals on down.

Doing it for LOVE is the way forward and upward.

Climate change is a natural phenomena. It is in fact evidence that our planet is functioning properly, responding to its external environment and handling it's surface and biosphere issues. Earth's climate has been variable and changing ever since the planet started supporting life. Ice ages and warm periods throughout the ages evidence this. The climate and weather has been changing daily, seasonally and epochally (on much greater time frames) since the dawn of life on Earth. Science has established this and it is an accepted fact but you don't need a scientist to tell you that, you already know this is true from experience. What is not well accepted is that these changes are also the result of the changing intensity of our SUN. The Sun pulsates periods of low and high energetic activity over an eleven year cycle. 

As the image above demonstrates the sun has been radiating more energy over recent years and the planet is in a process of handling it. The other planets in the solar system are also getting warmer yet no lifeforms are being solely blamed!

The combined effect of abnormally high levels of carbon dioxide, methane AND solar energy is what is causing our present high temperature. We can definitely deal with CO2 and methane levels because we are entirely responsible for causing these abnormal levels but we need to be aware of the suns impact too, for the sake of due diligence. We do have an impact upon our own home, of course we do we are all inherent inhabitants of this planet. Just as all the other animals are an inherent part and until recently our collective impact has been negligible.

In 1985 we discovered our impact was not negligible but tangible. We had punched a hole in the ozone layer because of our intelligent but clearly unwise use of chemicals. We made a collective mistake in our ignorance yet we managed to learn from our mistake and unified collectively to stop using those chemicals, CFC's in particular, in ways that could do further damage to the ozone layer. We did this because we were able to understand the real problem and take expedient steps to reverse our impact. The planet has been repairing that hole ever since and it is looking much healthier now. This was something we were able to fix because we really had caused it entirely.

The increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has resulted in a massive increase in the greening of the earth surface since the 1980's. 'The greening represents an increase in leaves on plants and trees equivalent in area to two times the continental United States.'
The planet is regulating herself by absorbing the excessive levels of carbon and locking it back up in plant matter. This plant material will eventually turn back into oil and coal for future civilizations to make use of, long after we really have gone. This natural process happens on a time scale we as human beings can barely comprehend. There is no need to panic the planet is dealing with it, we just need to do our bit too by transitioning away from fossil fuels. If we don't she'll eventually deal with us.

Sea levels are rising due to ice melting at the poles but the sea level will never be able to submerge everything, it will simply wipe out most of what's causing too much CO2. A flood of biblical proportions is a potentially reality and very scary so we do need to consider it but we are aware of our contribution to this and taking steps. Reliance on fossil fuels and factory farming is what needs to be addressed and to greater or lesser degrees we are already doing that, eating less meat is how you can help right now. Too many cows are causing too much methane, simply cut beef out of your diet and you'll be part of the solution. Methane is 72 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas over a 20 year period.
Decentralising food production (away from centralised factory farming) and using localised permaculture is something we already know how to do. We grew all our own food at a local level for millennia before modern economies of scale became the standard operating model, both for greater production efficiency and to increase agricultural profits. Rapid switching can happen if necessary and has been done in the very recent past. This is evidenced by the Cuban special period in the 1990's when Cuba was suddenly isolated from the rest of the world as a result of the Cuban missile crisis. Cuba had to very quickly find a way to grow and distribute food with practically no imported commodities like oil to survive. They succeeded by cooperating through projects at the community level and they contine to flourish.

The following video was produced in relation to the unfounded fears relating to the Peak Oil crisis in 2004 and focuses on the Cuban special period to demonstrate how we can and will survive using local community based solutions. It's a facinating and quite reassuring watch, I recommend it to amyone who ever feels like the sky is about to cave in.

Cuba is still with us, they didn't get completely wiped out although it was a very painful time for the people of Cuba. It was painful primarily because of how quickly they needed to adapt, yet adapt they did. History proves that human beings are excellent at adapting to their environment. Change doesn't have to be painful if it's given a reasonable period of time but we first need to understand what is really the root source of our perceived problems. Collective fear based perception being one of them, an inherit human trait we are working on. Psychotherapy, reflective contemplation and meditation all help with this.

Blame culture is an extension of fear based perception tied to the concept of humanity as a Race which implies, at it's most fundamental level, that we are all competing against one and other. I don't know who coined the phrase human race but they may well have had an agenda. Humanity does not have to be a race to be successful. In fact I would go so far as to suggest, we can only be successful in the future if we focus more of our efforts on mutually beneficial cooperation rather than than personally beneficial competition. Competition is certainly exciting, useful and appropriate, at times, but there's just too many of us now to be racing each other all the time, only a very few ever win a race, whatever that race might be. For the good of our future humanity, and for the good of the planet, I'd suggest the objective in future should be to cooperate as much as possible so that everyone may feel party to collective success. In team sports glory seekers are chastised for good reason, because it undermines the teams cohesion and that can negatively impact both moral and performance. I think most people prefer to cooperate naturally in spite of the term human race being somewhat devisive. I'd be interested to know what the etymology of the term human race is in cultures whose first language is not English. Could it be that the phrase 'human race' is simply an anglicised Western concept. A remanent of how English speakers viewed themselves in the world of yesterday. I've always considered us to be human beings, maybe that's why I lose more races than I win. I usually choose not to let it bother me. The collective term for a group of crows is a 'murder' I wonder what affect that would have on crow society if they understood English. We should probably just blame the crows, murderous bastards!

Misplaced blame is counter-productive and can result in terrible and unpredictale consequences. Externalising and scapegoating difficult issues does have its role but in my experience it tends towards deceit, confusion and injustice. At the same time it provides a convienient distraction, or 'safe' place, away from ones own personally uncomfortable reality by taking refuge in the apparently blissful collective delusion. Misplaced blame ultimately enables individuals to avoid dealing with the unconscious underlying root cause of their issues, a well known and studied human trait, psychologists call Ego. Essentially ones Ego is the personal perception of oneself and nobody likes to think of themselves unfavorably. Failing to deal with the unconscious root means the problem will undoubtedly come back again because it has not been properly addressed by everyone at a personal level responsibly, potentially magnified on the next cycle. This is why the Israel-Palestine 'arrangement' (read entanglement) at the end of world war two has argueably lead us to a world apparently full of terrorisim. Misplaced blame allows people wiggle room to divest themselves of personal responsibility by holding someone or something other than themselves to account for the consequences of their involvement. The truth is we all, always, have a part to play in putting right those mistakes in which we were initially involved. Even, or maybe especially, when those mistakes result from a person or groups best of intentions. The sad truth is the majority of us are afraid to face up to ourselves because nobody likes to think their best intentions might have resulted in harm rather than harmony.

Blaming climate change and claiming it is the defining issue of our time is being driven by the best of intentions but climate change is not to blame. Extreme climate temperatures are merely a symptom or signal that something is out of alignment but few can seem to agree what that might be, yet. I would argue that our current money system is the most likely candidate for the ever escalating rise in inequality, extremisim and 'evil' we see in the world today. From alarming cycles of global cooling and now warming, allegedly caused by global industrialisation, to displaced refugee and migratory populations to soaring global inequalities and the ever widening poverty gap.

Our current money system is relatively new it has only been in full force since 1971 but was initially implemented in 1933 by Britian and Japan. The consequences of this system are everywhere and are obvious but we continue to delude ourselves that money is freedom when in fact the opposite is true for the majority. Humanities current system of transactional currency, money, is possibly it's greatest delusion to date because everyone is affected. The consequence of which is an increasingly unhealthy and disenfranchised community, a society spiraling into the 1%'s control and a planet responding to serious and excessive environmental pressures, all due to this one particular and largely unconscious collective disorder.

