Friday, 1 February 2013

Revelations or Retardations? It's Transpersonal.

Photo by Bruce Bennett

You are inside this musical leviathan or mule, depending upon your inclination, so those closest to you have greater influence upon your natural instincts and awareness. And thus there is need of a conductor who coordinates the complete fleet. Who unites the whole and produces a synchronised masterpiece. 

Ships surge forth in battle formation on stomachs full of half digested meat. Or when the time is appropriate Retreat! dissolve the fleets meat, down to percussive beat, Manufique! quite unique! and at times the slow low flow of the peace and the pure given Know, go slower still….. but times is times and there is then-times and there is sometimes. And peace within the rhymes - and the rhymes may go below, both the peace and the snow. And on the rhymes way back up, through the foetal-muck and suck, then emerge to... cluck? Jungle sounds, curious gibbons baiting twine, drinking wine, being fine. ALL THE TIME. But now I know sleek pure flow and how to go from slow below, into the air, which is why I care, so much for you. And You and YOU. So I say good bye my fly sky guy. I’ll come again because I love you. But first a test you’ll be impressed, or me depressed. For Once you know his driven Snow, that’s slow… that’s low…below. You’ll have no fear of steering clear the suicidal. Know loves command it’s not a stand, merely a hand. Clenched like a fist or waving curiously?

This is my gift to you. Can one, some or none of you, do something in relation to this piece of work, Inspyrd through heart and brought into focus through ME, my Exspyrd, Stephen or Steve. In relation to all of you and my recent dive into to heaven (and testy step into hell). I am a fisherman and I’m fishing for the stars. My closest friends for a time, But with distance chime. Tinkle, plink. Shhh. Cheep cheep. Shhhhh. Little by little…shhhh. Go back to sleep…….shh. I love you.

Blowing wild, making child. Grunts and groans once many unknowns. But now I return with a new ribbon! Once given. Stalig, tights are mights that do glisten. Listen! Could I rhyme when I left you? No! Could I find a rhythm to go, so, slow, or speed it up buttercup? No slo joe. So? I blow! How can it be? This mystery? Mystical chants. Peculiar rants?....----****codes? lodes n loads? Too person-al? Yes I can tell. But we are indeed three. But also know, slo, joe, for you I’ll find, a key to unwind, your own thrown known. And with your skill, which indeed is a thrill. You’ll look behind, and YOU will know you are all small gods. Each and every one of you.

But we have a barrier between the See, and the many. And it is this I must learn to re-Press with little distress, if I wish to express myself to you, in beautiful and magnificent wonder. I complete Myself but you complete Me faster. Should I continue?

Will you have faith in Self?
To allow the creative wealth to express from within you? St. Eve is Steve and so Steve has three. And you have 4 Amma and IAM is 3. but free steve also has 4 and 5 and 8 (=17 ~ 1+7=?) and it is 8 that is Steve’s destiny. Notice me, for a free key? (?=SHIFT+8) Isn’t it great! Or maybe it’s a frown across your wary crown?

Human Potential
Or are you smiling? I would like to drop by and pick up my camera later. Will you be there? I would like to interview both of you and YOU about me. You knew me at important points before, during and after my re-Activation. Now you begin to see the results. I suspect that I have consciously remembered how to re-capture my own imagination. I need others perspectives to BE a fully expressed me. I can instruct others to increase theirs, or work with people creatively to magnify both their and my own personal latent talent. Wanna share? I wish to offer all I see and BE to anyone who cares or dares to listen.

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