Wednesday, 6 June 2018

A Love Letter

To my dearest Julie,

You to me are everything, 
The greatest song that I could sing, 
I Love you, I LOVE you!

It hurts to sing this wakeful sigh, 
I’ll miss you now you’ve said good bye, 
It’s over? Is it really over??

When I have you in my heart 
It’s proof to me Gods stable art, 
I love you, I love you.

The songs I sing, my hollow din, 
Apparently the greatest Sin, 
I love you! I Love you!

You do believe you have to leave, 
I’ll let you go, we'll have to grieve 
Oh Baby, Oh Baby.

You to me are like survival, 
I am your best friend lover not your rival......

I’ll be here just for a while, 
Twiddling thumbs a fading smile, 
I love you, I love you!

You Love me, the greatest seed, 
Why is it that you have to leave? 
Oh honey, oh honey!

You’re leaving me, why can’t you see, 
This love of ours is healing we. 
I adore you, I adore you.

Kicking hearts, disgusting farts, 
A part departs our feeling symphony, and yet 
I still love you, I absolutely love you.

Soon to be sad, yet I am glad 
You’re becoming the woman you must become.
I Love you, Oh yes do love you.
I forgive you and I accept you, 
Just how you are, because 
I love you, I effin' LOVE YOU!!

I accept you can’t accept me, 
I hope you might forgive me, 
Pray spirit feeds us.

Thank you for the gift of you.
I wish for you to find your true
In Peace and in Love 
For you to achieve your highest potential
And one day maybe I’ll achieve mine.

With Space - - - - - -   -    -       -        -
Time - Will - Focus - Divine - Intent
I Love you.


I Am here should you ever need me.
Pray do not to bleed me. 
See Deeds needs dead instead and look within.
All your solutions lie there.

All my love, deepest respect and admiration,
Stephen xx

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