Slavery we can deal with, Money systems we can deal with, CO2 we can deal with slowly and Methane we can  deal with relatively quickly because all of these things were, in fact, caused entirely by us. It's time to face up to these difficult truths and we must face the truth if we want to become an increasingly healthy community, family or tribe in the future. The climate changes, it always has and it always will, we are not entirely responsible for the climate changing and trying to claim climate change is the defining issue of our time, whilst paved with good intentions, is both delusional and very unwise. The climate is largely beyond our control, we do have a measurable impact which we can address and I am confident we will eventually reverse that impact just as we did for the ozone layer. The Sun has the loins share of the power in this solar system and also the biggest say in what the temperature is upon the surface and within the ionisphere, just as it does on Mars (but without the atmosphere). Worrying about things that are beyond our ability to control is not healthy but we do need to address and factor them into our estimations, equations and calculations. Water vapour  accounts for 99.72% of all the greenhouse gases yet we apparently disregard it because it is beyond our ability to control. Just as we apparently disregard the mean temperature increases on planets with no atmosphere at all. We need not only to focus our efforts on the right problems we need to also look at all the evidence, whether it opposes our arguement or supports it, for the problems which we human beings are entirely responsible. The reason there is still resistance to the concept of climate change being the problem is because there is still reasonable doubt. That doesn't mean we can't make a start now but if the temperature of the planet doesn't start coming down in line with the decrease in solar activity in the next two to three years can all be certain that I am wrong and global warming is largely down to human activity rather than Solar.

I think everyone can generally agree that so long as mistakes are highlighted, addressed and rectified when possible, they do not need to become disastrous or cataclysmic errors. Instead our apparent mistakes become beneficial learnings that help us to be better informed and less unwise in future. As the human and livestock populations of Earth increase is it really any surprise to expect our collective impact on the Earth should also increase. We are all, like children, involved in a process of pushing our boundaries and figuring out our limits, it is an expansive universe after all. Us large brained reasoning humans need to use both our intelligence AND our wisdom to be clever about our mistakes so that our cause and effect don't also become our undoing. Mistakes are a natural and normal part of the learning process. Animals and our natural environment invariably demonstrate natural wisdom far more than our high paced Western society tends to notice or give credit for. Homo Sapiens, with their apparently superior intellect, often think they know better yet the most intelligent amongst us often fail to demonstrate basic common sense. Consider the most intelligent people you know have you ever observed any of them ever demonstrate a distinct lack common sense. Intelligent people may be exceptionallly bright but they're not always very clever. It's that Ego thing again. 

I choose to believe humanity is an essential element of Earth's evolutionary and creative development. Just as are all the plants and animals that share this glob of green and blue we all call home. We are all living beings and we are also all dependant upon each other in highly complex and entangled relationships. All are as equally important to the complete whole as each other, we simple serve different functions. This is a personally held belief and so, because it is a belief I also have to be aware that it might be wrong. I've convinced myself but I may be delusional. The only way to find out is to start having a conversation about it, to allow opposition and see if the belief holds up to objective critisim and scrutiny or not. At the macroscopic planetary scale our evolving collective consciousness IS the Earth becoming conscious of itself. We don't generally think of planets as conscious but why not? Look at how we are spread out across the globe, our presence forms an energy web, not unlike the maps of neurons and synapses in our own brains. What's so outlandish about considering that we are all the planet becoming conscious of itself? Collectively we are all, conscious or unconscious components of the mind of planet Earth and it is a gradually awakening (or learning) consciousness.

We were all created here from the physical material of the Earth along with the energy radiated from the Sun. The Earth has given birth to humanity, s(he) is humanities mother. S(he) is also our home and habitat and we are as much a part of her as s(he) is a part of us. We don't have to destroy or remove ourselves from the planet for her to recover from our mistakes. We are certainly not one of her mistakes, we are her children, she loves us and we love her even if we don't always understand each other. She's recovering fine from the ozone crisis and and she will also recover from this greenhouse gas crisis. What remains to be seen is whether of not humanity survives but I'm optimistic these are simply the teething problems of an increasingly connected collective planetary consciousness. Each individual human 'doing' is akin to a neuron in a brain, we're constantly firing bits of information at one another, building pathways and becoming more capable. Humanity is the brain of planet Earth! Collectively we are all Gaia Rising

The planet is self regulating and has her own healing mechanisms, just as we do. We are all a part of that mechanism, not apart from it although we are easily confused on this issue. Language is very easily misunderstood, 'A part' and 'apart' mean totally different things and depend entirely upon what follows. A part 'of' as opposed to apart 'from'.We need to be patient with each other in order to avoid misunderstand what is actually meant. We are presently encouraged to act as isolated and separated individuals by our debt as money system, it encourages us to think in terms of duality, us and them, me and you, I and thou. This is only true at our current level of consciousness because we perceive ourselves using that consciousness and so behave accordingly. It doesn't have to be that way and we are slowly waking up. We are becoming increasingly conscious of our connected and unified reality. It's a learning process and that means we are going to make mistakes. It's okay, mistakes happen, there is no need to freak out.
We have no control over the Sun, it does it's thing and we are alive because of it's power and energy. We should not be worrying about something that is beyond our ability to control, it's very unhealthy to do so. Worrying for extended periods causes stress induced illnesses which are also endemic in western cultures. We are less able to heal or even think straight when we are in a constant state of fear or outright terror.

Incidentally the war on terror has done nothing to reduce the amount of terror in the world, it hasn't even made localised populations safe. By literally all accounts, it has simply served to increase the amount of collective fear and consequential hate and racisim everywhere. Similarly, the so called war on drugs did nothing to reduce the volume of drugs anywhere, drug use has in fact steadily increased everywhere. Wars simply do not work to resolve the vast majority of perceived social problems, they are however a great way to spend money and create more of the same problem. Vietnam is another classic example. Wars can sometimes work when the problem is verifiable and confirmed as real, WW2 did stop Hitler for example but I digress, allow me to get back on topic. 

Slavery is endemic, it is abhorrent and repugnant. It is rather, a very prevalent symptom of a sickness of inequality and exploitation. Slavery in our time proves the human family is seriously unwell. Slavery is insidious and is, as it was in Abraham Lincoln's time, a clear demonstration of evil behaviours from one man, woman or group to another. I would hazzard a guess that very few, if any, historic slave owners would have considered themselves or their behavior evil. Human beings are great at personal delusions and finding ways to justify themselves and their behaviour. At least some if not many of the morderate slave owners may even have been loved by their slaves. This demonstrates human adaptability and making the most of a bad situation. Delusions play a major part in this as they often do in violent or abusive relationships or in kidnapper-victim relationships. It's a question of self preservation, survival and accepting ones lot but we should be able to collectively condemn and move beyond these sorts of abusive relationships and yet we have not. I would like to make a distinction here between historic and modern slavery. Historic slavery is the type of slavery that was abolished in the USA by Abraham Lincoln in 1864. It is the type of slavery that was abolished by the UK in 1833 by an act of parliament, an act that was later repealed in 1998, less than 20 years ago!
Historic or traditional slavery is termed chattel slavery and is so named because people are treated as the chattel (personal property) of the owner and are bought and sold as if they were commodities.  Modern slavery is termed debt slavery or bonded labour and is more akin to indentured servitude. In this form of slavery a person pledges himself or herself against a loan. The services required to repay the debt, and their duration, may be undefined. Debt bondage can be passed on from generation to generation, with children required to pay off their parents' debt. This was the form of slavery largely suffered by thousands of dispossessed Catholic Irish men, women and children were transported either willingly or unwillingly in the mid 1600's to work on English owned plantations in the Caribbean. The Modern Slavery Act 2015, was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, yet it completely fails to address this form of modern slavery. There is however a newer form of slavery in the world today but it is not yet recognised as such because it acts upon a thing called a legal person or strawman. This is essentially created from a piece of paper that was signed sealed and delivered by your parents to the authorities almost as soon as you were born. Certainly long before you had any idea what you were being signed up for. This document is your birth certificate and it is where everyones legal fiction begins. Birth certs are bundled up by governments and used to back bonds which are then exchanged with central banks who issue loans to government based on the future human potential of it's populations

Slavery is still present today. Both historic slavery, at thankfully very low levels, and 'modern' slavery, at quite alarming levels. Slavery is suffered by an estimated 45 Million people on the planet today. There is more orthodox slavery today than at any time in human history yet it goes largely unnoticed by the collective conscious so our united leaders and United Nations do very little to address it.
I'm bringing this to your attention now, please help me to raise awareness around this issue by sharing. Thank you, much love.
Current contemporary slavery (entanglement slavery) is slightly different again and is argueably much worse as is is considerably more prevalent than either historic or 'Modren' slavery because it affects everyone and everything that is in debt to the centralised banking system. Entanglement  slavery is not yet recognised as slavery at all because, whilst unlawful, it is presently legal and therefore goes largely under the radar undetected. Largely due to several mutually exclusive,  irrational and collective delusions.

