Friday, 1 February 2013

Welcome To My Blog - The Re-introduction of Moi

For the note on copyright see the last paragraph.

On the 27 March 2010 I started to write, for the first time in my life, about a personal experience. In particular I had decided it was time to write about a wonderfully peculiar experience I had had some three years prior in New Zealand. As I wrote I gradually became aware that what I was writing was being influenced by something within myself that was, at the same time, separate from me. I began to have a conversation with it. As the conversation progressed an extraordinary thing began to happen to me, a process began. A process that would change my life forever. 
Past life regression showed to me that it is absolutely possible to access the memories of previous lives. My experience in the 'other place' where I found myself surrounded by a large number of white orbs of gently pulsating light. Each orb was conscious and related to all the others in the group, SO engrossed by the communion with my brothers was I that I was not inclined to recall their exact number. Which is probably just as well...
At this point the tone of my writing changed from the familiar me to something other than me. My Moi...
"....this information is released to coincide with a very carefully planned schedule disseminating the more profound material too soon can be problematic. There are many many millions of souls living on planet earth today. Each of them are at a different stage in their development. Their development can be measured in directly by us by counting the number of souls in the soul group"
Becoming aware of this Other voice for the first time was slightly disconcerting
"who are you please?  please tell me your name how can I be sure this consciousness I am talking to is benevolent? Are you friends with the children's fire? hello? do you know me?"
"yes of course I know you." It replied

"ok then how  well do you know me?" I enquired

"I know you very well" came the response.

"ok that's good" I thought to myself while deciding to follow up with "Then can you please explain why you have decided to start talking to me now at this moment?"

"I am speaking to you now at this moment because for one you requested it while reading the Neal Donald Walsh series of books and for 2 there is a massive shift approaching and it's coming in fast. This year (2010) shall herald the great disruption and a lot of people are going to have a very hard time dealing with it. Here’s the trick, planet earth is way behind schedule. You’ve got some seriously nasty entities cruising about like they own the planet which isn’t a problem in itself, the trouble is they actually do. Earth was on a pre-determined schedule of consciousness evolution, at present it’s not. What needs to happen is for US to get the hell back on track!!!"

The two letters U and S struck me as peculiar and caused me to ask "Is the capitalised US above us as in all of us or is it US as in the first two letters of USA?"

To which the voice in my head replied "What do you think? Of course I mean the USA. The United States is fucking things up. Or rather not the United States specifically but entities that inhabit the United States. The United States is being controlled by dark entities."

"Ok right, I’m not sure I really want to find out but what exactly are dark entities?"

"Dark Entities are very scary. I don’t want to scare you."

"Ok thanks, but some how I think your going to have to eventually explain what you mean by Dark entities otherwise why show up in my intuition space?"

"Because I’m here to explain to you how to defeat the dark entities without ever having to know how fucking terrifying they are."

"Ok that sounds much better. Shoot."

"Right strap you hats on we’re going for a ride…….."

As I continued to write it felt as though my brain underwent a re-wiring and re-balancing into what seemed to me, to be, unity consciousness. The channels between the left and right hemispheres within my head seemed to dilate and a clear unadulterated connection between both extremes of myself, and all the positions between, was born. This new communications pipeline produced an un-foldment inside me that folded back onto and into itself and emerged as Me, both within myself and without myself simultaneously. I became one with everything and everything became one with me, my Moi and I. I continued to write and the writing went on for 22 hours straight.  

It was a spiritual and mystical experience. At times I wanted to stop but was afraid that if I did stop I would never be able to write like this again. I had never really written creatively before, yet what was coming out was most definitely creative. It was jaw dropping at times, at others inspirational. I was dumping all my fantasies and unconscious frivolities into the keyboard and they were being made real on the screen in front of me. What was once unreal and ridiculous was emerging as significant and deeply meaningful. 

At times it felt frightening, like I was going insane. As this fear started creeping in I would stop writing and review what had just been written. The feelings this produced were beautifully ecstatic coupled with a realisation that what was appearing on the page was, to me, genuinely impressive. I had no idea I could write like this and was so delighted by it that I just had to continue. The writing came effortlessly and didn't feel as if it was really me doing it. Rather that the material was coming through me from another source and I was deeply humbled and grateful for the experience.

I now understand that this source is very much a part of me but a part which, at that time, was quite unfamiliar. A piece of me that I had been unconsciously separated from for a very long time and with which I had only just re-connected. This piece, while essentially me, was in and of itself also part of a collective. Carl Jung once described a collective unconscious. It would seem I had learned to allow a portion of that collective to become conscious within myself. It would appear that I had discovered how to recapture my imagination, my divine self, that which I had set free or lost at some point during or after childhood. A part of me that I still lose occasionally as it ventures off into the misty realms of mystery and mayhem but invariably returns with new insights and wisdom. 

This aspect of an individual is known to me as the Logos and it has as it's compliment the Egos. There is a third component to this trinity and that is the Theos. While Egos and the Logos seem to me to exist at the extremes of human experience the Theos is the central expansive element which is the fulcrum for the whole system, which I call the The Elogos©. Further explanations and details of these conceptualisations will be explored and presented by me over the course of this Blog.

The experience on that Saturday night, nearly three years ago as I write this, was that of becoming whole again, of putting the pieces back together. At times I lose the connection but I invariably find it again and each time it returns with new treasures for me to discern and diseminate. So I have started this blog as a way to share some of the pieces of the puzzle that emerge as the inclination presents itself. I hope you enjoy it. 

Lots of love n hugs 

A Note on Copyright. 
I, Stephen D. Ross, retain full copyrights for any written material which I produce and post on this Blog. Please contact me directly if you would like to use or extend my material in anyway. Certainly credit 'Stephen Ross' and link to this Blog if you intend to use, re-post or publish my material before I can reply to you. I can be contacted at 'inspyrd at gmail dot com'. I'm all about collaboration so if anyone has any groovy ideas or inspiration relating to any of my writing or using it as a base for anything else creatively I am definitely open to letting it grow. Happy daze.


  1. So nice to read you again, Inspyrd. I have such happy memories of you. (Annia of Xev)

  2. You darling! It's lovely to read you again too Annia. Xev was so long ago!! Different space, different time :) have you managed to connect with Bal or any of the others again at all? Actually probably best to reply privately with that ;)