Sunday, 3 February 2013


Photograph: Stephen Wilson/AFP/Getty Images

What’s a perspective? Your single view,
With mine too, or do you slew my true?
Take Ireland’s tricolour, it's representative,
Three's so few. Already knew didn't you?
Green is seen as free Republic. It means,
For others envy 'n' jealousy, slicks of sick!
For me it’s natures love. Heals better than
A health systems shoves in gloves, Pathetic!
Next white, so bright, see peace do you
Between the two, or cowardly surrender?
So subjective this reflective directive. Ego
For me I see, ergo male and female power.
Last is orange, hold! 'tis gold, so I’m told.
I see double! Ulster’s trouble now rubble!
Traffic lights, ready to incite or mend bends,
Yet for me it's divinities creative certainty.
Perspectives right, have might, often fight.
For their right to ignite the brightest light!
So I now go, so very slow, so I may know.
Please just accept, I suspect, all are correct.

By Stephen Ross

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