I understand it's likely to be difficult for people to accept the truth of this. I undertsand why there may be considerable resistance and opposition. Accordingly I expect this article may be initially very unpopular but thats no reason not to try. It's also why I will be introducing a new, potentially earth shattering, scientific theory later in this same article. People are slowly waking up to their deluded unreality and are increasingly looking for truth, it's not always pretty but we can only improve if we are first able to look at ourselves honestly and critically. Ego is not a fan of self critisisim and has delusion as one of its tools to protect it's identity All I am asking of you is to simply open your eyes, and the eyes of the people you love, to LOOK.
For the love of God or Goodness, please open your hearts and minds to SEE! _-(*.*)-_
The complete timeline, (3rd century BC - present) for the abolition of historic and modern slavery on planet earth can be found here. If you read it you may be surprised to realise how often slavery reappears throughout history even long after it has been both legally and formal dismissed. Slavery is tenacious, insidious and evil. Debt slavery makes no appearance in this timeline. Yet it has been known for hundreds of years. I will talk more about debt entanglement slavery and how to resolve it later in this series of articles. First I want to introduce something new and potentially very exciting to Science. In the mean time feel free to seach the internet for more information on debt slavery yourself.

And Now For Something Completely Different! (New Science approaching...)

The Cycles of Life Are Spiral 

Please watch, very important!!

We remember the pain and suffering of our choices and actions far more readily than we remember the luxury but in luxury we are prone to forget history. We forget because it is no longer our own personal experience. It's not so unlike the tired leading the sleepy or to put it another way, the blind leading the blind. It's time to wake up please.
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana, 'The Age of Reason', 1905.
This was later paraphrased by Sir Winston Churchill when he allegedly said,
Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
In more flowery terms from Samuel Taylor Coleridge
"If men could learn from history, what lessons it might teach us! But passion and party blind our eyes, and the light which experience gives us is a lantern on the stern which shines only on the waves behind."
I felt it worth repeating, for it is true. We are all liable to repeating patterns and cycles, of making the same mistakes, over and over and over again. It's a natural and normal spiralling human trait. The spiraling cycles can be unreasonably tight and excessively frequent, they may reasonably open and typically moderate or they may be broad, expansive and occasional. All tight and excessive cycles the cycles can be improved in one of two ways. Firstly by simply turning away from and abandoning the excessive cycle completely, by severing completely the entanglement. Or secondly, by less simply,  becoming more aware of ourselves and making better choices in the future. The first approach does nothing to address the underlying problem and will generally always result in the problem reemerging in a completely new and differnt way, the second leads to learning, progressive development, growth and evolution. The rewards for sticking with it vastly outweight the consequnce of abandonment but if the spirals become so tight as to be excessive, and so potentially harmful, then it makes sense to abandon them for the time being until were have developed and grown in other ways so that when the patteren eventually returns we are better prepared to handle it.

For example, The MA in Psychology I was undertaking was not, as the school convinced both me and themselves, properly prepared to handle me. They eventually choose to kick me out and abandon me with a delusion they created for themselves that I had chosen to leave of my own volition. I had not left I was on sick leave suffering a very dangerous bout of depression which very nearly lead to uncontrolable rage and suicide. The harm was psychological and so very difficult to prove, despite my having a note form my doctor. I understand this completely now but I do not know if my old school do or not because they refuse to engage with me at all nor will they return several monies that are  legitimately owed to me for failure to provide services and expenses previously agreed. That was a very difficult and dangerous time for me but it's ok now because I'm handling it.

It takes time and space and compassion. Mistakes are fundamental to learning, taking a hard line simply reinforces the unwanted patterning and the escalating fear and division makes learning the lessons increasingly difficult. This is why western society no longer condones violence against children. We should condemn all unessesary and excessive violence, be it physical or psychological, whatever the justification, against animals, adults and all nations too. Social Entanglement Theory can be used to define what those acceptable, unessesary or excessive levels of violence actually are and it does so empirically in an objectively scientific way.

Appearances can be deceptive. Other people are not our enemies they are merely our reflections. We are all essentially reacting to our own delusions and projections into and onto the external environment. The world is quite well deluded at present, everybody can see it in everybody else but they can't quite see it in themselves and that's what makes everything so apparently difficult to understand. To find the source of all your difficulties in life, look within yourself. You will find all the answers you need in there. There are answers outside yourself too but they are often simply projected distractions which we use to assign blame and make reasoned excuses for ourselves.
Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.” Carl Gustav Jung ,"TheTranscendent Function" 1916

In my casual observations I have noticed violence, both physical and psychological, invariably comes from a very small number of human emotional positions or states. Upon deeper reflection I noticed how a number of these states appear to be inversely linked in opposition to each other, a relationship of entanglement if you will, by a projected yet paradoxically reflected symmetry.

That isn't so complicated as it sounds, They're simply emotional states of being which we have all experienced to varying degrees in our lives. We are very reluctant to admit or recognise our fears, whether they be real or irrational, but we have all known fear and understand exactly how it feels. Fear is a spectrum of emotion which spirals and extends from mild concern all the way down to abject terror. Conversely, we are extremely good at recognising and expressing our feelings regarding righteous injustice and indignation! both of these emotional states I shall use to demonstrate and explain Social Entanglement. Social entanglement is akin to, and correlates directly with, quantum entanglement. 
Social Entanglement Theory - Introduction

Social entanglement theory was almost entirely derived from a deeply considered understanding of my own human psychology, which I realised was reflected back at me from quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement particularly. Just to be clear I had described my own psychological 'state' a few years before I ever studied Masters level psychology at my second university. A course that eventually threw me out for unfortunately speaking my mind (Oh Gandhi!). Quantum entanglement was first discussed in a 1935 paper by Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen and in several papers by Erwin Schrödinger shortly thereafter, describing what came to be known as the The EPR paradox (Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen). Social entanglement displays all the same characteristics of quantum entanglement and the EPR Paradox when applied to the temporal dimensions of space-time.

What does that mean? What this means is through the correct application of quantum entanglement we can model and accurately predict human potential and human social expression reliably. Jung was correct when he said 'Man needs difficulties, they are necessary for health' and this can be verified by social entanglement theory, empirically. I would suggest instead the term Wo(man) is a better term than Man, for humanity only exists as fundamental paired units entangled and in opposition to each other, in this case male and female. There is nothing wrong with being transgender or gay (or exceedingly happy for that matter), so long as nobody is causing intentional harm, to anyone or anything but themselves, they may do as they please. This is the fundamental law of socially acceptable behaviour. 

Paradoxically our difficulties in life are in fact evidence of our healthily development. Our most pressing challenges and difficulties are nothing to fear, they are in reality what sustain and develop us. Unconscious irrational fear is what causes us to hold onto so many incorrect notions and perceptions about each other and our environment and this tends us towards concerns of doom and gloom. There will be no doom and the gloom is slowly lifting, I can assure you of that. Social Entanglement Theory confirms it. We are in reality doing okay. We will eventually succeed and I hope to convince you all of that in this series of articles. 

