Friday, 1 February 2013

This Song's For Helen - By Stephen Ross

Image by FlippinFlakes

Once was a girl with furls of curly pearls. A joyous fright, her sight is now my plight. Heart leapt as I reject those swept heaps of tears forgotten. Do I still love her?

Years of fears since she steered her fiery locks toward my jocks rocks. Suddenly judders within gutters, stutters. South went my mouths doubtful pout. She to me is more beautiful, for he made me feel most undutiful. With another was she, have respect, he suspects and so projects protection.

Trapped, wrapped unable to move. Into her eyes grooves which prove I'm so unused to it. Stay quite still until shrill pills of ecstasy drill into my situation. How could I tell her?

I feel wrong writing this song, for it's of love. Yet I wish to shove her man into the gutter, so I may have her. What kind of man am I when I can't put aside my desire? How can it be, that once I be sat next to her I consider acts that lack peaceful slumber.

Oh my god, I can't stop! Thinking about our once locked lust, drives me to desires to hold her in my arms. I once left then lost her. Why did I have to go? I don't know. It seems I needed to leave for Steve. No peace from this ceased creased release. I need repair? I seek her care, not very fair to present partner.

Emotions are lotions, for the notions of past devotions. I'm now locust. Focused on her memory, all I can see is our history, one single night of passion. Full of my own agenda I must surrender, to her choice of boys, for I like him. I like her far more. Her I adore.

Sat like a cat, rapt, internal gasps. Think ice rink, cool your tool fool. She be with he, now deal. Don’t steal her, merely feel her energy. It sizzles within. Every time heart races, crimes chime minds yourself. Heart hurts, wolves cursed, worse is it wurst lurst?

Electricity is all I feel, static frantic romantic desire to retire with her. To my room I assume, to consume her natural scent, my heart spent. Eyes spies each other, does she feel this zoo flu too? Or can her man detect the electric static? Yet ecstasy panics. Should I kill Jack for Jill?

Selfish game! It’s always the same. Am I in lust, a mere disgust, or is this loves emerge once more? Splurge dirge absurd. I'm such a fucking nerd. Relax now cast yourself. Start pure heart and dart yourself. Fart apart the cart of tarts fashions. Dashing flashing passions now rationed.

Give up this unjust lust. For me, to be like the sea surrender, her life so very tender. Seed Deed dead instead. Understand life is grand. Her man stands next to her. Expects to be with her, accepts this is love for her. Pray for her and him, to swim regardless.

Through pools of tools and fools like me. Take glad history, commit to mystery, Gods blistering temptation. Frustration. Meditation. Sacred Station. Contemplation. This dilation shall place your peace. Release your needs, Steves’ greedy geese. For lust within, now dim.

Fleece their peace and grease their needs instead. Adore instead their magnificence. What difference will it make? To me a stayed lake for heavens sake, for them their gems of divinity twinkles. For one sure day, I’d say, I'll find I’m paid. In love, not lusts’ disgusted un-trusted mustard. Be true to you, she and he. For with space_-*-_time will focus divine intent.

Correction made. Directed intention now true, for he and you both, I'm pleased you have each other. I'll keep my eye out for another. I'm sorry. This wrong song is a worry as I fondly hurry. Its clearly unfinished do, as three become free of me. I love you two. At least for me I’m still free to be with He.

This song is, blends mended, for his lens. Now friends, at last cast. This Song is for Helen.

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