Friday, 1 February 2013

I want to be the tree!

Extract from a letter.

......The messiah experience is available to you, it is a human experience, a culmination of learning, of life revelating awareness, a maturation, a graduation. It is but one path in a magnificent branching tree of paths and it is not nessesary to restrict the role to a single soul, for all may ultimately share the experience. While it is of the highest of paths, with many potentials for error, it is no more or less valid than the follower experience. Both are equally important for collective evolution and individual development.

There are many paths to the top of the tree to realise the messiah experience fully. However notice as one climbs up the tree and picks ones path the branches get thinner, more skill is required, and the risks become greater. A false move may result in tragedy as much as a correct move. A branch may break from under you and you may hurt yourselves and others on the way down. You may fall but grab a branch not too far down. You may fall and take out branches all the way down as you flail through the structure of the tree removing options and choices, leaving a limited selection of routes back. You may fall out of the tree completely.

The only option left at times is to learn the appropriate lesson before you climb again, one can become so thrilled by leaping from branch to branch that one forgets how to climb the trunk. It is of different character completely to the lighter branches above, yet it is made of the same stuff is it not? And so with free will we all must choose to learn or not to learn the lessons before us. 

Not learning results in shade at the bottom of the tree and limited views, learning to climb the different sections results in vistas and splendour. Conquer your fear and try for the next branch if you dare. Notice how this tree of life experience has many dead ends, distractions to the side, nice views or comfortable resting places. Many branches lead here or there and many choose to climb out onto them and admire the view; some forget they were even climbing a tree and stay put, out on a limb so to speak. This analogy is beautiful is it not? Are you begining to revelate? can you feel a lightness to your vibration, a loving sensation within, a radiance without. Have you had Archimedes Eureka! yet? ......

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