We are simply in a process of figuring out, both ourselves and our environment. We are simply learning and our learning is really quite simple despite many appearances to the contrary. Yet regardless to the perceived complexity of your own particular learnings or not I can assure you, collectively we are doing just fine! It just takes time, the odd glass of wine and the mind-crime chiming your free!, Free? It's not one? No it's too, and two not four either, oh for Christ sake! adore the door the answer is three. (Enough with the puzzling rhymes already!). My apologies, for I am a simple poet but I'm a serious 'wake em upper', and that means BUSINESS, this time. Yeah, I'm looking at you Ted. The people of planet Earth are very busy most of the time, and even when they're not they're really busy pretending to be.

It's like we believe there's someone horrible looking over our shoulder or breathing down our neck the whole time, even when we're supposed to be relaxing. We don't have to be so busy all of the time. It's time to wake up and relax a little. It's time to slow down. It's only because of all these irrational unconscious fears, which we are all holding onto, that we feel the need to be constantly rushing about. Trying to stay ahead of the game. Yet we're not quite sure what or who's game we are playing. By rushing about and doing all the time, we're constantly making mistakes and missing the majesty of it all. The only way you can face those fears is to slow yourself down, turn yourself around and look at yourself objectively. In doing this you can look into yourself and deal with what you find there. You really are far lovelier than you might think. And the stuff in the shadowy parts of you, the stuff you'd rather not look at, just wants to know you care and love those bits of yourself too. The game we play is entirely our own but it plays out upon the unified field described by quantum mechanics and that, well that is really great news! Because if we don't like the game we're playing, we can change the rules ourselves.
The first rule of Steve is to slow it all down, chill a little, enjoy the company and relax. Ahh...

...That's better but we can do even better than that. I want you to stop reading this for just a while and try meditating a little. You don't have to go anywhere or particularly DO anything, just the opposite. Have a go and practice it right now where you are. Simply get comfortable, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. In and out; in - and out; longer out-breaths; than in-breaths; and pause - between - each - one. Go on, do it for a few mins, or as long as you like, but make sure you continue reading when you come back from your own subjective reality, I've got some important things to share with you. I promise it will get better than it might seem to be at present. It just requires a little bit of effort on your part, we're getting there, I promise. Now GO! Close your eyes and breath deeply, nothing bad will happen and I'll still be here when you get back....
Respectful opposition is necessary for Health.

Violence is neither respectful nor is it particularly healthy, although surgeons may disagree. It does however create many difficulties for us. These difficulties have been useful in ensuring the health of humanity throughout the ages. The difficulties which result from violence however are largely destructive. We must resolve our violent tendencies and learn to respect each other so we can move beyond violence and make use of valence instead. Now Valence, really is difficult to understand! I believe we can move beyond violence by applying the theories of quantum mechanics to human psychology in a practical way. The two are already linked, to some extent, by Valence. In doing so we will be better able to describe, and thus understand, ourselves in our relationships both to each other and to our environment, in a clear and meaningfully tangible way. Social Entanglement Theory (SET) has the potential to resolve all of humanities social disfucntions! Before that can happen it first needs to be introduced (my bit) it then needs to be accepted and applied (our bit).

It is increasingly less necessary for humanity as a unifying collective to create difficulties using destructive diminishment. This is what tends to happen with violence. I would suggest instead that we focus our attentions, as much as possible, on the difficulties of creative expansion so we may maintain social health and cohesion as we go. For we do all live in a creative and expansive universe, as clearly demonstrated by increasing populations and advancing technologies. To do this we need to utilise both science and spirituality to explore, in parallel, our objective-subjective reality for both objectivity and subjectivity are inextricably and paradoxically entangled. 

I would argue in fact, that violence is completely contrary to both healthy human and heathy social development. It is rather, a symptom of a largely unrecognised societal auto-immune disease, a dis-ease that is very subtle yet highly destructive, that auto-immune disease is slavery. Opposition is a better marker for the health of humanity. Opposition is the repulsive force we need to remain healthy but the repulsion does not have to be repulsive, nor does it ever have to be violent. SET proves this empirically rather than hypothetically. In a real and objective way rather than one that is subjective and unreliable.

We do see violence in our natural environment however so violence is certainly natural. It is also eventually forgiveable when the correct awareness and understanding is brought to bear. Violence for example is necessary for animals to survive, excessive violence is not. I would argue that excessive violence is unnatural and therefore a clue that something fundamental has gone wrong. All humans have the capacity to use excessive force and so do all animals. Animals however use violence in a healthy way to eat and establish social hierarchies amongst themselves. When an animal is frightened or disturbed it can sometimes react with excessive violence but I have never seen any animal conduct war.
Humanity Wars A Lot.

War is excessive violence and it is most usually the product of extreme fear or dissatisfaction. Those fears and dissatisfactions may be rational or irrational, conscious or not. It doesn't matter, fear is fear and it causes us all to react to situations in a predicable manner. Science already knows this and has described the fight or fight complex to explain it. What is sometimes disregarded is the option to freeze. 

War is most usually a reaction to something or an attempt to seize control of a situation that is believed to have become unmanageable, and so dangerously out of control. War is also sometimes a tool used by the powerful to gain control of a resource or group of people. When used as a tool war is always about a redistribution of power, property or resource, usually all three. If war is used by the powerless it is always an attempt to redistribute power, property and resource more equally. War rather is a symptom, an indicator if you will, of an unhealthy imbalance. War always involves a frightened society or group of people subject to an unnecessarily extreme application of pressure. 

War is appalling.

The planet uses volcanos to let off pressure. When the pressure within becomes excessive it lets off steam. If that doesn't work and the pressure becomes extreme, we have an eruption. Magma, ash and hot air is spewed out all over the place. The effects are far reaching, pressure waves level forests, the ash disrupts communities and grounds aeroplanes hundreds, even thousands, of miles away. Interestingly the magma makes new land but the lava flows destroy everything in their 'wake'. Similarly war is also a mechanism.

War is a mechanism that enables humanity to let off steam when the pressure becomes too great. War acts as a pressure release for humanity and so it is also paradoxically a healing mechanism. War therefore is a paradox and this is why so many of us find it so difficult to understand. Wars are also entirely unnecessary. Social entanglement theory once again proves this empirically.
War is an indication of social disparity, a warning to the collective planetary consciousness it needs to take corrective steps toward re-balancing itself. If no corrective action occurs an eruption takes place. When irrational fears have long since gone and the sense of righteous injustice and indignation eventually dissipates, all wars run out of steam and society returns to reform and rebuild something new. The symptoms and signs of disparity are everywhere, an ever increasing poverty gap is one. Having one single powerful superstate with no effective opposition is another and the list goes on and on and on.

 In summary so far: -
Disparity is an imbalance; Social disparity is a symptom of an underlying social sickness. No opposition is unhealthy; opposition doesn't have to be violent. War is appalling and entirely necessary. Social Entanglement Theory can prove all of this empirically.

Social Entanglement Theory - Part 1. 
Violence is self perpetuating and acts upon the psychologies involved over great distances. It has a direct correlation to the scientific concept of repulsive energy at the quantum level, specifically with regard to quantum entanglement and the unified field. In order to successfully achieve a unified theory of everything is is necessary to include everything. What that means is it must describe both objective and subjective reality in a practical reliable way. It must therefore accurately model and predict both objective reality which is measurable by Science; and subjective reality which is experienced and described by the term Spirituality. Science and Spirituality can be considered a socially entangled pair. The Science-Spirituality entanglement pairing.
Entanglement is one of the weirdest features of quantum physics, it is no different at the human scale of social interaction. It refers to a situation in which two “particles”, a pair, share a common history that makes their futures intertwined. It describes how actions upon one 'particle' have a direct but inverse effect upon the other regardless of distance or time. Quantum entanglement happens outside space-time and this, I would suggest, is why Einstein considered it 'Spooky'. No-time and no-space is spooky and very very weird, it cannot be measured but it can be experienced. I'll talk more about this later in the second article of this series.
Particle is a term that must be construed loosely in the quantum world. For the quantum, at it's most fundamental level of the unified field, has no physicality per say. The unified field rather is a field of infinite possibility. The unified field exists outside of space-time yet has a measurable and direct effect in space-time, herein lies the EPR paradox. The term thoughts, imaginings or musings are, I would suggest, more accurate descriptors than the term particle for the purposes of describing quantum and social entanglement. It is an approach that has been previously qualified by scientists like Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen and Schrödinger who used thought experiments to accurately determine the nature of quantum reality. It is therefore a valid approach. Social Entanglement is a real world practical example of quantum entanglement at the human level of space-time reality.
The fundamental basis of thought. 

Thoughts have no physicality and are essentially timeless. They can exist in a place of no-space and no-time, they also exist in space-time. These are the characteristics of the quantum universe and the fundamental unified field which underlies everything. Social Entanglement is a new theory being introduced by me, in order for me to explain it properly I must introduce four new terms. The four terms I will introduce are Musings, Observings, Confusings and Tusslings. They all essentially form the fundamental 'units' of thought.
Musings, Observings, Confusings and Tusslings

Creatives often report requiring a Muse to be productive and flowing. Muon is a term used to represent the type of quantum particles classified as leptons. For these reasons I shall use the word musing from now on to describe the particle or rather 'unit' of thought that originates or is caused because an observer is introduced to the unified field. Right now, whether your conscious of it or not, your brain is interacting with the unified field of quantum mechanics and your own personal musings are firing off all over the place! They only exist inside your head, for now at least.
Musings only come into being when an observer brings space-time awareness to the 'no-space'-'no-time' reality of the unified field, the concept is inherently paradoxical. Musings are the fundamental unstable units of thought. Tusslings are the fundamental entangled units of thought, they only exist in paired 'units' and have a direct correlation with entangled particles as described by quantum mechanics, quantum entanglement specifically.
A clear distinction is required between the polarity of musings which emanate, or 'spin down', from the unified field and musings that originate, or 'spin up', from the human mind. Observings and Confusings are both categories of musing but with opposite polarity, or spin. Their trajectory is spiral in nature. Observings are the class of musings that originate from the mind of the observer and spin up towards the unified field seeking a confusing. Confusings are the class of musings that spin down from the unified field to meet and counter balance (or unify and validate) Observings. All musings are the product of the observer-field union, or relationship, but they never truely 'exist' independantly, they only ever exist as tusslings. My apologies if this is difficult to grasp but these sorts of difficuties are healthy!
Confusings only come into being, so to speak, because humans create Observings with their mind. Observings and Confusings can only exist in pairs they can never exist in isolation. As soon as an observing comes into existence it's corresponding confusing also issues forth, from the unified field, and they are both paired in balanced opposition to each other. There is a natural repulsive force that ensures they both remain in balanced opposition to each other. There is also an attractive force that ensures they stay together as a paired unit. This paired unit is termed a Tussling. Tusslings are 'observing-confusing' pairs and so have a neutral polarity, initially. They have an initial valence of zero.
Tusslings describe the fundamental paired units of thought which originate from our minds by virtue of our having both a brain and a spirit. Tusslings are the result of the brain-spirit pairing. Musings come into being as a product of the observer-field relationship. Thoughts are essentially 'born' as a result of these productive unions. The brains and bodies of human observers do both receive and transmit tusslings and so the observerings, and the observer, have a female self perpetuating quality.
The unified field on the other hand has a masculine quality and so emits or transmits musings only, it cannot receive musings. The unified field can only receive tusslings, it cannot produce them. The unified field can only produce the class of musings termed confusings. The human heart-mind pairing is used to understand these thoughts and we manifest them into reality using our brain-bodies. Our heart-mind is always tussling with musings and so tusslings seems like a term that can be easily understood. Tusslings can be considered to have a feminine quality with a negative polarity or negative spin.

Social and Quantum Entanglement and the Divine-Evil Relationship.

Quantum entanglement is a curious phenomenon that occurs when two particles remain connected, even over huge distances, in such a way that actions performed on one particle have a similar but reflected effect on the other. For instance, one particle might be spun in a clockwise direction. The result on the second particle would be an equal anti-clockwise spin. It is a natural yet paradoxical and reflective phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently. Instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole. Quantum entanglement exists only at the level of the quantum. It is not subject to the temporal dimensions of space-time so it is, in quantum reality, timeless.

Social Entanglement is the corresponding phenomenon that occurs when two humans, or two groups of humans, remain connected even over huge distances, in such a way that actions performed in relation to one human or group have a similar but reflected effect on the other. For instance, one human might steal from the other. The result on the second human would be having something stolen. If the victim never sees the thief again they are disconnected and that is the end of it. If however the thief is caught by the police the thief-victim relationship has re-established connection and thus becomes an entangled relationship. Both parties having a shared common history that makes their futures intertwined. The future of both thief and victim having a similar but inverse effect on the other. The thief might go to prison and the victim may be compensated or have their property returned for example. It is a natural yet paradoxical and reflective phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of humans interact in ways such that the social state of each group cannot be described independently. Instead, a social or emotional state must be described for the system as a whole. This is a direct correlation to quantum entanglement.

Quantum entanglement is timeless and happens in a no-time dimension so the effects appear as instantaneous to human observers. Because humans live in space-time, and are used to the effects of space and time in their reality, this appears to be very weird. Social entanglement happens at the human level of space-time experience and so it is subject to a delayed response over time. There is no 'violence', as we understand it, in the unified field there simply 'is', infinite possibility. By this I mean at the fundamental level of the unified field there is only possibility, all potential possibilities are as equally likely as they are unlikely.

The probability that an infinite spectrum of possibilities will collapse to any given potential reality is entirely dependant upon the introduction of an observer or group of observers. The musings and the tusslings of the field and observer interact which serves to focus and diminish the unlimited potentiality of infinite possibility to an eventual probability of one. In plain English what that essentially means is, a thought is born. This thought or idea is brought forth from the union of observer and unified field (observer-field pairing) into space-time awareness and thus becomes subject to the physical realities of space and time. This is what likely caused the Big Bang. It is paradoxical and so difficult to understand but this must always be so, to ensure a healthy and self regulated system or state.

Using will and intention human beings can focus on these thoughts and thus manifest them into their physical reality. This process is subject to time and so is not instantaneous. The process is spiralling, looping and iterative. The probability that an idea will become a reality in space-time is entirely dependent upon gaining the consensus agreement of a paired or collective group of observers. If collective consensus can be reached the idea can be accepted and eventually brought forth into physical reality. This is why Star Trek can be credited for inventing the smart phone. Millions of people wished for a personal communicator and eventually humanity figured out how to make it so in our own reality. The Star Trek universe doesn't use a money or a commodity based economy like we do, it uses a gift economy instead. We simply need a consensus of people to wish it was so and the unified field and humanity will eventually make it so. Put plainly, It's just the way it works!

Please stop watching the news excessively, it's gradually poisoning our minds!

When the power is both equal and opposite in an entangled relationship we can consider it balanced and call it a 'Divine Relationship' or rather a 'Divine Entanglement'. In this case the valence is said to be zero and thus it is neutral, stable and healthy. If the valence is not equal the relationship is no longer divine and becomes increasingly unstable. As the power disparity increases so does the valence, which becomes either negatively or positively entangled. The greater the disparity in power the greater the valence and the less divine the entanglement. The only entanglement that can be considered divine is one with a valence of zero, all other entanglements are to greater or lesser degrees unbalanced. As the power becomes increasingly unbalanced, the relationship becomes increasingly dangerous and less divine. It may eventually become evil.
'Inequality is the defining issue of our time' President Barak Obama, 4th Dec 2013
All individuals are inherently lonely and unbalanced. In the natural order of things, lone individuals invariably seek to become balanced through entanglement. This is rational entanglement. Rational entanglements are positive and always tend towards divine entanglement equality, as such rational entanglements are always good.

Lone individuals or groups do however sometimes seek out negative entanglements. This is not what one would logically expect and so this is called irrational entanglement. Irrational entanglements always seek to move away from divine entanglement and so they are negative entanglements and they tend to be difficult. As we have already seen difficulty is good for healthy development and self regulation. Negative entanglements only become evil when they become excessive. We therefore have two categories of irrational entanglement, difficult and excessive (or evil). Difficult entanglements are natural and healthy and can be tolerated to a point. When difficult entanglements become excessive this is always bad, excessive negative entanglements are all evil entanglements. I would suggest therefore, as I did with violence, excessive negative entanglements are unnatural and a sign that something has gone seriously wrong, usually over a prolonged period of time. Excessive negative or irrational entanglements are always bad.
Social Entanglement Theory - Part 2 - Some Practical Examples.

In social entanglement, irrational entanglement can be attributed to fear or greed. Fear causes psychological disturbance which can lead to emotional states such as anxiety and hate. When excessive negative entanglements are confirmed to be attributable to an individual or group we usually put them in prison to isolate them. If such a group happens to be a legal fiction such as a corporation however this is not possible. In Law corporations are Persons with many, but not yet all, of the same rights as a human Person. The human Person is also a legal fiction but the relationship is one to one and so the human being can be punished on behalf of the legal fiction. The legal fiction that is the human Person starts with their Birth Certificate. The legal fiction that is the corporate Person is a relationship of one to many and starts with a Certificate of Incorporation. This isn't so much of a problem when corporations are small, as they get larger the problem becomes increasingly difficult. The situation as it stands today has become evil.  Multinationl corporations are in themselves not inherantly evil nor is the Law it's the entangled relationship which is inherantly evil.

With rights come responsibilities, we use the threat of prison to hold people to account. The same is not true of corporations however, corporations have no inherent fear anyway because they have no spirit and are not alive per say. The only spirit a corporation has is that invested in it by its employees who are human. The threat of prison is no good for holding corporations to account. People can be isolated when their behaviour becomes dangerous but we have no means to isolate dangerous corporations, yet. This is critically important, it's a dangerous social paradox which can be resolved through the practical application of social entanglement theory. I will talk more on this topic in later articles.
The source of all evil is excessive negative entanglement.

Unstable individuals always eventually seek out entanglement. Sometimes these entanglements are divine, more usually they are normal but all divine and normal relationships have the potential to become unstable or dangerous. A dangerous or evil individual can never cause evil in isolation, this is what prisons are for. All human beings are inherently unstable in isolation, Social entanglement theory can help us to understand empirically why locking up large numbers of 'unstable' individuals with a few dangerous individuals is very very unwise.

Evil is only possible as a product of dangerously unstable pairs or groups. It is rarely simply the fault of one individual or the other although there are exceptions to this. We live in a highly complex entangled world, if an individual becomes so unstable as to become potentially evil we may find fault in the increasingly dangerous relationships that caused the evil state. There is only one exception to this and that is when an when an individual or group sets out or seeks to do evil and herein lies the paradox. This is the only time we can consider an unstable individual or group to be evil. In all other cases the unstable individual has simply gone into the world to seek a complimentary partner, they are seeking an alignment towards a balanced state. If the individual or group sets out to do evil acts they are seeking an alignment towards a increasingly unbalanced state.

For as long as the dangerous individual or group is isolated no evil can occur because there is no dangerous relationship. When the dangerous individual or group meets an other unstable individual or group a divine, unbalanced or evil relationship will result. If this union is highly dangerous and causes evil, such as murder, then the relationship becomes evil, technically both individuals in the pair are now 'touched by evil'. Due to the nature of murder causing the death of the one of the individuals, it also causes the death of the evil relationship, the evil relationship has instantly ceased to be. The unstable victim that caused the death can now be legitimately considered to have caused evil and so is evil. In isolation however they are still merely dangerous. They need to be isolated and guarded closely, it is always possible for a highly dangerously unstable individual to be stabilised over time. An individual may have been involved in an evil relationship but is not as an individual necessarily evil, the only exception to this is the wilful intention to cause evil by seeking out a sufficiently powerless partner.

In every other scenario both parties are always responsible to greater or lesser degrees for the evil product. The greater the magnitude of that responsibility being inversely related to the relative valence of the pairing. This essentially means that the greater the power disparity, between the two individuals or groups, the greater the burden of responsibility upon the powerful party, neither individual is however inherently evil, only the relationship is inherently evil and this is resolved by redistributing power so the relationship valence becomes tolerable and less unstable.

Simply ending the relationship or killing the other party does not address the fundamental underlying social disparity which is the true source of the disturbance. Ending the unstable or dangerous relationship cleanly and severing all future ties does however bring that particular entanglement to a conclusion. If that disconnection is maintained there is no longer any risk of, the formerly dangerous relationship, producing evil. Unless that is a reconnection is made, at some later time, which serves to re-establish the dangerous or evil entanglement. All of this can be easily understood using the correct application of social entanglement theory as derived from quantum mechanics.

The Problem with North Korea

This is why I would suggest that North Korea is very reluctant to reopen it's difficult-ties with the rest of the world. It feels at some level of experience, be it conscious or unconscious, that their entanglement with the rest of the world lies toward the dangerous or evil end of unstable, and they would be right. We all feel it too. The power is entirely on the side of the rest of the world, the West in particular. The power differential is enormous, any reconnection reintroduces the entanglement and because of the considerable differences in power it will be, at the very least, unstable. Social entanglement suggests it is, in fact, a highly dangerous evil relationship and thus prone to evil outcomes. If evil does result then the powerful can easily point and assign blame to the powerless and North Korea does not want to be scapegoated and held accountable for something that was caused because of the relationship disparity, which is what usually happens in these kinds of situations. We do have different options and can start making better choices however.

North Korea feels threatened by us in inverse but equal proportion to how threatened the West feels by it. Interestingly North Korea herself appears to reflect this dangerous relationship with the West internally. The North Korean people are powerless and the government is excessively powerful. North Korea is thus very well experienced in the effects this kind of dangerous relationship brings along with it's likelihood to produce evil. They may not understand why this is so but social entanglement theory explains it empirically, it also offers solutions. 

I would suggest the better approach to Korea is to support them in reducing their power disparity internally first, simply giving them money will not work. Neither will giving them weapons. We need to give them our presence and listen compasionately without judgement. We should also consider leading by example and do the same for ourselves first. Once North Koreas internal entangled relationship becomes more stable they will eventually open themselves up to the West. In parallel we need to open ourselves up to each other. Love is how to do this, fear is what closes everything and everybody down. Continuing to apply external pressure is counter productive and will in the long run only serve to make the unstable relationship increasingly more dangerous. It's the dangerous relationships that are evil, not the individual or unified nations. Neither the West nor North Korea are inherently evil, their relationship is. If we want less evil in the world we can only achieve this by paying attention to disparity and taking steps to ensure equality in every area of our lives. This is the only way to prevent dangerous relationships becoming evil.. 
Social Entanglement Theory - Part 3 - Emotional and Social States.

Social Entanglement theory explains why violence in the act of defending oneself is the only reasonably valid excuse for excessive violence. Violence in self defence is about redistributing power within the relationship more equally. This pushes dangerous relationships back toward the safe range thus reducing the likelihood they produce evil. In the playground it is a desperate last resort against bullies. In nature it is what happens when animals get cornered and their real or irrational fear takes over. When violence comes from a powerless people rising up against suffering and oppression caused by a powerful government who has lost it's ability to hear reason and agree terms, it is also self defence. Even if that violence is perpetuated years later when no reasonable meaning can be found. Violence against bullies is self defence yet nobody likes to think their behaviour is that of the bully. 

The only reasonably valid justification for violence is self-defence.

I mentioned earlier on that I would explore the emotional states of fear and righteous injustice (or indignation) to explain how and why violence happens. Violence generally issues forth from a small number of emotional states. States of being that are reflected in opposition to each other. Violence can come from more emotional states than the two I'm about to outline now but I can't explain everything here. After you read this whole article I hope that you will be in a better position to be able to understand and fix things, not only for yourself but for the whole human family. Just remember, to let go of the deluded illusion, you simply close your eyes and breath deeply. Then, when your good and ready, you open yourself up completely, in love. Stretching comes later....but we're doing it for the kids!!!


Firstly, violence comes from excessive fear. The fear may be real or perceived, it just simply doesn't matter. Fear is fear and is experienced as very real, whether it rational or irrational, by the subject. Try not to ridicule a fearful person, it damages them and deepens their emotional scars. Fear kick starts the fight or flight response. The fight flight response sends a message to your body to release hormones that prepare us for a particularly intense potentially prolonged period of physical, or psychological, exertion. If no physical activity occurs and the fear goes unresolved for an extended period of time, the hormonal overload becomes toxic.

Anxiety disorders, panic attacks and depressions are all evidence, to greater or lesser degrees, of this. Our fight-flight stress response mechanism becomes overly stressed indefinitely and we become increasingly sick. Sometimes the very best thing you can do is just freeze. Fancy another meditation yet?

Any closed system subjected to increasing stress or pressure will eventually break or explode.

We don't generally get taught to 'simply stop trying so hard', but look at any animal. They don't simply attack or run away and hide, they pause to consider their options. Knee jerk reactions are always caused because of a previous emotional trauma sustained at a previous point on lifes spiral. We learn bizarre defence mechanisms and get caught in perpetual repeated cycles that do not work. Everyone should take note of the teaching we can receive from animals. Many of them have been around for much longer than humans and they feed and sustain us daily. Vegetables are good for us too and give us vitamins and minerals you can't get simply by eating meat. Lets stop biting the hand that feeds us, please try to stop eating so much meat. I don't advocate cutting it out entirely but we can live entirely meat free. 

The work only you can do.

Irrational fear is very difficult to pin down and it can only be addressed by you personally, through your own inward self reflection. Other people can help but the work must be done by you. Fear can produce frustration, anger, rage and eventually hate. Irrational fear does its job by conspiring with the ego to produce deluded projections. Every single last human being is vulnerable and susceptible to this. We need to have some compassion about for each others irrational fears and behaviours. These fear based projections can manifest in the most unexpected and horrifying ways. Racism is a clear example of an irrational fear being projected. Racism is either real or perceived. If it's perceived it's a projection that indicates poor communication and snap judgement. This can be resolved relatively easily with honest, clear and open dialogue 

If racism is real it's a reflection of poorly a integrated community or society which is indicative of an invariably unconscious and underlying insidious social sickness, I suggest this sickness is slavery. Racist outbursts are simply a symptom of an unbalanced, poorly integrated and inequitable society. An unbalanced and inequitable society is a sick society. Racism is a strong signal to everyone that social disparity needs to be addressed soon. We shall eventually come to understand that. Real and excessive racism is an invalid response which is symptomatic of poor integration and disparity, perceived or actual, within the local or extended environment. Racism is a global phenomenon and it both affects and effects people of all races, colours and creeds. Racism is endemic and can be evil but is not in itself inherently evil, it is rather a early warning signal. We would do well to pay attention to resolving it, sooner rather than later. Social entanglement theory offers us solutions that are both appropriate and effective but we need to be patient for they will all take time to bear fruit.

Real excessive racism is always evil however and is unhealthy on many levels. It's unhealthy for the individuals demonstrating symptoms of racist behaviour. It is unhealthy and dangerous for the people who are trying to integrate themselves. It is also unhealthy for the human family at large, excessive racism is ultimately bad for each and every one of us. Racism rather is a social sickness produced by a fearful disturbance within an individual or group. A disturbance that stems from a lack of acknowledgement or a perceived misunderstanding of the individual. Racism tends towards invoking an angry knee-jerk response in the people it offends. Yet if one wishes to resolve racism the required approach needs to be compassionate communication and gentle integration. Increased application of pressure will not work and only serve to make the problem worse. Excessive racism is evidence of an underlying, psychologically unconscious, negative spiralling loop with a variable feedback delay.

This underlying issue produces a disturbed psychology of distress and anxiety which is viral in nature and socially contagious. The source of this disturbance is money, or rather money as debt. The value of all modern money is derived entirely from debt slavery and it issues forth entirely from corporations. It's time to look at this problem too now, more on this later.

Righteous Indignation

Secondly, violence stems from a sense of righteous injustice which is also always the result of perceived or real disparity. The greater the disparity the greater the sense of righteous injustice. This produces feelings of frustration, anger and rage which tends us toward an escalating reflex response to project all the perceived injustice back at the disturbing 'reflection'. A reflection we project from ourselves onto a usually ignorant and always external other. Some other person or thing who appears to wilfully or intentionally refuse to 'understand' or appreciate 'the situation'.

Response to a terror attack is a good example of this. I would suggest this, in contrast to racism, is valid. A response is necessary, a violent response is not. If the violent response comes from an excessively powerful state and directed at a comparatively meek state it is an excessive use of force and so always evil. Any sense of righteous injustice or indignation is a strong indicator of poor communication and an unwillingness to accept responsibility. Both the learned or powerful participant and the apparently ignorant less powerful party are both responsible to lesser of greater degrees. The powerful-learned participant however shoulders the larger portion of the responsibility. Social entanglement theory establishes the magnitude of the responsibility rationally. the magnitude of responsibility being inversely proportional to the valence of the relationship. In layman's terms, the more powerful party is culpable. Righteous injustice and indignation has a natural tendency toward justifying collusion, secrecy, denial. All are deceptive and all eventually result in delusion, both personal and collective. This tendency is extremely counter intuitive. It is also counter productive and simply serves to cause an increase in confusion, suspicion and frustration for both sides. We find ways to justify confidentiality by claiming they are for the purposes of protection, in reality confidentiality causes miscarriages of justice. Personal privacy is important and safe but collective privacy is dangerous. The larger the organisation the more dangerous the confidentiality becomes. What is required to resolve righteous indignation is courageous open and non-violent balanced dialogue, akin to dispute resolution and that takes time.

“The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; 
and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, 
to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.” John F Kennedy, 1961

Just to be clear Kennedy said this a full two years before he was eventually shot by a lunatic. Whether or not the lunatic was an individual or group is unimportant. What is important is that something caused the lunatic or group to become evil. My take on this is as follows.

We will never be free,
Until we no longer feel the need,
To conduct ourselves privately in secret.

It's time to open BOTH your eyes and l**k clearly from a state of LOVE rather than a place of fear which is inherently and paradoxically confusing.

It takes time for people to learn to trust each other after violence has occurred. Whether the violence is just or unjust phycical or psychological makes absolutely no difference. Depending upon the level of fear and the sense of righteous injustice (which affects the willingness and intentions of the powerful to listen to the powerless) this will produce one of two outcomes. Either a reactionary reflex response or a well tempered considered response. The considered response is the wisest of the two and tends towards balanced and contemplative mediation. Conversely the reactionary reflex response tends toward an unwise, unbalanced and always unfair outcome. The reflex response generally attempts to assert more pressure to control the situation. This tends to widen the power divide and if this is the excessively the case the reflex action is always evil. These types of reflex responses only serve to magnify the sense of injustice felt by the other side thus creating a negative and spiralling feedback loop with a variable delay.  A negative feedback loop like that of a microphone and speaker feedback this only increases disturbance further. This sort of reflex increases the social valence and increasing valence is always unsettling. From the powerful-learned position this produces a tendency towards dismissal and an unwillingness to accept any personal responsibility or liability for formally unconscious mistakes and errors in judgement.

Nobody likes to admit they were wrong and governments are no exception. Governments and Nations are very reluctant to ever apologise, this is very unwise. It demonstrates a clear lack of wisdom and understanding on the part of the apparently more learned and powerful individual or group. Rather than displaying learned and rational behaviour they tend towards believing and thinking simply and rashly. They believe, because they perceived themselves to be learned-powerful, that they know best and can't possibly have anything more to gain from moderate peaceful engagement. This is an exceedingly unwise position to take and does nothing to improve social valence. Because of the popular and unintuitive sence of moral indignation and outrage the learned-powerful tend instead away from acceptance and inward reflection. In extreme cases they in fact move towards a perpetuation of the very violence that caused the disturbance in the first place. This may produce a temporary self satisfied sense of deluded victory but in reality it only ever makes the social problem worse. For the perceived ignorant-powerless it produces a dangerously depressive and potentially suicidal state. This is why escalating gaps in power, education and money, between the haves and the have nots is so very dangerous. This is why we have suicide bombers in our midst. further evidence of the auto immune disease I would suggest is called slavery.

When we stop being fearful we see what's to LOVE about the world and our disturbed personal projections onto an external reflected environment eventually dissipate, eventually we find peace.

Be the change you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Ghandi

The USA is very powerful, many would consider it too powerful. It believes itself to be a force for good in the world yet over recent years it has been, in many respects, behaving like a bully. 

So has Israel. Israel-Palestine is a classic example of power disparity. A valence that has gone right out of whack! Israel and Palestine are an entangled pair. This is a clear example of what happens when the powerful feel righteous injustice in the face of an irrationally perceived 'ignorant' and powerless people. There is poor communication on both sides and Israel is largely at fault, it keeps building walls and increasing pressure in every way on Palestine. Palestine barely exists any more, look at this map.  The powerless eventually lose hope and become depressed and suicidal. This combined with a sense of having nothing to lose is the cause of all suicide bombers let loose in the world today. For the suicide bomber their psychology has been stressed beyond the point of good reason or judgement, so why not blow up a pair of buildings to give your life meaning and go out with a bang instead. This is a tragedy akin to murder. This is collectively the fault of the individuals and groups applying excessive pressure and it's evil. It's no use simply pointing the finger at the so called suicide recruiters, the tendency toward depression and suicide was created, over a long period of time, somewhere else.

This type of extreme psychological depression is caused, plainly and simply, by the powerful refusing to behave or communicate well, they essentially abuse their power and in so doing their behaviour eventually becomes evil. Depression can also be caused physically if we lack sufficient nutrition and don't engage in sufficient physical activity. The major depressive disorders however, the ones that cause people to become suicidal however are almost entirely due to some version of psychological torture. Humans are good dealing with their space-time reality, not so good at dealing with the 'no-space'-'no-time' reality that we are all connected to via our heart-brain. Psychological traumas all reside here. Social entanglement theory explains it and can help us all to eventually overcome our own warped sense of reality, it just takes a little bit of time and quite a lot of personal effort.

Despite appearances to the contrary this has nothing to do with religion. Religion is an easy target for gross negligence and confusion but it is not the cause. Religion is simply a smoke screen and a way to make generalised excuses for bad personal and collective behaviours. Religion is so very often used to lay blame at the feet of an externally identifiable other. That's the wrong place to look, the solutions are within us because they are all ultimately caused by us. We are all the source of our own irrational fear and discomfort, we continue to ignore this at our peril. We can solve all these issues with social entanglement theory.

So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days. - Inaugural speech of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933
There is in reality nothing to fear but fear itself,
Please try to stop being fearful.
Be compassion.

With social entanglement theory these cause and effect behaviours become obvious and predictable so can be avoided. Social Entanglement theory can be applied to understand, prevent and eventually, I would suggest, resolve all social entanglement issues. Using social entanglement theory we can see how and why human violence happens and take steps to prevent it from ever happing again, reliably using scientifically derived models. Peace in the middle east is now possible, it's simply an application of social entanglement theory away. 

It won't be easy, difficult work still has to be done, but we will be better prepared and more able to work smarter on the right problems, rather than working harder on the wrong ones. SET shows us empirically how, why and what the real problems are, it's up to us as individuals and groups to then shift our behaviours accordingly. Social entanglement theory can show us all how to behave so we can move beyond violent behaviours and achieve peace whether that be at an individual level or on the international stage. This is a scientific method that I am proposing. I am certain it will eventually be demonstrated to be reliable and repeatable, it's simply a matter of time and awareness. I need help sharing this information, I cannot do it by myself so I'm passing it out and over to you...

The number of possible social entanglements are potentially infinite, it will still be difficult. The most essential and difficult work being to looking into and at ones self-selves honestly for the purpose of allowing emotional scars and chips to heal and eventually dissipate. Self and group awareness is an inherently difficult aspect of being human and that, is a very good thing! Humanity = Wo(Man)

Wo(Man) needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.

Jung's original quote can be proven empirically now, we don't simply have to take his word for it. The implications for the fields of Science, Business, Theology, Law, Psychology and beyond are quite simply phenomenal.

Violence has served us well as a repulsive force but it is no longer doing so it is also no longer necessary. We should focus our attentions instead on Science and raising personal and collective Spiritual awareness, an entangled thought-belief pair, which oppose and reflect each other, largely respectfully, in a healthy entangled relationship. That relationship is creative-evolutionary. It exists in space-time and springs forth from the unified field of the quantum. It produces our very reality itself. We can use this difficult pairing to solve far more interesting and expansive problems which I hope I have demonstrated and will continue to discuss and demonstrate in later articles. We can potentially use this Scientific-Spiritual pairing to solve the most difficult problems of all Why are we here? What is our purpose? and how did it all come to be? We might even come to understand where are we going! Now that, at least for me, is really exciting. It's awesome!

In order to explore quantum entanglement it was necessary for Einstein et al to describe something called a quantum state. In order to explore social-human-potential entanglement is necessary to define a social-human-potential-state. I made a start on this a few years ago in my essay entitled 'TheElogos' which has proved useful to me personally in understanding myself better. I'd suggest everyone needs to define their own psychological state because it's different for everyone. I tried to make my definition open and inclusive so it might be easily understood and shared. I aim to demonstrate how the phenomena of quantum entanglement can be used understand ourselves and our environment better, why these cycles repeat in spirals and why both are essential and necessary for evolution, creativity and progress to continue. I will do this later in this series of articles and hope to eventually produce a book on the subject. Any assistance will be gratefully received.

Opposition and elegance are our only reliable social markers for accurately measuring a healthy collective planetary consciousness and immune system. Violence is simply a symptom of social disparity or inequality. Any type of disparity can lead to difficulties which can in turn lead to violence but particularly so in terms of disparities of power and money. The entirety of humanities social systems and hierarchies are predicated upon mutually inclusive pairs in opposition, men and women, boys and girls, individual and collective and so on. War and peace is not a mutually inclusive pairing because you can only have one or the other you can never have both. War and Peace are mutually exclusive. 

If a pairing is mutually exclusive it is a 'negative' entanglement which can be considered to be confusingly destructive, If such a pairing is excessive it is always evil. If an entanglement is mutually inclusive it is 'positive' and positive entanglements are always constructively creative. Power and money is another example of a mutually inclusive pairing it should mainly result in constructive creation yet is also leads to destruction and confusion, why is this? Well that's because modern money is based entirely on debt. Money is debt, if you read what it says on bank notes it states it in various flowery terms depending upon where you live. 'The bank promises to pay the bearer whatever amount', money is an IOU. Power and debt are a mutually exclusive pairing and this invariably leads to destructive confusion when the pairing is excessive. 

In terms of valence, the powerful do apparently benefit and the powerless will in consequence suffer. In reality we all end up suffering, even the powerful. All the governments in the world are in massive amounts of debt. They, like everyone else in debt, have no real power, we simply like to think they do and that is purely down to perception. Appearances can be deceptive. We are all deceiving ourselves in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and our inalienable ability to reason. Humanities ability to reason has been invaded by aliens. But the aliens not in space ships they are constructs created by us. The aliens are the legal fictions that are corporations and money. Both are a delusions we hold onto in the face of an excessively negative and evil entanglement which has been extremely confusing until now. Social entanglement theory can help us unpick all of it and to clearly understand why it is so using the proven scientific method. Thank you Einstein, for all of your continuing gifts.

In summary :-
Social Entanglement Theory can be used to identify, understand and resolve all social problems faced by humanity, be they individual or collective, in an empirical way; Excessive violence can be cured; Wars can be avoided; Lasting peace can be achieved. 

More to follow, for the time being, over to you.....